Thursday, December 17, 2020

Yes, Virginia...Elsa Schinaparelli....Amber's Christmas Home....Louis Dean and Wine Time in the Gazebo.

 Look what I got in the mail from my Waco area friend, Dona!

It called for a cup of Christmas tea and a reading in front of the fireplace!

And look what my friend, Val, found in her purse!!
I have copied it off to keep and I was right on target with my memory.....although I did add cumin, black beans, tomato paste and some green enchilada sauce.....

I have news!!

A friend commented on the blog about the bottlte of perfume my sister, Luann, gave me on Tuesday.

"Your sister gifted you a treasure. The name on the glass is Schinaparelli for Elsa Schinaparelli born in Rome 1890 and died in France 1973. A famous clothes designer with an interesting history. Befiitting it found you!"

This perfume was released in 1937 so no telling how old this bottle is.
Apparently Elsa Schinaparelli was a rival of Coco Chanel's.
It appears this bottle has never been opened so the perfume has evaporated over the years.
This bottle may be 11 years older than I am!

Her most notable fragrance, Shocking de Schiaparelli, was launched in 1937. The bottle, in the shape of a woman's torso, was designed by Surrealist artist Leonor Fini and sculpted from actress Mae West's tailor dummy. The packaging was Shocking Pink (hot pink) and the advertisements were created by Surrealist artists Marcel Vertes and Salvador Dali. The floriental fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Carles.


I finally visited Amber once they were clear of any suspecting Covid.

I absolutely LOVE her Christmas decor!
All done with such class.

Each family member has their initial in their stocking.

Amber made this garland using layers of garlands woven together.

The children's tree in the family room.

I love all her vignettes......this is the left side.....

the middle.....

and the right side.....all under the TV on the entertainment cabinet Mike designed and built in.

This sign and garland hangs in Amber's kitchen.

Vignette in the foyer.....left side....

....above center......

....and right side.

The deer wears a Christmas cap!
And you can see the big tree in the living room....

And I love the way she decorates her staircase!
A little different every year.

This was Louis Dean today. He does love his kitties and they do love him.
Both of them were up there but by the time I got my phone - Tabitha was gone!

This afternoon Louis Dean has been working on the actual deck now!
The sump pum and electric and water lines are all done and it's time to put the frame in for the deck!
Where he has it in the back there was not part of the original deck. 
That area had a stone walkway but that's history and he's excited to have a 5 foot flat space now.

It will extend all the way up to the stone patio outside the kitchen French doors.
And he thinks it will be done before Christmas!!

But the day is done now and it's time to 'wine down' and enjoy a campfire.
He's buring huge hunks of the old elm trying to clean up the flower bed where it has been piled for well over a year now. Maybe two?

We had an earlier glass of wine out in the gazebo before he took a hot bath and I started on my journal entry for tonight.

I dearly love looking through windows.


Linda said...

I will be the first to comment so I can see all of yours in my emails! It makes replying easier if I need to respond to something you said or answer a question.
Sandra MAD SNAPPER is working on this problem for me and others.....and I thank you, my friend!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

What an amazing story about the perfume & the fashion designer!! It is even more of a treasure than you had thought! Amber's home is gorgeous, she is so very talented! I could never do all this, much less think of these ideas!

BeachGypsy said...

Howdy there girlfriend, that is such a COOL STORY about the perfume bottle! what a neat thing to have happen and what a neat story behind it. Enjoyed the tour through Amber's home, it sure does look pretty. My favorite is the pretty staircase garland. Louis Deans deck project is coming along nicely....and wow, maybe it might even be done in time for Christmas, wouldn't that be neat? Well here it is already the weekend again, y'all have a great one ok? And pet the pretty kitties for me, I sure love seeing them on here.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh I love the history of the perfume bottle! What a treasure and a nice keepsake for you now! Louis Dean is THE MAN! What a worker he is and does so many neat things. holiday hugs to you both!

Changes in the wind said...

Wow what a treasure that perfume bottle is and so interesting, who knew! So funny your friend had your recipe in her purse, I copied it and saved it and will give it a try. I love your chicken tortilla soup. Ambers home looks beautiful and so well organized. That new deck is going to be fantastic.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was very interesting hearing about that vintage perfume bottle. Something to be treasured for sure. Glad the deck work can begin. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift to you to have it done. Your daughter house looks wonderful She must have gotten the decorating gene from you. Take good care and keep healthy and safe.

Deanna Rabe said...

Lots of holiday cheer in your post!

Glad you are able to be with the Bells again! LD is a wonder with all that he does!

MadSnapper said...

yay for the LD project done by Christmas. that is quite the story about the perfume. have not heard that name and she is right you have a treasure. love Ambers Home and decorations... perfect

Susie said...

Linda, A great history about the gift from your sister. Amber has truly decorated beautifully. I loved seeing all the decor. That working man can sit still thru the holiday season. LOL. Wish I could help. Your gazebo is like an out room to enjoy. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you to all, Susie
p.s. prayers for Lonnie and his wife.

photowannabe said...

Wow, you certainly have a treasure in that perfume bottle. It's fascinating to learn the history of it.
Happy to see that the Bells are cleared and you can be over there. Amber does a wonderful job of decorating. She certainly has the design gene.
I love your final quote and the photo that goes with it.
Okay, off to the post office now...dislike standing in line with a passion but it must be done.

Carole said...

Just out of the shower so definitely clean and bright! Lovely decorations by Amber - I wonder where she learned how to do it from??? Cheers and stay safe ya'll.

Lisa said...

You had me at wine at wine in the gazebo. Your decorations are beautiful. Everything looks so cozy. I love looking out windows too.

Hootin Anni said...

Beautiful holiday decorating! So warm & cozy. Love L D & kitty! The history behi d that perfume bottle was a class I read...what a treasure.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS & MERRY NEW YEAR you two. Stay safe & blessed.

Susan said...

Nice pictures and the recipe sounds good!

Stacy said...

Beautiful photos! I feel Christmassy-er already! You have such a good eye for putting things together. Thanks for brightening up my evening. I wish you and Louis Dean (and the kitties, of course!) a very Merry Christmas!

Latane Barton said...

What a lovely Christmasy home Amber has. You can feel the love she put into it's decoration. Have a wonderful pre-Christmas week.

peggy said...

Wow that is interesting about the made me remember things we used to slather on.. (like evening in paris and jungle gardenia, lol)
and that Amber, she is a whiz at decorating. I especially liked the plaid stockings. And the woven garland!

Debbie said...

interesting bit about the perfume bottle!! amber's home is beautiful and the recipe for the taco soup looks really good, i wrote it down!!

it was nice to see ld today!!