Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Celebrating December and Catching Up!!

 I don't like falling behind in my journal entries - but it happens.
More often than I like but I am catching up now!
Sometimes at night, I am just too tired.
Maybe my age is catching up with me, too!

I love mail and look what I received on Saturday!

This is from a dear friend in Utah.
It's funny how friendships work.
I 'met' Sharilyn through Amber's blog (I think) when she was expecting the quads.
She has a relationship to Lisa, who is Amber's good friend and college roommate.
We have bonded in friendship and I count her as a dear friend.
She's the one who made the bee quilt for me which I use every single day.
It lays across the foot of our bed and I pull it up over me every night.
I have been known to tuck it around me in the den when I don't feel well and it has traveled to the ranch and back more than once!
Anyway! These are Utah things! She sent them in the tin that I sent HER not long ago!
The local raspberry honey is delicious!
AND this was my very FIRST Christmas card for 2020!

Now I want to brag on my Amber.......

She and I visited Holiday Warehouse together not long ago and Amber created a garland that is every bit as beautiful as any  you would find there!

It makes a stunning entrance!

Guess wo was her helper???
Together they strung up all the accessories to an older garland and they made a masterpiece!
Trystan is good at details and she has young nimble fingers! Next year I am going to host a 'Decorate MeeMaw's House For Christmas' party!! And I'll invite all my grandchildren!!

Saturday I worked all day at the cleaning and decorating - but stopped in time to go watch Harrison and Logan at their hockey tournament.

I loved watching them in action! Logan is so intense on watching that puc and she is STRONG!
Harrison is a great player and they did, indeed, win their game!

Kailey and Trystan love to get my phone and take pics so I have surprises when I get home.
Trystan took this one of Granddad......

and Kailey loves to take selfies!

Sunday I met up with the Bells at Fellowship church.
While I am so comfortable with Louis Dean staying home - I feel like I need to be IN church.
Not just watching it online although I do that when I am at the ranch or otherwise can't attend in person. There's just such a blessing in BEING there.
So I was WITH Amber on Sunday and I had a phone visit with Summer.

Then Sunday afternoon, my oldest son, Jesse, came by for a short visit.
You know my mother's heart was so happy!!

Monday kitty photo!
These two are so active running and chasing each other.....
and then they crash and sleep!
While they slept......

I decorated. 
The den was done - except for the ornaments on the tree.

All done up in the Santa theme!

Then I went to the living room and strung up the colored lights on the Christmas tree in there.
Not LED as Louis Dean loves.....but I am scraping the bottom of my light supply.
I am going to shop BIG on the after Christmas sales for lights!
I thought I had enough to last a year! Guess not!

Here lately, I have been going to bed earlier than Louis Dean.
He says, "I'll give you a head start."
That means I have time to read and relax and go to sleep before he comes in.

Which means I get up earlier and can have my Quiet Time before he gets up.
Coffee, candle and prayers.....
This 'Prayer Bear' was a gift from my son, Jesse and his wife long years ago. I bought the prayer cross back in the days when we were at First Christian Church.
The bear is perfect for holding the cross.....but I cannot remember what he held when they gave him to me. It was not the cross.....

I spend the first hour after I wake up in prayer and meditation.
Then I write in my Country Diary.
I have kept Country Diaries for 35 years.....and this is the last year they published.
I found a new 'version' for 2021....but I will mourn the loss of the one I have kept for all these long years.

Celebrating Tuesday with Treasure Hunting!
Goodwill hunting!!

A Rachael Ray covered glass casserole dish!

Mukluks camo boots!!

A Christmas top and four Christmas coffee cups!
I have not found my collection of over two dozen Christmas cups! YET!!
They have to be here somewhere!

Such a nice cat carrier!
This will make three but one has a hole in it where Tabitha tried to chew her way out.
Speaking of Tabitha - when I got back home today - Louis Dean was sitting on the driveway waiting for me. Tabitha was OUT! I spied her across the street and marched over to get her. She ran back across the street but to Stephanie's house. That's where I finally grabbed her and took her inside to the guest room and shut both of them in. Crazy cats!!!

We need a new toaster oven at the ranch!
This looks like a good one.
When Louis Dean helped me unload, he took it in and moved all the stuff to replece the one here!
NO! I put it all back and we took the new one to the truck!

I will close with news from Lillian......
she called me this afternoon and said the Covid cases have risen there at Trail Lake Nursing Home.
On Thanksgiving morning they had 5 cases. By that night there were 8.
Today the number was 20.
The Covid came in by way of the employees because there has been next to no visitors and every visitor has had a test. So have the employees. While it is what it is and no one is to blame - the nursing home has very few staff. Lillian said last night she didn't get her medicine until 8:30. The normal time is much earlier. The food has been seemingly 'thrown together' and they are instructed to stay in the room and keep the door closed.
Lillian has a new roommate who arrived today.
She is Hispanic and speaks no English.
She's 93 years old and just out of quarantine from the hospital where she had Covid.

On a bright note - I told Lillian I am bringing her Christmas Wreath on Friday.
I will not visit in person but I can deliver things and they can spray it all down and deliver it to her room. I am going to take the cole slaw and pickleloaf lunchmeat I forgot on Thanksgiving - plus I told her to look underneath the Christmas wreath - which is in a Rubbermade container - for the two Braums cheeseburgers!


Mary said...

I LOVE that you’re sneaking in food. The quick rise in COVID is frightening. I’m in NY and while numbers are way down, they are on the rise again. I’m going to send lillian a card today. I love hearing about everyone in your life. Amber is talented, I love the garland.

Suemn said...

I hope the cheeseburgers get to Lillian!

Changes in the wind said...

Your Jesse is a good looking fellow and Kailey looks like amber in her selfie. Your house is all decorated up and Ambers home is beautiful!! Hate to hear that covid is at the rest home and hope Lillian won't get it. Glad you are able to get some food in to her.

Vee said...

Oh I do hope those burgers make it in. πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ 2020 has been more than enough of a year and all that much worse for those in nursing homes.

I hope that the pretty lights and Christmas decor is helping you feel joyful. We can always feel joy that Jesus came.

Amber's swag is spectacular! The kids must love it.

Susie said...

Linda, Loved the pictures. Scary about the covid where Lillian is. Praying the room mate is clear. Your Amber did a fine job on her garland. Jesse is a handsome fellow. Hope no one finds those burgers but Lillian. LOL. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love, Susie

MadSnapper said...

I love your trees! And the one in the Santa room is absolutely perfect for this anteroom! But I think my favorite is the great huge one by the burgundy chairs. I would love to be able to go to bed for 30 minutes to an hour before Bob comes to bed because I need time to wind down when he comes to bed he lays his head on the pillow and is gone. I need time to shut down my mind. As in by reading or watching silly stuff on TV. Sorry about your country diaries changing I know how much you do love your Diaries. I have to agree but that entryway is absolutely stunning! And even without decorations is stunning and I don't think I've ever seen a two-story entryway like that. It is just gorgeous even without decorations and they did it perfectly. Good idea to have them come and help you decorate

Deanna Rabe said...

Amber's wreath is stunning! You have talented and good looking kids!

I love seeing your festive home. Beautiful and Welcoming!

I'll be praying for Lillian. If she gets covid, hopefully it'll be a very mild case.

It's fun celebrating Jesus' coming with you across the miles, friend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your tree is beautiful. I don't do a big tree anymore but have several table top trees tha tbirhgten up the long nights. Here they stopped having people come to see the kids play and only one parent was allowed at my grandson's soccer games. They are trying to cut down on large crowds. This virus is spewing at astronomical speed.

Debbie said...

ooooh you put me to shame when it comes to decorating, your place looks awesome!! do you really think your age is catching up with you?? i don't!!

i like rachel rays cookware, and the orange is a really pretty set!!

photowannabe said...

I'm so so sorry about the cases at Lillian's nursing home.
I ranted about it being the employees fault in your Thanksgiving post.
Seems there are some things that need some authority attention as in missed meds times (not good)and poor food..this hurts my heart.
Amber's entryway is gorgeous. It looks like a magazine photo.
Love those camo. boots..You sure find treasures where ever you go.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your trees are stunning!! And Amber's door is truly unbelievable!! It is so gorgeous, and she is so very talented! Oh gosh, poor Lillian! I sure hope no one discovers the burger! Your new Christmas top is so pretty, and what a find with the Rachel Ray baker!! The cat carrier is really nice as well.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The trees in your home are so beautiful Linda, and you really do go all out on decorating for the holidays. Amber’s garland decoration was better than many I have seen in stores and a decorating party at your place would be fun. Nice to receive unexpected gifts. Sad to read about the increased covid cases at Lillian’s residence and shortage of staff. Sure hope she gets to enjoy those burgers.

Wanda said...

Enjoyed your post, Linda. So many wonderful pictures of your life and loves. I'm having some computer issues with uploading pictures. Hopefully soon I will have that done. A post just isn't a post without pictures. haha.

Sending love and hugs

Carole said...

Am worried by events in the US and Texas - please take extra care of yourself and LD Cheers

Arlene G said...

Go sneaky friend you!! Bless her heart, Lillian deserves a hamburger. If covid is raging in spite of precautions at least the residents should be able to have something they want brought in from outside. I am praying the cold weather may slow down the virus and the hope of a vaccine.

BeachGypsy said...

hello there my sweet friend! I love all these fun pictures and catching up with you! Love all the pretty Christmas trees and decorations in your house, it looks great and so warm and welcoming. I love Amber's front door too....that looks just amazing! You got some fun thrift store finds this time!

Bluebird49 said...

Honey, what a great post! Bless you for blessing Lillian and your house looks just awesome, as did Amber's doorway!
I got your lovely card--it was my first. Thank you so very much. Love you!