Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas Eve's Eve!!

 I'm going to write as fast as I can so I can get tonight's journal entry in before midnite!!

This morning we read from this Christmas book after our Bible reading.
This book is special because it was written by a sister blogger!!
I found this copy on Amazon!

Louis Dean and I have had a busy day!
He was working feverishly on the deck doing his very best to get it done today!!
He was cutting it close on the nails.
12 to a board and 7 boards left! He dumped out the nail tub and I counted 93 nails!
Just barely enough!

While he worked, I did a Marco Polo Tour of the sewing room and the dining room for Rayne.
And for Summer because she won't be seeing this year's decorations in person since she's not leaving Puerto Rico until late in February.
I did the tour in installments.
First our bedroom and my bath. Then the living room and foyer. Next the den.
Today the sewing room and dining room. Tomorrow will be the kitchen and guest room.
Christmas will be the gazebo!

Sharilyn (my friend in Utah - we connected with through Amber's college roommate and best friend) and I did FaceTime tours of our homes. Hers first since she decorated early. I did mine just last week when I was finally done!

I love seeing videos of homes.....virtual home tours!

I made one last run to the grocery store - Tom Thumb on Beltline is the closest one to me.

When I got home - Louis Dean said he had something to show and tell!
He sure DID!!
It's beautiful!!

Some people are just so sweet!!!

My friend, Teresa, sent this in the mail and I got it today!
Lillian received hers yesterday.
Louis Dean wants me to paint the cardinal scene on the card....
I have received several cards this Christmas that I would love to paint!
The bee salad set is so cute!! Of course, I am taking the pillow with me when I go back down to teh ranch next month.
Speaking of the ranch.....

Dean and Sherry laid their dog, Blue, to rest in the meadow.
He was 15 years old and the sweetest dog.
I am so glad I got up and found a treat for him every time he came down to the camper/cabin to visit.
He knew he could count on me to give him something good to eat.

And look at this crazy cute honey bee!!!
From a very dear friend and I will think of her every time I look at this cutie!
She's already hanging in the foyer - Christmas is all around her and she is shining like a star!!

I am winding up all my food prepping tonight.

I even mixed the two Crowns in proper proportions to make this cocktail for Christmas Day.
Add lemon juice, ice and Ginger Ale!

Louis Dean has been so busy with the deck that he did not make his cinnamon rolls.

I am going to make this for Christmas morning in Fort Worth.
After Christmas, Louis Dean will make a humongous batch and we will basket them all up and spend a day driving around the metroplex delivering them to the porches of lots of people!
That will be fun!

We took a break to admire our deck!
I strung up some lights and we planned to sit out there but it was way too cold!
I had the attic fan on all day and here it is dropping into the 30's tonight!
So we sat in the gazebo with the curtains zipped up to shut out the wind.

The table is where I intend to line up some crockpots in the morning to cook several side dishes for Christmas Eve dinner.

I made the pecan pie tonight and I hope it tastes as good as it looks!!

I spread the Texas quilt over the leather couch to dry and then I was asking Louis Dean where in the world I could store it??? We have NO ROOM for anything else!! It will most likely go down to the ranch -but in the meantime - I just tucked it in and put the pillows back on it!
Country chic!!

The Cheddar-Bacon loaves sliced up nicely using a bread knife - and I did it myself!
Can you see me??

Okay! It's 11:51 and I am going to get back to the kitchen where I need to make the meringue for the chocolate pie I just made!!!

I wore my cap from Scotland to the grocery store today.....
no time to fix my hair!!
I colored it tonight.
Can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow!

It's almost Christmas Eve!!!!


Linda said...

Merry Christmas EVE, everyone!!

Bluebird49 said...

Merry Christmas Eve, dear heart!! You and Louis make Texas sound wonderful and the Texas quilt looks lovely right under the Santas.😍 I know your family is going to love being together as much as you always do, even if the crowd is smaller.
The bread sliced up beautifully and the pie looks just as good as any of the many I've seen on Facebook this year! Hard to believe it will all be over in a couple of days, isn't it? (It always sneaks up on me like that.) You and Louis deserve a break with all you do! Your friends and neighbors are lucky to have you, and the deck looks fine, really fine!
So good to know the Savior has brought us eternal peace, isn't it, no matter our circumstance. Good to be reminded any way we celebrate it. We will just have a quiet day at home, and will read out of Luke and appreciate that all the kids and grandkids are well. Rob, (our daughter, Sherry's son) and his wife are expecting again in July, and Connor had his first birthday today-- and Henry will turn three in April -- three little boys in four years! Isn't that great?! They're so excited and I'm happy Rob has a business that will ensure they can afford them. He was 7 when Sherry died, and was an only child, so he had no siblings. When he fell in love at 25 and got married, Sammi conceived on their honeymoon and they're following the " fruitful and multiply" verse! Rob says, (though they'd like to have a girl), "this one WILL be the last. He's pretty sure. Maybe. Probably!" Sammi already had a son, aged 7, when they got married, so In July, it'll be four boys. (Well, you all have the quads, so you're used to 4!!) It makes me very proud and happy knowing they want a big family, and I know they'll be so happy!
I hope you'll have time to post the next few nights. I like to hear about y'all's get together's and meals. Our son and his family will come Christmas evening. He's smoking and BBQ-ing Ed two racks of ribs for his Christmas supper, and is also smoking/BBQing a chicken and some pork shoulder for us. He knows I haven't really been up to much of anythung since I had Covid-19 and before -- so having food in the fridge and freezer is a great gift!
I think the antibiotics Ed's been on have settled his gall bladder down, but he does have stones -- we heard yesterday. He says one more attack and he'll have the surgery!
Well, if somehow we aren't in some sort of FB contact, I hope you All have a really special Christmas! xx

Brenda said...

Merry Christmas
Thank you for lovely card
Isolating here but for the best
Vaccine then a move and seeing family
We will do real at giving and Christmas in summer maybe
Love the hat

Changes in the wind said...

Busy, busy, busy I don't know where you get all that energy. The deck looks fabulous!!! Love the idea of zipping up the gazebo and being ducked inside. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Joyce F said...

Merry Christmas from Kansas. That pecan pie looks yummy. I will bake one sometime this winter. With just the two of us I am going to spread our favorite desserts out over the winter. I made choc chip cookies and molasses cookies yesterday. Is there any way you can include the entire Orange biscuit roll recipe in a picture. Sounds so good.

MimiG said...

Merry Christmas Eve! You are the busiest woman I know - and I know you love it. I've made 7 different candies, one savory snack and one more sweet snack to hand out. Caught the garbage truck driver for his yesterday, will put my postal carriers in the mailbox today with the flag up, and will give the recyclers to them next week - had to run to the store and they came while I was gone.
May only get to see my oldest son and his family for Christmas as my younger son's family has all been exposed. Plus, our weather is supposed to be pretty wet and cold Christmas Day, not my plan for driving in sleet. So, we may meet up Sunday instead (if they're cleared). I've only missed one Christmas since Emma was born seeing her - we will FaceTime if necessary, but after her scare this summer, I enjoy just being able to see that quick smile and hear her giggles.
Merry Christmas to you and LD - I did finally get a few cards in the mail, although they will probably be next week cards!
One of my Christmas Blessings is to call you friend - God really puts people in our lives when we need them.. I'm off to pack up and go celebrate the Babe's birthday with family. Love and blessings to you.

MadSnapper said...

You colored the hat? ho ho ho... waiting to see what color you did your hair. my heart hurts for the loss of Blue, he was so beautiful and sweet. great idea to do the tours with your phone...alas, i have no ifone to do facetime

Stacy said...

What wonderful, thoughtful gifts you received and that deck! Marvelous! Wishing you and Louis Dean a very merry Christmas!

Rain said...

Hi Linda! :) That Cheddar bacon loaf and the pecan pie looks amazing!!! And yay for creating a cocktail! I have the Crown apple, but not the salted caramel, I'll have to keep an eye open for that one, I love whisky! Huzzah to Louis Dean for the deck! It looks fabulous!!! Merry Christmas to you both! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Christmas Eve. Louis Dean did good and the deck looks wonderful. There is no sitting outside here, its too cold and tonight we'll have snow.

Teresa P said...

Louis Dean did a fantastic job on the deck! We are both so lucky we have husbands that can do almost anything. I am so happy you received your gifts in time for Christmas. That was so sweet for you to feature them. The cardinals on the Christmas card would make a beautiful painting.

Have a Merry Christmas and Blessings for a Happy and Healthy 2021! We are having bad storms here today and a strong cold front is coming through VA and it will be very cold tomorrow!

photowannabe said...

Wow, the deck is done. Tell LD that it's a masterpiece. I know you will get a lot of use out of it. Your home is beautiful and your yummy goodies are quite amazing. Lucky people that will partake.
Chocolate meringue pie is a favorite. Dave's Mom used to make it. I think I could eat the whole thing myself.
You are so generous with your specialities. No wonder you will have stars in your crown.
Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing how your Christmas Eve and Day turn out.
Love you Dear Friend

NanaDiana said...

You and your Louis Dean are both wonders. I love all that you both can do and you really compliment each other's talents.
The deck is wonderful. What a great Christmas present!!!
I am glad you were able to do a tour for the girls and nice that Summer is in Puerto Rico and enjoying nice weather, I bet.

Merry Christmas to you and LD. God bless and keep you safe in the upcoming year. xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, Dang has LD wore that hammer down to a tack hammer yet. It's probably smoking hot from all that pounding. LOL What a working man. Of course you are no slacker yourself. Food glorious food. So cute too in your new cap. Poor ole' Blue can visit him in meadow from now on. Makes me sad. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Love you guys so much. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Carole said...

It's 2pm on Christmas Day here - we are about to have dessert after having a break from lunch. Have a lovely day. Cheers

Jan said...

What a great porch. I like your cap. Merry Christmas

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My Christmas wishes are a little late, Linda, as I was off the computer for a couple of days. I hope that you and Louis Dean had a wonderful holiday. Congrats to LD for getting the deck done and it looks wonderful with all your tables and chairs already on it. Your bee gifts are cute and the pie looks so good as does the bread!