Tuesday, December 8, 2020

In the Country! Hive Inspections, Caramels, Critters, Lillian Update and our Christmas Bee Meeting!

 Monday morning I made two batches of Nana Diana's Fool Proof Caramel recipe!

It's just as she promised! Comes out perfect everytime!

However, I failed to box it up right.
My hands have been especially painful the last week so I didn't do a very good job of cutting it up.
Should not have put them on top of each other!
So I had to soften them up and recut them so they would be flat in the container!
And I wrapped each caramel in non stick aluminum foil.
They taste SO good!!!

It took us all day to get ready but we finally left Irving around 2:30 and headed South, stopping at HEB before arriving in the country just as the sun went down.

We even made it to the gate before dark!!!

We didn't bring a ton of stuff so it wasn't long before we were settled in and had cooked our pizza in the new toaster oven!
Pizza and wine - and then I went straight to bed! Before 9:00 I was sound asleep!
Louis Dean stayed up awhile longer cracking and shelling pecans.

I didn't get out of bed this morning until 10:30.
Over 13 hours of sleep!!
I must have really been tired!

Samantha and Tabitha are enjoying being here again.

Tabitha is especially fond of Louis Dean.

She used to be aloof but not anymore!

I heard some commotion out in the front room and discovered a tiny bird was trying to keep from being caught by the kittens! Tabitha actually got it once but I wasn't quick enough to grab it before it flew off again. I put the kittens in their carriers and opened up both doors hopig the bird would fly out.....but it's still in there....somewhere....hiding.

Sherry came down on her lunch hour today and we suited up to check our bee hives.

Haven't had my suit on since September!

They are all looking good!!!
Lots of capped honey and lots of bees.
Plenty of brood and all is well.

It's been such a pretty day here at the ranch!

This is one of the two male ranch kittens.
He is really BIG!!!
The mama cats are mousers but the two kittens eat up all the cat food Sherry gives them!
She's going to cut back!!

Tonight was our Christmas Bee Meeting and it was a good one!
 Not as many in attendance as when we were meeting at the college but hopefully we can go back there soon.

Sherry was driving and on our way home she took us to this amazing house!
They have a road that goes all the way around their their property! You got through one gate and around and out through another.

I loved the Santa on the tractor!

The reindeer stalls!
I have more pics but for some reason I can't get them to upload from my phone.

This is the last one I got - a real llama and her baby!
The stables are right across from some of the displays.
I love the generosity of whomever lives here in allowing visitors in to their Christmas wonderland!

As we left, we took note of the address on the mailbox and then took a pic of the street name so we can send them a Christmas card and a thank you for their hospitality!

This photo came up in my Facebook memories this morning.
Three years ago today.

An update on Lillian.
The staff has been giving Covid tests often to the residents.
Sunday was Lillian's 8th one and this time it was positive for her as well as the one for her roommate.
So they moved her back into their regular room.
I talked to her today and she says she has a cough but that she's not too bad.

We go back home tomorrow and hopefully we will get there before dark!


Jutta said...


Mary said...

Linda, when I went to my post office box I received your Christmas card. Omg it’s beautiful and that was such a nice gesture. I have a tree that is just lights and ribbon and then I hang all my cards on it. Yours will be front and center! I’m praying that Lillian escapes with just a little cough. I’m so sick of COVID and the mess it’s making of our world especially at the holidays.

Vee said...

I certainly am praying that Lillian js getting proper treatment for covid. Proactive care.

Oh the bees do look happy. I imagine that you are in for another great harvest in the spring.

Enjoy your happy days at the ranch!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad you are back in the country and you had lots of good news to share. Love that Llama and baby and the beautiful lights! Enjoy your day!

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you made you bee meeting, know you were looking forward to it. Hope Lillian only has the cough and gets well soon. Thank you for the card it is beautiful.

Arlene G said...

Thanks for the update on Lillian. I know you are basking in the country air. Those bees look good. We have one hive that is still doing ok but we left their honey for them, hoping they would stay through the winter. Marvin really thinks they know we are not there all the time and they do not like that.lol

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm praying for Lillian and hopefully she'll be just fine!

That property you toured with all the Christmas decor looks so fun and special!

MadSnapper said...

That is one big gorgeous hunk of cat. I love cats with big heads and he surely does. I know your kittens are having so much fun having two homes to move back and forth from and then they get to visit Amber's house also so there cats with three homes. Prayers for Lily and I hope she will be okay and all the people that are in there with her

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

First Linda, your card arrived last week, apologies for my overdue Thank You very much. The artwork is beautiful and the card will be displayed in our LR for the whole holiday season. Sorry to read about Lillian's positive test, but hardly unexpected it seems given that so many in nursing home facilities are being affected. Prayers for the recovery of her and her roommate and others there. Glad your trip back to the ranch was a safe one and hope the bird escapes soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear that Lilian has caught the virus and I will keep her in my prayers, hoping that her symptoms remain mild and she is soon back to good health again. Everyone seems to be affected differently. I loved seeing the Christmas lights. They are even more beautiful out in the country where it's so dark. Glad you had a good trip and were able to get to your meeting. Take care and keep safe !

Jackie See said...

Merry Christmas my dear friend! Thank you so much for the card! I have all of your Santa Paintings saved in frames and I had bought one extra just for this years card!! We love them all! I have sent you something in the mail and a Christmas Card from our home to yours!

photowannabe said...

Oh wow Linda, thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas card. I am treasuring it.
Also thanks for the dear comments on my blog. It sure would be fun to sit down together and just gab.
I'm so sorry to find out about Lillian. I just don't understand how the virus is being dealt with where she lives. They are in prison lockdown and she still test positive after 8 tests..I just don't understand it but I will be praying for her and all those living there. What about the staff and the tests???
okay I'm sorry but this just riles me up something awful.
Your bees look terrific and there is going to be a bounty in the spring.

Carole said...

All the best for a speedy recovery for Lillian and the others at the home. Worrying times. Stay safe.

Wanda said...

Hi Linda...I'm so glad you have made contact with "Sue". She is one of my dearest friends, and I knew you two would hit it off. We use to visit them one a year when we vacationed in Lake Tahoe. Very special people. I can't wait for heaven, when all of us can be together, and not be miles apart!!

I saw most of your pictures on fb and love all your decorations, and buzzing of the bees.

I to will pray for Lillian. That is just so wrong and sad.
Love and Hugs

Linda said...

Somehow I disabled where I get the comments in my email.... not sure how to fix that but I’m trying...

Carla said...

I sure hope Lillian has a mild case if she has it. Those kittens are so cute.
Love it when y'all in the country. I wanna see a baby llama. LOL
That had to be fun.
Take care of yourselves. Hugs

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry Lillian has Covid...am praying for her health. So sad when someone her age is stricken. Love the kitties. That one is HUGE! lol. Must eat a lot of mice! Glad you and LD made it before dark. If you slept that long you must have really needed the sleep, Linda. Love to you- Diana

Stacy said...

Love seeing your adventures in the country! That house sure is something. The folks who live there really do deserve a big thank you for doing something to bring so much joy to others. I'm glad Lillian is doing pretty well. We are hearing far too many sad stories here in PA.