Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Country Mouse back to City Mouse.......

We knew it would be a short visit to the ranch and we enjoyed every minute we were there!
Louis Dean and I both slept so long and so hard last night - good solid sound sleep!
As always, we enjoy arriving far more than leaving but today was easier because we know we will be back this time next week! We will return for Critter Chores while Dean and Sherry get 'off the ranch' as opposed to us 'getting out of town.'

It didn't take us long to get packed and ready to go since we didn't have to pack up much.
Laptop, our personal bags with medicine and such, perishables that I packed in our insulated bags, Louis Dean's guitar and music, our Bible basket and that's about it!

We drove down to say our goodbyes to Dean and Sherry and the critters.

I'm looking forward to getting to feed all the animals next weekend.
Most of them, anyway! Some of the banty roosters are pretty intimidating.

I walked down to the meadow - my favorite place.
I spy some firewood ready to cut up!

That makes me happy!
We usually have campfires year round down there at the ranch.

I totally neglected the horses this time but I will make up for it next week!

The peacock was showing off for me.
I was excited to get to see him swoop down and fly from the top of the pen.
Dean did a fantastic job building this bigger better higher peacock pen.

I am a sucker for old rusty weathered things.

And I have a soft spot for my grand dog, Rufus!
Louis Dean and I have been saving bones for him and I gave him some when he came down to visit last night. I left the rest in the fridge for him.

Dean dearly loves Rufus and Rufus loves Dean.
Louis Dean is keeping his eyes on the geese. They had followed me back from the meadow and you can't turn your back on them because they can sneak up and nip you pretty hard!
See that dryer drum beside the dog? That's a gift from Dean and Sherry. It will be our new fire pit liner! I am so excited! The last one he gave us has been used up!

You can see tiny wildflowers start to appear all over the place and then there were these pretty little things!

We passed the big tank as we drove up to the gate.
See you soon!!

I want to  brag on my friend, Jutta!
She was featured in a professional dental magazine and this is the interview they did with her.

It's in Finnish so I asked her to translate it for me.....

1. What is best in your job / work?

Very international community both in the Helsinki hospital area and abroad in the science meetings. On going learning of new and challenging of my self on daily bases.

2. Worst in your job / work?

Uncertainly about the results of my science and the possibility of the possible clinical use of them.

3. What motivates you in your work?

See the previous 1 and 2.
4. The colleague whom you admire the most and why?

Prof RDC who is the top in his field and besides extremely friendly and open good friend
5. Your sports?

Walking and playing with my grandchildren

6. In what you are good?
Taking photos, 
handwork, taking in the moment when it comes, spending time and having fun with grandchildren 

7. What ability would you like to learn
To take other people better in account better, forgiveness.

8. What quality do you respect?

Loyality, to try hard and long ( do not know in English but like do not give up is closest ), honesty, love, wisdom

9. What do you have 
always in your fridge?


I love that last question!!

So we are back home as I write this journal entry tonight.
As we were driving back, the temps starting dropping and the clouds grew heavier and the misty rain just kept on falling. We drove straight to the Center where we did our walking. Only missed Tuesday's walk. Then I shopped Aldi while Louis Dean sat in the truck listening to the news.
I bought most of the groceries for our company meal this weekend.....after changing my mind several times I have decided to go with pot roast, mashed potatoes, candied carrots, fluffy salad, an appetizer tray....and brownies. Maybe some chocolate chip cookies. Coffee. Ice tea.
His granddaughter and her husband, her 14 year old daughter and her one year old baby who is named Bella are coming on Saturday! Bella is what Rayne calls me.

Tonight I worked in the den - I took down the Santa wall and rehung it with the landscapes and still life. As I was putting these up it struck me that I need to paint some new ones!
I hope to do more art this year. Nearly all my paints are down at the ranch since that's where I paint now. I think I'm going to do a series of cow paintings. I've never painted cows before.
It's probably time for me to paint some different things....past time, really!

Since it had turned really cold, I cleaned the fireplace and used some of the free wood Louis Dean got last week and kept a nice fire going out here in the den all evening.

This is the only clean area in the den right now!
I'm hoping to have the whole room clean and all spruced up by this time tomorrow night!

It was a good time to come home and watch the news.
We have been watching President Trump and Kim Jon Un on TV.
A truly historical event and I am so proud of our President.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Painting cows sounds like a great idea - and I know you will have lots to choose from.

Kathy said...

Glad you got to go to the ranch even if it was a quick visit. I love the peacock pictures. Peacocks are so beautiful. Your dinner sounds really good. If I lived closer, I'd be knocking on your door to join you.

Brenda said...

Love your journal!! Love your travels to the ranch! Politics we will agree to disagree dear one!

Bluebird49 said...

Hope you will still paint at least one Santa this year. I treasure my card, wbich is framed and sitting on the piano along with a Christmas watercolor my late best friend painted. They'll remain there all year!
Your pictures are a delight -- the one of Louis and Dean and the dog is so good. Something about the angle of their bodies makes an interesting composition.I
I can hear the excitement in your writing about returning to the ranch next week! It must be really lovely to have a getaway place with as much beauty and peacefulness, along with a wonderful couple like Sherry and Dean 💕 It's just perfect!!

MimiG said...

Cow painting - what fun! A young girl south of me took some photos of their cows and made them available to our group. I'm going to have one enlarged to an 8x10 and hang it in my kitchen. I just love cows!
I'm so glad you got a little "breather" in the country - it just makes everything better, doesn't it? Happy you're going back next week - I hope you have beautiful walking around weather then!
Take care of both of you....Still saying prayers.

Vee said...

Cow paintings...that sounds paintings, too? What about tossing in a peacock? I have a painting of Texas hanging in my living room done by Vickie Fears and whenever I gaze on it I think of all “my” Texas peeps. Oh I am so proud of President Trump that I could pop a button. Enjoy your company!

Vee said...

And with this morning’s news, I see “no deal.” Still...very proud that President Trump is holding the line and keeping feet to the fire.

Meant to say congrats to Jutta on being featured in a magazine. She sounds as if she honors diligence, pesistance, and determination.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had a short but happy trip. It will also be great to have company for the weekend. It's so nice to have people to cook for. I did pot roast last weekend and it was good... especially since I don't have it often. I've never painted cows before either, but I do love their eyes. It is always good to paint and there in the country you have cows around to look at too. Hope you enjoy your days at home. Happy Thursday!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love your paintings!

Jutta’s Q & A in that magazine is so good. You are a good friend Linda.

I like how you’ve made thoughtful decisions about how you’re going to spend your days. You and Louis Dean have your priorities right!

The Feminine Energy said...

I am proud of our President too. <3 <3 The pictures you took, Linda, say "spring" so much... and I love them, as I do all your pictures. Early spring = time yet to be cozy but also time to venture out & watch new life emerge. Blessings~ Andrea xoxo

Sandra said...

so glad you get to go back and take care of the animals, I would like to be there to help, but I don't do birds of any kind, just the four legged critters. you and LD can take care of those birds. birds are just MEAN... love that fire, but you know how much I love fire. I don't think my fridge has ever been with cheese in it.

Cranberry Morning said...

Your friend is a true Scandinavian. We like our cheese!! :-)). I think it's a great idea to paint cows. I wish I had that ability. I have some great photos of cows but have certainly never attempted to paint them. I hope you'll do it!... I like the pic of the two men. Geese are so pretty. Too bad they can be sneaky stinkers!

photowannabe said...

Linda, you have such a delightful way of writing and sharing your life.
I feel I know you and we are just chatting.
Your ranch sounds wonderful and a thereputic change to look forward to.
Love the fire pit from repurposed things.
Looking forward to your next journal installment.

Susie said...

Linda, What a pretty chicken. That peacock is saying, "oh this old thing, I only wear this when I don't care how I look." LOL.The grass is nice a green in the meadow. Love that. I like how you guys re-use items. Like the dryer drum. Good to see LD's big fire wood haul came in handy too. Waste not, want not, right. Nice article about your friend Jutta. Can't wait to see your cow paintings. Blessings to all. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Carole said...

So glad you got down to the ranch - or is it up? Cheers

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what - the two of you are always traveling! That is amazing!

Judy said...

That was quick! Short but sweet. I'm all for you painting some cow pic's! I might even send you a few pic's of our black & white ones, if you tire of painting brown cows. :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

How clever to use a dryer drum for a fire pit! I know you will paint cows with as much talent and beauty ad you paint everything else. They will be a new ad fun subject. This rooster has the most gorgeous yellow neck! I can see why you are so proud to have Jutta as a friend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice that you were able to get to the ranch, Linda, even if only a short visit. That fire sure looked inviting on a winter night.


I love cows and ranches, we lived in a big farm before we downsized to this apartment, although it's not small... so painting cows must be such fun specially for someone so talented as you dear friend.
Thank you for your prayers for my sweet mother Yolanda, but you can call her Yolie.
Have a wonderful and fun weekend with your dear LD.

BeachGypsy said...

Adorable picture of you down in the meadow!!--and the grass is so green and pretty there! Hope your weekend is off to a great start. That peacock is so gorgeous isn't he???

obscure said...

I'd like to first say that I mean this question totally respectfully - I think it's a grave loss for us as a society to not be able to have civil conversation about controversial topics. But I am beyond upset that Trump excused KJU for the torture of an American student! He said he'd take the brutal, murderous dictator "at his word". I'm upset for Otto's family - and very concerned about the precedent this sets (after the murder of Kashoggi, which he also excused, in SA as well) Evil, godless dictators will no longer be afraid of repercussions if they torture/kill/ abuse our citizens abroad. What is your take on this? I'd be happy to hear from your readers, as well, but please, respectfully only! If you'd rather not discuss it that's obviously fine too ;)

Wanda said...

How marvelous and what a blessing getting to shre two and ranch. I love them both as you share your stories from each. Having out of town company lots on my plate. Catch up with you soon.