Saturday, March 2, 2019

Catching up Thursday/ Friday and A Saturday Afternoon of Music With Chandy!

We are being faithful in walking every day and Thursday we once again used our favorite two treadmills side by side.

Louis Dean does a little more each time he walks and he is feeling stronger and the walking is getting easier. Me? I am up to 4 laps which is about a mile at an incline of 2 and speed of 2.8 - 3.1.
I'm not an over achiever but I am walking! I'm not sure it is getting any easier. I probably need to wear my knee brace on my left knee even though the treadmill does not put as much stress on it as walking on crooked sidewalks that have high and low places where my feet have to grip harder.
Treadmills are truly a wonderful way to exercise if you don't have access to smooth walking trails. Perhaps mall walking would work but I don't think we would push ourselves like we do at the gym.

Before we went to the gym on Thursday, I went to see my favorite hairdresser at K Hair so she could work her magic again!

There's nothing like a fresh haircut to make you feel all better!!
Yulisa does work magic!

After we got home from walking, I put on my work clothes and started back in on cleaning the den!

I ended up decorating for Spring/Easter a little more than I meant to but it will stay out for a good long time since Easter comes so late this year.

It's a real mess before it starts to look pretty!

Before I went to bed, I looked out to see if my possum had come to his dish and found the supper I had put out for him.....

There he is!
Having him to feed keeps me from feeling guilty if I have let some food go to waste.
Or if we just didn't like something I had fixed.

Possums really are pretty cool critters!

Friday morning I made toast and fig preserves for a quick breakfast before we went to walk.

I picked this up at Aldi's on Wednesday and it is really good.
We walked early because Louis Dean had a 1:30 appointment with his Physician's Assistant.
I drove him up there and went in with him even though this was only 'routine.'
The only reason I knew he had an appointment was the reminder card was in my day planner that I keep on the kitchen counter.
Turns out he did NOT have an appointment!
Apparently that reminder card was for March 1st last year!
No worries! We were able to ask about a refill he needed so then we got to go right back home!

I worked myself silly the rest of the day and into the night!
It was midnight when I finished everything I set out to do....nearly.
I left a couple of chores for this morning and even woke up before 8:00 and got up!!

I absolutely love homemaking and I love a clean house!
The candles were lit. The stereo was playing some of my favorite CDs. A big roast was cooking in the oven - which made the house smell good.

The dining room table was set, tea made.

I had an appetizer table laid out.....
we were ready for our company!

Louis Dean and his granddaughter, Chandy!!
Look at the smiles!!
They haven't seen each other in nearly 10 years.
It was a wonderfully happy reunion!!

This is her sweet family!
Chandy, daughter Kaitlyn, Louis Dean (of course you all know him!!) Little Bella who is 17 months old and an absolute doll baby, and husband Chris.

We visited and snacked and then the music started!

Louis Dean was in hog heaven!!
I love seeing the pure joy in his eyes and a happy smile on his face!
Chandy is a lot of fun and you can see her shining personality in the following song.....

Froggy Went A'Courtin'
See what I mean?

Now she's playing the auto harp. She sounds like an angel ringing little bells!
Mind you, she had not played it for over 10 years!
It all came back to her.
This is her auto harp that her granddad has kept for her since she was 14 years old.

We all gathered around the dining room table for a late lunch of roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, candied corn and dinner rolls. And 'fluffy salad.' Dessert was Spice Crack Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting. Smiles and laughter and lots of funny stories were shared as we sat there.
I should write these down and tell them sometime soon because they will certainly make you laugh out loud!

The last time we saw Kaitlyn, she was just 4 years old.
She has grown into a fine young lady and I was very impressed with her.
She has the best manners and we visited for a good while.
One thing about Kaitlyn that I especially liked was the way she looked right at you when she talked. 
She also made us feel like she genuinely enjoyed being with us this afternoon.
She is one smart teenager and a really cool girl.

It was a wet chilly day so I made us some flavored coffee all dressed up with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie seasoning.

It was a wonderful day!

This little Bella is a real daddy's girl.
Chris is crazy about her and she is crazy about him!
While Louis Dean and Chandy played music, and Kaitlyn and I visited, Chris and Bella took a little nap in the guest room.

All too soon the afternoon ended.

It was a perfect visit in every possible way.
I pray for God to grant Louis Dean the desires of his heart.....
this picture is proof God granted his request.



Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful family day. I just know this did Louis Dean a world of good. I think Chandy looks a bit like Louis Dean. I love your sweater you are wearing with your new haircut!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Just the best Linda.

Susie said...

Linda, The comment from Ginny is right....Chandy and LD do favor one another...look at their smiles in the last picture. This looks like a wonderful family time. I love when young people will look you in the eye while speaking. They can make you feel as if they are interested in what you have to say. To be appreciated feels good. I have always noticed that LD loves his music, and really loves when young people join in. Good for both of you keeping up the walking. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

Vee said...

Oh how wonderful! This entire post makes me smile. So happy that Louis Dean received the desire of his heart.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing all the smiles and happy faces. There is never a lack of them at your house. Your roast beef dinner sounds wonderful. Walking is always such good exercise. Glad Louis Dean is getting stronger. As for me I take it slow and easy. There is no speed at all when I walk, Now your cleaning and company are done, maybe you will be able to take it easier. Happy Sunday!

Love and hugs,

Kathy said...

This is just the best day ever. I loved hearing the songs. I hope Chandy and her family get to visit a lot more often than every 10 years.

Carol said...

What a sweet family. Bella is adorable! I am thankful for the visit that Louis Dean was able to have with them as well as you.

Changes in the wind said...

Such a perfect reunion! The pictures say it all and how fun that she can play and sing with the Grandpa.

Cheapchick said...

Possums are very cute and anything that eats ticks is good in my books. So glad LD got a visit with his Granddaughter and her family. He looks so happy

Sandra said...

the last time I heard an autoharp was in DeWitt KY in 1956... most of the families in daddy's church had someone who played an autoharp or pump organ or fiddles.. glad you all had such a good time. I bet she would love to meet the quads

Carole said...

Congratulations on the walking. We are still swimming but once it gets colder I'll have to work out other options. Cheers

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a wonderful blessing for you all! Louis Dean’s joy is a delight!

NanaDiana said...

For some reason I have a huge lump in my throat reading this post....10 years is a long time to not see a grandparent and look at the happy, loving reunion. God is good!!!

This was a wonderful post, Linda, and I do think you should write down some of those funny stories before they are forgotten forever in the past.

Have a great week-praying for your LouisDean. xo Diana

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Great family time was had by all and it showed in your post, Linda.