Thursday, December 21, 2017

Texas Trash, Sugarplums, Lunch With Brenda and a Love Song......Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was Texas Trash Day!!!
The only thing I did NOT have to start making it was a MAJOR ingredient - Worcestershire Sauce!

I cooked up a big breakfast for Louis Dean and sent him on his way to do a Walmart run!
I stayed in my pajamas all day and wasn't leaving the house!
EXCEPT - Louis Dean left his wallet at home! He made a quick phone call as soon as he got up to Walmart and I drove up there to deliver his billfold.....praying all the way I would not get in an accident since I was wearing pj's, slippers and no make up and I had washed my hair the night before and looked like a big mess. Thankfully, no one saw me. 

While he was shopping - and it took over an hour of in store time and he deserves a medal of honor for doing that for me - I wrapped up my Christmas! As in presents! I'm pretty pleased with the gifts I have chosen this year. For the last several years I have not felt good about anything I have given. Somehow I always seemed to miss the mark. This year I think I have finally hit it - thanks, in part, to Amber who shopped for the younger grands in my behalf. I love having a personal shopper who knows how to get the most bang for the buck!

Once Louis Dean got home and unloaded, I was busy BUSY with Texas Trash!

Lots and lots of Texas Trash!
Plus I made up the Sugarplum dough in preparation for Christmas Eve when we will roll them in the candy sprinkles together.


The Trash was DONE and so was I! I limped off to bed so happy to be there.

I have been waking up early every morning for over a week now.
There's always something exciting to look forward to each day and I guess I am anticipating it even in my sleep.

Today was lunch with Brenda!

We go way back to Crestview Baptist Church days and then I worked in the State Farm office with her for a couple of years. Since then we have tried - and succeeded - to meet for lunch once a month.
We have missed a few months here and there over the years but for the most part we do meet and eat and visit.

I decided on a salad plate with chicken salad, cottage cheese, veggies, cheese, crackers, olives and dip. For dessert we had a small plate of fudge - thanks to my friend, Jean B. and a square of salted caramel fudge from Oklahoma.

Brenda and I have exchanged simple Christmas gifts since our State Farm Days.
While my gifts to her differ from year to year.....

I can always count on her to give me the PERFECT calendar!
Roosters for 2018! 
I have used so many of the past calendars from Brenda in decoupaging the walls, doors and cupboards of our camper. This calendar will live in my kitchen for a year and then I'm certain to use the pages in our new room at the Ranch!
Thank you, Brenda!

I love Brenda and have learned so much about being a grandmother from her.
She's been my role model!

This afternoon about 3:00 a door to door salesman came by and I actually OPENED the door.
That's not something I do often. We do not even have a door bell and I usually just wait for the sales people to leave. But this guy was from AT&T and he was offering us a good deal on Direct TV.
Our contract with Frontier had just expired and this month's bill was up $20. No email offers from them to renew. Just a higher bill. SO.....long story short - by 6:00 we were Direct TV subscribers!

The salesman, Roman, was excellent. He has worked for them for 7 months - what he called a 'very long time.' He is young. He was good, though. He even came back by to check on us and make sure everything was working okay a few hours later.
The installer was good, too!
He was a little amazed at the maze my house is but took it all in stride.

I sat outside since it was such a pretty day here in Texas to peel the carrots for our Christmas Eve dinner dish - I'm trying to do as many things ahead of time as possible. He was putting up the equipment and I kind of wanted to make sure he didn't string up a lot of ugly wires. He didn't.  He made certain not to interfere with the Internet which we are keeping with Frontier. No real complaints there but a LOT of complaints with the TV service.

And just like that we are Direct TV customers!
I need to remember to cancel Frontier in the morning!

I'll close tonight with a romantic story.
Just as I was about to prepare the lunch for Brenda, Louis Dean called to me,
"Hey, Honey! You want to hear a new love song I found that is perfect for us?"
My first thought was - I need to get to the kitchen!
My second thought - and I am so grateful to God for giving it to me - was -
'I should NEVER be TOO busy for Louis Dean.'

He played it for me on the Rift Station which is a program he uses that gives the chords for playing a song. You can actually play right along with the artist.

I had just put my make up on so I couldn't cry - but it was hard not to.
As we listened to the song, Louis Dean became a little emotional in some parts and so did I.
I told him that I know how he loves tear jerker songs and he said, "THIS is a love song!"
Still, a tear jerker in the very best way!

A Love Song......
I'll Accept the Rose Tonight
by Rita MacNeil

I'm so afraid of losing you
I don't know how I'm holding you
I can't believe you love me
After all of this time
For you're the kind to look up to
I know you say that of me, too
And of all the miles I've walked with you
I'm glad I'm walking now

So I'll accept the rose tonight
The one you give with so much love
You've taken all the fear inside
And right before my very eyes
You've turned it into love

I know the way you look at me
There's never any doubt it seems
You stop my heart from beating
By the way you speak
And in this world where love grows cold
And broken dreams are made to hold
I pray I may never know
A day without your love

So I'll accept the rose tonight
The one you give with so much love
You've taken all the fear inside
And right before my very eyes
You've turned it into love
[Instrumental break]

So I'll accept the rose tonight
The one you give with so much love
You've taken all the fear inside
And right before my very eyes
You've turned it into love

So I'll accept the rose tonight
The one you give with so much love
You've taken all the fear inside
And right before my very eyes
You've turned it into love

I am so grateful I stopped, sat down and listened.
This is, indeed, 'our' song!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Merry Christmas, dear Linda! I hope you and Louis Dean have a wonderful time with family and friends!

Bluebird49 said...

You and Louis Dean were meant for one another! I'm so glad you found one another, Linda!
You have had a very busy time, and I know you're glad to get the Texas Trash made, and the sugar plum dough ready.
We've enjoyed Direct TV for quite a few gears. We don't get every channel--just--just not affordable for us. Really, there is rarely anything we're so interested in watching anymore. Our son has all the trappings of it and will channels, and we still find little to watch when we visit. Right now, we enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime bere, and don't watch a lot of tv, but I know you'll enjoy it.
We send you our love and wishes for a wonderful Cbristmas, and a happy New Year! I'll look forward to your telling of this Christmas and the ones that follow in the future. You have the best way of sharing your wonderful, real-life life!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is such a sweet song, Linda, and that LD is a real romantic!

As always, your life is full and moving along at top speed. And you always sound happy. Bless you!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Judy said...

Smiling here as I read about you driving to Walmart in your slippers and pj's and hoping not to be seen!

We love that song as well! My husband was a huge Rita McNeil fan and we went to hear twice when she toured in our area. When we were on the east coast many years ago, we paid a visit to Rita McNeil's Teahouse at Big Pond, Nova Scotia and had an incredible experience (which I shared on my blog long ago... At one time Rita was Canada's best selling country artist. So sad that she passed away a few years ago. We still have some of her albums & I am now going to go look for her Christmas album (Now the Bells Ring).

Merry Christmas to you both!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Louis Dean has everything! He is strong, handsome, devoted, a good cook, a singer, and now I find out he is very romantic! You have one jewel in a million. Your salad plate is gorgeous, and has everything! I know you must have so very many people to shop for, so I am glad Amber helped with the Quad's gifts! We love our Direct T.V.

Carole said...

Lovely song, Linda. My sister and her family from the uK (London) just arrived so Christmas has really started! Cheers

mun said...

Oooooo, how romantic! It is so good to read about love being all alive, still growing and well in a long relationship. Merry Christmas to both of you!

Susie said...

Linda, LD is a very romantic gentleman. It is wonderful that you both have each other. You both work like crazy to keep it all going. Your busy lives. I like the picture of you and Brenda. It is so good to have special friends. I miss my old friend from my school days and work. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas, love you, xoxo Susie

Andrea said...

My husband and I went to Walmart last night, for two big red bows and a package of crew socks. We stood in line 25 minutes. *haha* Ho-ho-ho, it's that time of year!! Lovingly~ Andrea xoxo

Vee said...

Ohhhh...*sniff* I am so glad that Holy Spirit stopped you from going to the kitchen. Some moments are too tender to be missed.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

A love song from Louis Dean...oh my! You have us all teary eyed! What a beautiful love story the two of you live! My hubby and I are probably about the same age as you are and we still have lots of romance! It makes you (and I) feel very blessed! Holiday you both!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

From the looks of all that Texas Trash there are going to be lots of happy people at your house this year. Your Louis Dean is definitely a keeper ! That song is beautiful. And he braved the grocery store too! Such a busy and happy time of the year to enjoy!

Arlene G said...

LD is such a romantic guy!! Being married to a physicist ( think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) I would like to hav a bit more romance.:) Your Texas Trash looks yummy. I made a big Tin of Chex Mix and I may have to hide it as we both enjoy it so.

MadSnapper said...

such a beautiful love song and i am glad you stopped to listen also, we often miss blessings because we don't want to stop... and listen... i am trying to listen more to Bob.. i wish i could have seen the young man we he saw all your decorations. good luck with the new tv

Ginny Hartzler said...

Hi Linda! No, we are not travelling. And I am glad! Trains going off the tracks, noro virus on the ships, and way too many car accidents! We will all be together at our house. And so will you! And that is worth everything. Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

Estelle's said...

Two love fantastic is that! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Day Linda!

Debbie said...

i LOVE that you wake up early because "there's always something exciting to look forward to" - that warms my heart!!!

love the louis dean story, he is one romantic guy!!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, Linda. You have certainly ended this post with a tear jerker! True love . . . so inspiring!!

Sounds like things are rolling along at a lovely pace there at your house. Doing things ahead is great! (I am not sure if I am ahead. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm not. But everyone is home this weekend so I think we'll get the necessary things done.)

Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Love the song! It's fun to see your plans coming together for Christmas. The rooster calendar is pretty. The Lang calendars have the best artwork.