Friday, October 30, 2015

Wallpaper Project, Rain, and Alaskan Bush People!!!

It has been a rainy Friday here in Texas! We woke up to light rain showers which slowly turned into more serious downpours as the day ended. This was a good thing for Louis Dean because it forced him to REST!!!! We had our morning routine of coffee and devotionals and then we decided to watch a little TV.

We got hooked on the Discovery Channel and Alaskan Bush People!!

We watched it all afternoon - pausing it to do our domestic chores - for me - and for Louis Dean to do a grocery store run! The rain is hitting hard here in the DFW area but not nearly as devastating as in the central portions of Texas! He said Kroger was crazy with people thronging the isles! Both the storm and just regular Friday night grocery shopping after people got paid made for a crowded store.

While he was at the store I started the dining room wallpaper project!
I cannot believe how many things I had hanging on this wall!

Wallpaper stripped and now sized for the new paper to be hung tomorrow.
I'm only doing one wall at a time and I hope to have it all done by Christmas!

Every project makes a mess!!!
I just piled everything up on the dining room table.

Louis Dean was hungry for salmon patties, mashed potatoes and candied carrots and that's what we had for dinner!  The Alaskan Bush People Marathon ended at 4:00 so this evening we caught up with the Blue Bloods episodes,

It's been a cozy day here and I am so happy to FINALLY get around to doing my dining room project! Louis Dean did not get his sump pump thing done but we are hoping the rains will not be as bad here as they are down south. The attic fan is still on as I write so the temps have not dropped to the point that it is COLD yet!!! That's good news for tomorrow when the Trick or Treaters will come!

Not a big activity day as it goes - but we did enjoy the slower pace!
Tomorrow I hope to get that one wall papered! I'm not doing the whole room at once - just one wall at a time! Easy peasy!!


Nancy Chan said...

Linda, every project does create mess. I am also in the midst of a messy project. Have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

You are right about projects creating mess. And then there's the cleaning up. *sigh* Glad you had a slower paced day. We can all use those.

Sandra said...

i am tired just thinking of all the work that one wall will generate for you... have fun. glad LD is resting but not glad to hear you have more rain. we saw the flooding in others parts of Texas on the news this morning. hope the rain moves on and leaves Texas alone for a while

Deanie W said...

I have NEVER seen a naked wall in your home!
I know your project is going to look fantastic ❤️

Susie said...

Linda, We have a saying around here...there are no five minute jobs.. just be prepared with the papering. I like the idea of one wall at a time. :) I am so happy to read that you are not getting the rains that I saw on TV. Those were scary. Although I am praying for those enduring it. It's nasty here this the kids will be tough this evening. We never get any out here. Blessings to you and LD....take care of each other. Love you, Susie

Arlene @Nanaland said...

One of my cousins just loves this show. I tried it but it did not catch on with me. I guess I should have watched from the beginning. I have a few household chores that I hope to complete before Christmas too. I like the house to be ready for all the decorations.

Vee said...

I've had all of Alaska that I can handle with that crazy show that John loves to watch every stinking evening. I used to think that I would like to visit Alaska; now I know that I absolutely do not. =D

The wallpaper project is just exactly how I get things done anymore to include window washing and any other chore. Just works better for the old bod and at the end of a week or two, it's done and no one's the wiser.

Another devasting week for Texans...praying for mercy!

Shirley said...

Good Morning, You answered my question after seeing the rain on tv. I wondered how close it was to you. I watch the Alaskan Bush people when I am out to the kids. We had rain all day yesterday. Nothing like yours. I was just so thankful it didn't rain while we were gone. Take care and remember it doesn't have to be done in a day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

Nonnie said...

That rain and wind last night was something else! Raining cats and dogs and so thankful for a roof over our heads. I hope it didn't get into your house. Those salmon patties sound really good. Y'all stay dry and cozy and don't work too hard.

Angie said...

I think that is why I don't project much, I hate cleaning up the messes. Hope the rain doesn't get too bad there.

Hootin' Anni said...

While you are putting UP new wallpaper, I am tearing mine down.


What fun watching the Bush's on TV. I don't mean the Politian's either, lol..
Yes, any project make a mess of our homes, early next year we're contemplating the two guest rooms renovation, as they'd been just like it was the girls room before.
Thanks for your sweet visit, you made my day. Have a productive week. Can't wait to see the wall paper up.

Jill said...

Looks like a great day! Can't wait to see your finished project. Have a lovely evening!


BeachGypsy said...

well I was wondering how y'all were doing with all the news reports of the bad/wild weather. Glad y'all are okay. Cant wait to see your new wallpaper! Bet you are excited! We adore salmon patties as well, and they are on this week's menu so YAY!

Lynne said...

Mr D left for his annual Cast & Blast the Friday before last. I came home from the clinic and tore into two projects leaving two rooms looking like your dining room table. Then I got a call from Chrislyn. "Mom, I am in labor." Since she delivers by C-section, there was no time to wait. Tiny Cameron was found to be in distress. Thank the Lord that they rescued her in time. ( Following you through the risks with the quads fed my faith, good friend.) The house was a disaster four 4 days. I did manage to get it all back together before his return on Wednesday . . . planned projects only half completed.
I look forward to seeing your new wallpapered walls.