Thursday, November 13, 2014

Update on Mother......

Mother was admitted to the hospital this morning. Her sodium levels were alarmingly low.

Louis Dean and I came right over! Deanie was with Mother and Leah (our niece) was here, as well. 
Leah works close enough to WALK to the hospital!!

They had admitted Mother through the ER where they started a sodium solution IV.
Mother never loses her sense of humor!

She was flirting with Louis Dean - and HE with HER - right in front of my very eyes!!
I loved it!!! I finally got to meet the famous Dr. Goldman!!
He advised us that since Mother couldn't talk (clearly) it would be best for someone to stay with her during her time here at the hospital.

They got her stable and then Deanie, Leah and I talked about schedules and who can do what when.
We put my sunglasses on Mother so she could sleep.
Don't you hate the bright lights of an ER room?
Louis Dean and I went back home and I packed a bag of necessities and returned for the night.

They moved Mother to an ICU room, put in a PIC and increased the sodium concentrate since her level continued to drop. They will monitor her all night checking her sodium level every two hours.
I put all this detail in for the many family members and close friends who can keep updated through the blog. We all so greatly appreciate your kind words and prayers for Mother.
Tomorrow I will show her last night's post and tonight's and read it to her plus all the sweet comments! I told her this evening that she is quite popular!
She smiled.
My favorite conversation with her today:
Me: "I love you."
Mother: "I know it! Always! I love YOU! Always!"

I am no stranger at setting up my laptop in a hospital and tapping out a journal entry!
I did many a one when Amber was in the hospital for 52 days and hanging on to her precious cargo (quadruplets) for every single one of those days at the expense of her own health.
Louis Dean and I are prepared to share a double shift over the weekend and we are no stranger to that either! I'm sure we will find adventures here and cubby holes and no telling what!
We have already discovered the cafe here serves delicious food!!

This weekend is a special one as all of us were - and still are - hosting a wedding shower for a special young couple! My sister, Nita, has done the bulk of all the preparations, food and decorations. She will carry on with the help of Deanie while I stay up here and party with Mother on Saturday!!
Mother is sad that she will miss the shower she had been so looking forward to being a part of -
but sometimes Life happens and gives us a different plan.


  1. Hope she feels better soon! She has the best family!

  2. Praying for your mom and your whole family really. Hope that the doctors and nurses can get this condition under control. Too bad she has to miss the shower, but that's the way things go sometimes. Much more important that she gets well and is able to be with you all for years to come.

  3. Linda, will be thinking and saying a prayer for you every time I wake up tonight. We are not strangers to overnighters at the hospital. In 1989 our youngest daughter Jill (she was 18) was in a horrible car accident, and spent a month in ICU and 9 months in the hospital. Don and I did the day and night routine for months and months. God was so good, and she recovered, not without injuries and scars, but I thank God everyday we have her, and now little Tristan. She never thought she would have a baby. Do you feel my you.

  4. Thank you for the great & informative blog post. You have great prayer warriors & we certainly appreciate it! ❤️

  5. Big hug for your Mom. She has the very BEST smile.

  6. Sending prayers from Boston...Mary

  7. She looks comfortable, and very happy with you around to cheer her up! Tell her that I am praying for her!! And I am The Prayer Lady in our church, that is what my title is! But I know she will be fine now that the doctors found the problem and are working on it!!

  8. Praying for your mother. Please let her know that I'm sending her Aloha all the way from Hawaii. Take care of you & your LD, too.

  9. Linda I turned to your blog first thing this morning to find out how your mum is doing. I am relieved she has been admitted, and it sounds like all the right things are happening. Thinking of you all. I am sending lots of love and cheerful thoughts to you and also to your mum, I'm sending a breath of good clean Scottish air to freshen her face in the hospital bed and make her think of sparkling water, wild mountains and fresh winds blowing through the trees. Take care, lots of love, Penny X

  10. Dear Linda, I am so sorry to learn that your mother is not well at all. I hope that you will ha an easier path ahead of you SOON! I truly think your heart is made out of gold. My best wishes to LD as well because he definitively also has such a special heart.
    Allergies are hard to master. Been doing that over ten years now as my job and it is a never ending task for sure. Hang on there!

  11. Your mom is so precious! Keep us all posted because you know we'll be thinking of you.

  12. I will certainly keep your sweet Mother in our thoughts and prayers Linda!

  13. God Bless your sweet Mom. I hope she gets to feeling better real soon. Take care of yourself and Louis Dean as well, you have to stay strong to keep your Mother strong. Prayers and Hugs!

  14. I have prayed for your mother and will continue to. Hugs from Arizona.

  15. Praying! A Queens, NY sister in Christ.

  16. Prayers going up for your mother... she looks great even in the ER... always smiling. i am now trying to figure out how sodium levels get so low... will be watching for updates

  17. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that your mom ended up in the hospital! It sounds very serious since she is in the ICU! I hope that she will respond well to treatment. I'm sure she is glad to know that someone will be by her side throughout her stay too.

  18. Your Mother sounds in good spirits and that is very important for her recovery.
    SO glad you live close enough to be with her.

  19. Your mama is the cutest thing...look at her there with those movie star sunglasses on....hahhaa.
    Blessings and prayers that all will work out well for her and all her family.
    P.S. you and LD better behave yourselves in those cubbies you might find in that hospital...!!

  20. I will be thinking of your mother and of all her caretakers too! It's hard to see them not feeling well, but good to hear you feel so good about her doctor! She is very blessed to have you all and you'll are blessed to have her. Thanks for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam. PS - my mother and father are pecan pickers too!

  21. Oh my goodness. Its so good someone was on top of it and took her to the hospital. My husband just went through the severe sodium drop. It is such a mysterious thing and it sneaks up without you knowing. Your mother has a wonderful support team. You all take care of yourselves too:)

  22. I don;t know what a low sodium means or how you know you have it, but I am glad she is being taken care of and I hope she is better soon!

  23. Hopefully they will get things sorted quickly, no one likes a hospital stay. Your Mom is so cute, even smiling when feeling poor. You take care of you, your Mom and your hubby.

  24. Linda, I wanted to cry seeing your mother in the hospital bed. That's where she needs to be at this times. She and all of you actually will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hug her for me. please. You have to take care of yourself and LD does too. Love you, Susie

  25. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Keeping you all in my prayers!

  26. I'm glad in these pictures I see your mom smiling even though I don't like that she's in the hospital for this post.