Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is This Sunday???

When you are in the midst of LIFE you sometimes lose track of the days.
My sister, Deanie, and I keep saying to each other, "Now what DAY is this??"
The game changes day by day.
 Louis Dean and I spent last night with Mother in her ICU room.
I think Mother had a better night than my husband.
He coughed, choked and sputtered a lot. He is still suffering from his allergy induced asthma attack from last week. He sounded worse than some of the other patients.
For the most part of the night he 'slept' in the recliner and I 'slept' on a mound of blankets and coats on the floor behind him. Suffice it to say - it was a long night.
Jenny is the day nurse and Scott was the night one.
Excellent care - but remember - we were in the ICU.
Enter Dr. Goldman. This morning he put in an order for Mother to go to a regular room. That was a game changer. New floor. New nursing staff. FEWER nurses. We had a 4-6 hour window before she was to be moved so Louis Dean and I loaded up and took our party HOME!!!
Today is his 78th birthday. Poor guy. Waking up in a hospital room. But as my sister, Luann, said - "At least HE wasn't the one IN the hospital bed!!" So true!

I treated him to a full breakfast in the hospital cafe! Happy Birthday!
We went home and straight to bed. I turned on the sound machine, electric blanket and ceiling fan.
We were asleep in minutes and slept for HOURS!!!
It was GLORIOUS!!!

The temps are falling in Texas and I am beginning my farewell to Fall.

It is my most beloved season.
When I woke up I started through the house lighting candles and fluffing the rooms.

I even went out and sat for a few minutes in the COLD gazebo.
It is in a mess but still one of my favorite places.
Pretty soon it will be all decked out for winter with a snowman theme.

I am always a tiny bit sad as I come to end of autumn.

I hosted a few dinners around this fall table.
The fragrance of pumpkin candles scent the air tonight.

This week I will begin the transformation from FALL to Christmas.
Christmas is like a fifth season.

The fragrance of fall is much different from the fragrance of Christmas.
Pumpkin, apple pie, harvest candles will give way to cinnamon, spruce, evergreen and peppermint.

This is my sewing room.
This is also LUCY'S room!!! Her kennel is in here and I am missing her a little bit tonight,
Ruth Ann graciously invited her to spend a few days with them while we go back and forth to Fort Worth to help with Mother.

In the morning I shall bake up a batch of muffins to take to the NEW nurses on the new floor where Mother is. A little kindness goes a long way.

Perhaps I will fix Louis Dean a belated Birthday Breakfast in the morning.
The one at the hospital cafe didn't really count!

I do so gain comfort from being HOME!
It's like my house HUGS me!!

The whole house (except for the den) is clean!!!
The kitchen floor is no longer CRUNCHY!!!

All the clothes and covers including pillows we used or wore in the hospital have been washed and dried. 

My newest fall decoration - a hostess gift from the shower Saturday.

So Louis Dean and I have rested and slept and have enjoyed being home this afternoon and evening. He is settled in front of the fire and I am about to join him in a glass of wine.
Even as I am resting my thoughts are with my Mother and Deanie.

Mother is snug in bed in her new room.......
(thank you, Deanie, for the photos!)

and Deanie has a full length bed to stretch out in tonight.

We are just waiting to see what tomorrow brings.


Deb said...

Prayers for you all!

Wanda said...

Sweet Linda ~ I was just about ready to go to bed and remembered I hadn't checked in on you today. So glad you were able to snuggle under your electric blanket and get some rest in your own bed. Sure hope LD feels better soon. Your home is just so inviting...Keeping you in my heart and prayers. Hugs.

Linda said...

Loved your description of fall and winter. Could almost smell the scents! Always enjoy photos of your "debri." Your home is indeed warm and huggable.

I do hope your mom continues to improve. Hospital duty is bad anytime but particularly during the holidays. Exhausting work.

Penny Miller said...

Take care Linda, try to get a little rest before your next shift at hospital X

Sandra said...

this is good news your mom is in a room, that means she is getting better each day.. glad you both got some badly needed sleep... and with those cold temps you have this moring your home is just right, cozy and warm and pretty

Susie said...

Linda, I hope LD and you are strong enough to endure. I think your mom is better if she left ICU. That is good. Bless her heart. I wish LD could have had a big blow out birthday ....maybe a bit later when he is better and your mom is home. I too feel sad at the end of autumn. I just am not a good winter person, I guess. Hugs for all of you. xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

Oh, I know how difficult it is to hang out in the hospital for hours. It's very draining. Glad that you were able to go home and finally get some decent sleep and celebrate LD's birthday. Happy Birthday to LD! Glad to hear that your moms condition is no longer as serious so she could be moved to a regular room.

Vee said...

You folks are such troupers. How miserable those hospitals can be. So glad that you were able to get caught up on your rest. Pace yourselves. You know, we're just going to have to call this Louis Dean's birthday week or his birthday month...there has to be a party somewhere! Praying for you all. Hope that everyone's spirits remain high, including your precious mom's.

Linda said...

Keeping you all in my prayers, Linda. Your photos are heartwarming and I love your blog background, very lovely. Take time to get some rest. Sending you much love and many hugs.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll keep your family in my prayers, too. I love seeing photos of your looks so pretty and inviting. I need more twinkle lights in mine! Sweet hugs to you, Diane

Lori said...

Love hearing about the updates on your Mom. We too are in a new season of our lives. My husbands mom had moved in with us after a fall and bad nursing home situation. My blogging has slowed way down.

LV said...

Whatever tomorrow brings may it be good. Sorry life handed your family a bad time, but even then, there are worse situations. Hang in it will be better.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Sorry to hear. Praying all of you keep finding strenght day in and day out.

Carla said...

What a way to spend your birthday.. Hope LD and you were able to celebrate some how. But glad she's doing better and y'all were able to go home and stretch out in your own bed.