Saturday, November 15, 2014

God is in the Little Things......

We KNOW God is in the BIG things but we often forget he is in the little things, TOO!
Some 'little' things (to us) may very well be BIG things to someone else.
This afternoon I spent a little time cleaning house. Louis Dean and I had a deep discussion about my housekeeping ways this morning. I am not one to go in and blitz through an entire house cleaning and straightening as I blow by. No, I start at either one end of the house or the other. That would be our bedroom or the den. In this case I had started in the bedroom yesterday evening. I work from the top to the bottom and sometimes just do the basics adding one or two special jobs as I have time. Special as in cleaning out a drawer or organizing an area or doing some in depth dusting. As each room is completed I light a candle and check that the scented plug ins are still full. When possible I also add a small bouquet of flowers - roses or even a bunch of rosemary sprigs. I made it through the guest room, hall and bathroom yesterday. Today I worked in the living room and foyer.
Louis Dean says I do not so much clean as I 'stroke' my house. I kind of like that. I do go back to the 'clean' rooms and 'pet' them - or touch them up so they stay clean.  

As I was dusting the tables in the living room, my mind was on my mother.
She loves peppermint candies and a couple of weeks ago she had run out of them and we had looked in several stores to get her another supply. It was Halloween season and no peppermints were to be found. Now I had moved all my crystal candy dishes to a tall cabinet to keep them away from the quads when they come to visit - leaving a good sized container of candy in the den where they could reach it. I was wishing I had the time and energy to run out to Sam's and get Mother some of that candy she loves so much. As I dusted the end table I decided to open up a heavy silver candy box (that I THOUGHT was empty!) and lo, and behold, it was full of peppermints!!! It may be one of those 'little things' but I KNEW that God was in it!!

While I was at home - Summer was at the hospital with her Granny!
My son, Jesse, came up to visit, too!

Jesse brought his son, Sam, and Mother was so glad to see them!!!

Mother had LOTS of visitors today!
This is my brother, Lonnie, and his lovely wife, Michele.

Mother had an echo cardiogram this afternoon and her heart was pronounced GOOD!!!
But then, we already knew that!!!
We keep a small notebook beside her hospital bed and Summer was an excellent scribe writing down all the pertinent information of the day.

This is the changing of the guard!!!

My sweet Summer Dee! She left a Christmas magazine and a bottle of Diet Coke for me!
She also gave me the gift of six precious hours - taking her place beside her Granny so we could get some rest. (AND I could 'pet' my house!!)

Have I mentioned the excellent nursing staff here???
This is Jenny and she and Loyce are two of our favorites.
I must say that every single staff member has been nothing but kind, courteous and professional.

This afternoon there was a long anticipated wedding shower going on at Nita's!
 Nita and Deanie hosted and then part of the party came to US!!!

Mother got so excited!!!!

She had no clue they would come visit HER!!

As you can see - she got pretty emotional about it!

Bless her heart! She was very touched by their visit!

Rachel ( my cousin's wife) has been an ANGEL to Mother over the years.

This is my cousin's first grandchild.
Isn't she beautiful??

My cousin, JD.

All in all, this has been a wonderful day!
It's November!
It's CHILLY! We get to wear COATS in TEXAS!!!
THAT doesn't happen every day!
Mother received a good report!
Family visits!
A friendly hospital room and staff!
 A good sized TV in the waiting room!
Sandwiches for sale in the gift shop - since the cafe is closed!
Free coffee all night long!

Louis Dean and I arrived at 4:00 and will stay for an 18 hour shift.
He and I may watch a movie in the waiting room and take turns resting in the recliner beside Mother's bed. She is still in an ICU room. I am glad LD wanted to come with me.
Tomorrow is his birthday!
He will be 78 years old......although 'OLD' is not really a good word to describe him!

So tonight I am praising God for all the little things!
It's the 'Little' things that make life so wonderful!!!


Debby said...

Ah, how sweet is your mother . How young is she. She looks so happy. Wonderful you can stay with her. When my mother,87, is n the hospital it's always just me and my husband. My brother comes when she gets released.

Wanda said...

What a marvelous day of big blessings and little ones hidden in a silver candy dish. I just love how God designs out lives. How sweet that your mom got so many lovely visitors. She's looking really good. I use to clean house like you when we lived in the big parsonage. Now I can clean our little apartment in a hour. But I love to stoke mine too....Love and Hugs dear one.

Jan said...

God is so good!! Glad to hear your mom got a good report!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Louise Dean! It is so nice you can all take turns staying with your Mom!

Linda said...

A very happy birthday to Louis Dean! Linda, your post has struck a chord with me and I am in tears. These photos are treasures! God is amazing. Sending you much love and many hugs...and please pass some to your dear mother.

Ginny said...

I cannot believe Louis Dean is 78! He looks at least ten or fifteen years younger! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louis Dean!! You are one cool dude! Wonderful news about your mom's heart! She is looking so well, that it seems she could be in a regular room. But it is good that she gets monitored frequently. We love those puffy peppermints! Now I will have to start looking for them! You and Summer look beautiful in the picture!! Tell your mom Hey from the Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia! She is a strong and beautiful lady.

Jutta said...

What a loving family your mother has! I am sure that all the love she gets helps her to recover - and definitely gets her in a better mood!
Many warm congratulations to LD! He is a sweet loving hardworking friendly man and the best husband to you lovely Lady Linda!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

A wonderful post! Yes, God IS in the little things. I enjoyed getting to know some of your family. Your Mom is precious. Have a great Sunday!

Vee said...

A God breeze for sure... The way your family pulls together is a beautiful thing to see. Your mom needs to go home to rest...bless her. She certainly is loved!

I enjoyed your discussion of home stroking. And a very happy birthday to Louis Dean! God bless him mightily today and all year through. I think that there is a steak supper in his week somewhere! =D

Susie said...

Linda, Will you please wish LD a happy birthday from me. He is the best looking 78 year old man around. I do not think of him as old. He seems younger . So do you. I was so touched by your mother's happiness at seeing her loved ones. She is blessed , as are you to have her. I know you know this. The way you treat her and all your family, Linda, your heart is golden. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

what a find, the peppermints waiting for the right moment to appear.. i like that you pet your house. made me smile. i can see the joy on every single face in every photo of your family... makes me feel happy just to see the photos. hope your mom gets home soon and so glad she is better each day... tell your hubby happy birthday from Florida and he has now caught my hubby who was 78 Oct 1...

Kelly said...

I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing better! She looks so happy to see all of her visitors. I think you all are doing such a great job looking after her. That has to be part of the reason she's doing better.

JMD said...

Please wish Louis Dean happy birthday from Arizona. PS We are cold today and it is suppose to only reach 57. Brrrrr not used to that!

Cheapchick said...

Happy Birthday to Louis Dean. So nice that your Mom had so many visitors. It can't be easy staying in the hospital but is so much better when surrounded by people who love you. I hope they find she is ok to get out of the hospital soon. Take care of yourself too!

Penny Miller said...

Sending happy birthday wishes to LD and wishing for a happy and healthy year ahead! Lovely to see your mum surrounded by so much Love. X

Nonnie said...

You're right about the little things. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better and her heart is good. Happy Birthday wishes to your LD. I am amazed that he will be 78. Must be the new 58!

Bri & Bev said...

Your post blessed my heart!! What a wonderful family...staying with mom and all her visitors!!... Yes I can see 78 young!!... Wish him a happy day!!


Happy birthday to LD and many moreeee....may his new year be a happy blessed one. Your sweet mom looks wonderful, though and so happy with all the lovely visitirs she got.
Have you all a great week dear Linda.

Carla said...

So sweet of all those folks to come visit. I almost cried with your momma.
I like the blogs new look.
And the cousins 1st grandchild is beautiful