Monday, November 10, 2014

Raining! PECANS! Transitioning from Fall to Christmas! It begins!

This morning as I sat in the den I could hear the winds gusting and the pecans literally being SHOT out of the trees!! They ricocheted from the roof sounding a little like gunfire.
Then a great big WHOOSH! I went outside to see a large limb had fallen against the front of the house! I am so thankful I was not out picking up pecans when THAT happened!!

It was obviously a dead limb that was hanging in the tree as the leaves were already crispy brown.
The wind tore it loose and had left it hanging!

The yard was covered in tons of pecans! This looks to be a pretty good crop. 

Louis Dean was feeling somewhat better but had stayed in bed off and on all morning.
By afternoon he decided to check out what the wind had brought down.

I was sitting out there picking up pecans. 
It was just like him to think of a way to make it easier for me!

He got the blower out and blew a bunch of them up into a pile.
When a car drives in front of our house you hear lots of crunching sounds!

The piles made quick work of the gathering!

School had let out and our little neighbors came over to pick some for themselves!!

We are grateful to have these kids in the neighborhood. We used to have kids in nearly every house.
Now it's mostly retired or older couples.....and several widows.

Our pecan trees have sure been dropping limbs! Louis Dean  pulled this one down that was hung up on other branches. I think it did him good to get outside for a little while.
Cold weather will be arriving about 3 am!

THIS was my haul for today! I picked all these up in about an hour's time!
Now to crack and shell some! I pick and crack them and then Louis Dean shells them.

As I drove up to our street when I was coming home yesterday I spied this little table at the curb of a neighbor's house! We all set things out on the curb thereby offering them free to anyone who can use them! You would be surprised how quickly things are picked up! I drove on around the corner to home and unloaded then went BACK to get this treasure!! The leaves on either side extend making this a great craft table for the grands! As a matter of fact, Rayne will be here tomorrow to do a bit of arts and crafts while we do art class. She will be the first to try it out!

After I came in from the pecan harvesting I finished changing out my closet to fall/winter clothing.
Then I began the transition from fall to Christmas.
The very first thing I do every year is the Santa Wall.
Because I add a painting or two each year, the wall is never hung the same way!
It's all done but I will wait until the morning just to make sure I like it!
17 paintings this year! One more than last year and I managed to get them ALL up on the wall!!
For years and years I NEVER decorated until AFTER Thanksgiving.
Now that I'm older and I am no longer hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, I decided it is okay to start a little earlier. I have already had several fall parties and as much as I love the season - it's time to let go. God has blessed us with FOUR special seasons and while Fall will always be my favorite - I am going to fully embrace winter! Especially Christmas!!
Thinking of my friends who are already experiencing SNOW, I am happy that at last we may have our first freeze tomorrow or the day after!!
Finally!!!! I will get to wear sweaters every day for awhile!!!


Ginny said...

That is a TON of pecans! What will you do with them all? That little table is perfect for the quads! I wonder why they did not want it? I am so glad L.D. is better!

Linda said...

The santas are awesome.

Fun to remember pecan time in Texas. Hazelnuts are the main nut crop where we live in Oregon.

Deb said...

It sure was windy today but a beautiful day! That is a nice crop of pecans!

Kathy said...

Wow, I have never seen so many pecans. What do you do with them all?

Looking forward to seeing your Santa wall. I'm just trying to get decorated for Thanksgiving and you're all ready for Christmas!

Have fun with Rayne today.

HoundDogMom said...

Oh my those Pecans look devine. They are so expensive up here in Illinois.

Sandra said...

this makes me homesick for Savannah and mother and daddy and the pecan trees... i felt like i was being abused because i had to pick up pecans, now i wish i could... you got a bumper crop. glad the limb did not damage and i love that Texas Star on the wall.. the table is a great find. the chair i am sitting in now was off our neighbors trash pile and i have had it for 10 years...

Susie said...

Linda, That is a lot of nut picking.:):) LD is a smart man. I am glad he is feeling better. Good for the kids in the neighborhood helping. I can't wait to see what Rayne makes this evening. You sure have done a lot of wonderful paintings. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Deanie W said...

What a great find in that table!!!! Good job girlie. That is a lot of pecans, I know you will put them to good use.

Stacey said...

Linda, my dad lives down by Austin and at his last house and this one he has had a yard full of pecan trees. He just had them professionally trimmed which was expensive but he says it looks so nice. He had limbs coming down when the wind would gust too. I can't believe all the pecans you have!! Once a woman knocked on my dad's door and asked if she could pick up pecans. He told her sure....a few minutes later he looked out and a crew of people were out there getting all of them. :)

Your Santa wall is going to be adorable!! I'm not quite ready to do Christmas but am gathering plenty of ideas.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now I know what pecans look like before they are shelled. :) I love pecans! Good job.

Blondie's Journal said...

It's raining leaves here and pecans there by you!! How funny. Cold weather coming here, too!

i love your Santa wall. I'm wondering if you use nails...I am always wanting to hang seasonal things on the wall as my space is limited but hubby cringes with each nail.

I read your post at Susan's...beautiful!! I am your #1 fan!

Jane x

Sweet Tea said...

Ok. I admit that I have "pecan envy" and "table envy". I have always had a thang for little tables. My family tease me about this little obsession of mine. You made a great find on the table. Soooooo cute. Love it! Glad you're feeling better and hope LD is soon back up to speed.

Robin said...

Here our tradition is that we don't start decorating until after November 11 which is Remembrance Day. So I would say that your timing is perfect!

Wanda said...

I will wait this year till after Thanksgiving as we are hosting it this year in the Senior Lounge in our complex. Takes the pressure off the kids to get their homes ready, and it's a lovely room big enough for all of us, with kitchen, bathroom and large room for eating. I will make the turkey, dressing and gravy, and the kids will bring the rest. Love pecans and especially pie....HaHa

Penny Miller said...

Just can't get over the fact that you have a pecan tree in your very own garden! Amazing! Glad to see LD looking a little better X

Gypsy Heart said...

Let's see ~ Pecan Pie, Pralines and so many other wonderful dishes! I just love, love pecans. So happy you have a ton of them. When my dad and step-mother lived outside Dallas, they had 5 acres & full of pecan trees. Never had to be concerned about buying them at that time.


Carla said...

What a haul!! Holy cow. Hopefully if we get this property it has a native pecan tree on it.
I love that little table. Can't wait to see how Rayne liked it.
Your Santa wall is so awesome. I'm always so impressed with you decorating like you do.