Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mother is on My Heart and Mind.....and Quadville Wednesday

First and foremost on my heart and mind tonight as I journal is my mother.
In recent weeks she has turned more frail and has been using a walker or cane to get around.
No there has been some other developments and she is not doing very well. My sister, Deanie, has taken her to the doctor and will be taking her again tomorrow.  Her recent labs were not good and if they are not better at this next visit she will most probably be admitted to the hospital.

Deanie has kept Mother with her the last couple of days so she won't be alone.

You can tell by this photo why I am concerned.

I am grateful to and for my sisters who bear the most responsibility.
Deanie has a lovely new home and I'm sure Mother enjoyed her afternoon by the fireplace.
I am praying for improved labs and a better report tomorrow........

Louis Dean and I have both been 'under the weather' for quite awhile now!
This is my second week of not feeling well. It is allergies for me and allergy induced asthma for Louis Dean. While we are not contagious - we do SOUND awful with all the choking, coughing and 
general NOISE that we are making! We were moving slow and didn't get over to Quadville until just as the babies were finishing lunch. We joined them in napping - Granddad in one nursery and MeeMaw in the other!

After naps we did a little watercolor art!

Watercolor Art

Art was followed by a tea party.

Tea Party - of course!!

The girls are learning to pour tea from the tiny pitcher.

After tea they helped me bake a chocolate cake. I had already slipped downstairs before the others woke up from naps and started a pot of homemade chili.
It was 37 degrees this afternoon with blustery winds blowing!
Perfect 'CHILI' weather!!

Louis Dean summoned up enough eneregy to eat.

You can tell he didn't feel well.

I kept trying to make him smile.....

but it didn't work!!

We came home right after dinner.
Somehow HOME is where you want to be when you don't feel well.

It is COLD in Texas tonight!
I am hoping this freeze helps with these dreaded allergies.
LD and I both take allergy medicine and he has an inhaler and nose drops.....
and STILL we are struggling!

As soon as the fire dies down we are headed to bed.
The bed is all ready! Flannel sheets and an electric blanket - turned on HIGH!


  1. Oh, Linda, I definitely see why you are concerned for your beloved mother. I will be praying for her.

  2. I hope you and Louis Dean feel better tomorrow. It has gotten cold here in Georgia also! I love our mattress warmer. We always had an electric blanket until my sister told me about those and we both like them better. I will pray for you two and your mother also.

  3. Keeping you and your mom in my prayers! Hope this cold weather helps you and Louis Dean's allergies and asthma. Home is definitely the best place to be when you don't feel well!

  4. Prayers for your mother and your whole family. So sorry you aren't feeling well. Those allergies can be awful. At least you got to Qusdville for awhile.

  5. It is to SNOW here tomorrow! And we could not find our electric blanket in it's plastic case, we looked everywhere. So we bought a new one at Costco. That means we should be finding the other one any day now! You BOTH have allergies, though his is worse? I have just gotten an inhaler and hope I will be able to use it right. Your poor mom does not look like herself at all, I hope the doctor can help her! I will pray for her tonight, for discernment for her doctor. Please let us know. I totally agree..I only want to be at home when I am sick!!! My own bathroom, bed and couch. And let's not forget the flat screen T.V.!

  6. I'm so sorry you both are not feeling well and this blasted cold weather doesn't help ...will keep you all in my prayers!

  7. Linda I am sending you a gentle hug, I can feel your concern and worry. Your mum looks very comfortable snuggled by the fire, but it is concerning that she is becoming more frail. Thinking of you XXX

  8. Tho the quads and LD photos are uplifting, I am now so very concerned about your mother!! Hope there is news of improvement! Soon

  9. Sending prayers to your Mother and your family. Hope she is feeling better real soon. The memories your grand children are going to have of all these tea parties is awesome.

  10. I am so sorry to hear that everyone is feeling so dreadful! Allergies can be so bothersome and make you feel bad. I have seasonal allergies myself, but this Fall I've been pretty good so far. Sneezing is what I do most. I don't blame you for being concerned about your mom. She is elderly and having health problems. That's a dangerous combination! I hope she will start doing better so she doesn't have to go in the hospital. My MIL had a stroke many years ago and has been declining ever since. She is now in hospice care as she is very frail and has to be taken care of 24/7. It's so sad to see someone who used to be so outgoing and active decline over the years. Only God knows what will happen to us all. We have to take every day as a gift and live in the present.

  11. so sorry to hear this about your sweet mom.. praying now for her doctors to find what she needs and give it to her and for healing and no hospital visit.

  12. Linda, I just feel so badly that I can't help all of you. I will pray for good health to return to your mother, LD and you. Your mother looks like she is more frail and poor LD looks so very tired. At least you did some art lessons and a tea party. The grandkids love that. You and LD are helping to make wonderful memories for them and yourselves. Please, please, take care of yourselves. xoxo,Susie

  13. Sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she improves and the both of you too.

  14. Oh dear sweet Linda, how my heart and prayers go out to you and your Mom, and your sister. It's been over 20 years since I cared for my mother, but the memories are like yesterday. Your mom is so blessed to have you and your sisters. She certainly does not look like the woman of a few months ago laughing and shopping. I know you are not feeling well now either, so prayers for gods strength. Sending love and hugs.

  15. Linda I will keep you mom you and LD in my prayers!!... Yes Texas sounds cold...brrr... didn't know it got that cold there:)) Take care!

  16. Sending your mother positive thoughts all the way from New Zealand... Take care of yourselves too. Best wishes from Carole's Chatter

  17. Fun to see the girls busy in The Bookmark Factory!

    Hope that all of you folks feel better soon. I pray that these temps moderate for you is not what you are used to, but perhaps the allergens will dissipate, too. It is in the mid 40s here, but we'll wake to snow. Saying a prayer for you and yours.

  18. I hope your Mom is ok - positive thoughts from Canada too. Hubby suffers from asthma from allergies and it certainly can set him on his duff when they act up. Stay warm and cozy.

  19. Cold...even in Texas? We are shivering through a cold blast up here in the Pacific Northwest right now. You reminded me that I wanted to put flannel sheets on the bed for tonight. :)

  20. Just read this ~ so sorry you're both feeling yucky. I totally understand the allergy/asthma stuff. I give myself shots 2 x week + meds & inhaler. Maybe this cold will end some of it. Your mother does not look well...I so hope she perks up soon!


  21. So many frowns on this post. Sorry for all the yucky feelings during this time.