Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Simple Saturday and a SURPRISE!! TWO Surprises!!

Louis Dean and I have enjoyed a Super Simple Saturday.
We stayed HOME all day! I loved it!
We kept the den fireplace burning all day long.
I read and rested and had a lovely day.

Housework is my therapy and I find my 'Happy Place' when I can smell Orange Furniture Oil and Fabuloso and see dust disappear and watch the wood surfaces gleam!
As I cleaned the organ I began to think about those organ lessons I took long years ago.
Back before I had my last two children - over 30 years ago!
Now I am no way a musician and I cannot 'read' REAL music.
I can only play these EZ Play Organ books.
It amazed me that the organ still works!
It DID sound raspy at first - dust I'm sure!
Perhaps I can brush up on my playing and relearn a couple of Christmas Carols!

Ruth Ann brought lunch over for us today - that awesome Taco Soup!
Thank you, Nita, for that recipe!!! We ALL love it!!
The soup was accompanied with cornbread muffins!
We ate fireside while watching an episode of Covert Affairs.
A 'Delicious' NAP followed - Louis Dean in the guest room and I in our bedroom.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to four little quads standing by my bedside!
Amber and Mike knew how much we had missed them and decided on a spur of the moment visit!

It had been 10 whole days since we have seen them!

You have to remember that we have 'BEEN THERE' all their lives!
Since before they we even born.

That bonding runs deep.

An impromptu TEA Party!!!

A little bit of Story Time!

Amber tells us that the kids have been asking for us.
I was afraid they would forget me!
As I wrote that I wondered WHY that thought always comes to me.
Back when Ben was less than 2 years old, I developed cancer. Happily, it was early enough that even though it was a very aggressive cancer - it was caught in time. But my main concern was that my youngest two children would not remember me if I died.
Guess that's why I always think about my grandchildren forgetting me when I don't see them for awhile.

Be still my heart!!! THIS is my very favorite pic of the entire day!!!
Trystan was glad to see her Granddad!

Grandma's Little Helpers!

The day only got better with our visitors helping Grandma clean!

Mike led  out in the Great Pecan Cracking Challenge!
While HE does not actually eat pecans - he doesn't mind cracking and shelling them!
This proved to be a good activity for everyone!

Logan helped me put lights on our 'new' Christmas tree!!!

The colored lights are in Louis Dean's honor.
He LOVES the colored ones better than the white ones I favor.

Even after the kids left - Louis Dean cracked on!!

We have half a gallon of shelled pecan meats all ready for my Thanksgiving baking!

Our final surprise came at 9:30 or so. We were sitting on the couch watching an old episode of The Closer when we experienced a 3.3 EARTHQUAKE!
First one I have ever felt!
It was scary!


Deb said...

What an awesome surprise!!!! We didn't feel the earth quake at our Fun Girls night...maybe we were too loud to notice....

Denise said...

Such a pleasant surprise! I love hearing the kids talk. Yikes on the earthquake! Those pecans look delicious. We need to plan our next trip to our friends when it is pecans falling out of the tree time.

Ginny said...

An earthquake in Texas!? How long did it last? Did anything get broken? I also just experienced my first earthquake a couple years ago. In Virginia! It sounded like a train was coming at the house and the whole room shook. I knew the quads must have been missing you both really badly! What a wonderful surprise! Maybe when the quads get a bit older, you can each them some really simple songs to play on the organ. I think it is so important to teach a love of music in children.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

What a wonderful and productive day, Linda! I worked inside and also winterized the front yard today. I have my second eye surgery on bending or lifting anything over 20 lbs for 10 days.

The quads are getting so big! I have come to the conclusion that life is a party when they are around! Sooooo cute!

When the earth shakes it is "very" scary, isn't it? Living on west coast, I have experiences a few earthquakes. I also heard that there was a quake in Oklahoma a week or so ago.
Sleep well!

Penny Miller said...

Linda, only you could mention an Eathquake as a minor event at the end of a busy day! What a woman you are. I still am amazed by your pecan tree, what a privilege to have them growing freely in your garden. X

Jutta said...

The EQ - oh my. It always sends me up to shaking when I read your posts.

Sandra said...

my favorite is Grandma's little helpers and Logan at the tree, they are all great photos and no matter what they will remember you because of this blog and all the things you have posted. I love Covert Affairs and have watched it since day one, i wish they had not given her heart problems..that is a little far out

Susie said...

Linda, Wow, what a day and evening you and LD had. So sweet that your friend brought you food. Then those wonderful quads. I do not think they will ever forget you. They will never have tea and not think of you, or hear guitar music and not think of LD. You have make an impression in their young lives. Yes, I bet you were shock about a quake. I have felt 4 right here in Indiana. Wonder what Sunday has in store for you :):) Blessings I am hoping. xoxo,Susie

Debbie said...

Goodness guads?! What an unbelievable blessing! How fun that must be. Loved the little videos. Yes I can see why that was a wonderful surprise! And an earthquake too? Well let me tell you this So. California gal as felt MANY of those. Including a 6.8 once! Not fun at all, and ALWAYS scary, and yes always quite the unexpected surprise. Hope you have another relaxing wonderful day!

Changes in the wind said...

What a day!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

So happy you spent time with the adorable quads. Here's wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that you and LD had a restful day. That was nice of Amber to bring the kids over to visit you. I'm sure that brightened your day. Little ones are good for that! They're always so happy and full of energy. I'm sure it was contagious. Wow! An earthquake in TX? I bet that was scary. I've only felt one in my lifetime too. It was early in the morning as the sun was just coming up. I didn't know what the heck it was until I heard about it on the news. Then I said.......That's what that was. I thought I was dreaming! They're very rare here in GA too.

peggy said...

Ten days and no quads is not good. And those pecans! My, you have a gold mine there!

Carole said...

We don't get many earthquakes in auckland either - and each time it does happen it is very unsettling. Further south there are areas which get them often - I don't think I'd like that at all. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Jan said...

What a great surprise to wake up to the quads! We didn't feel the quake out here, but I did feel one years ago out in West Texas. I felt my chair shake and looked up to see the ceiling fan swinging!

Gypsy Heart said...

We felt the earthquake over here too ~ what a surprise! The first one I ever experienced was in Salt Lake City. I took my mother up there for a "girl's trip" and one woke us up early in the morning. It felt as if our beds were swaying, unsupported. Really weird! I know we have our tornadoes but we usually have some warning and can attempt to get to a safe place. The earthquakes are scarier to me!

Looks like you had a fun afternoon with the quads ~ they are just so adorable! Quite the little helpers too. :) I understand about the forgetting you part...when my son & his family moved to Houston, Alex and Abby were 4 and 2. I was still working but tried to see them as often as possible. They moved back to this area in '03 and the kids were 5 and 7. I feel sad for grandparents that have their little ones in other states or countries.

Enjoy those pecans! I keep mine in the freezer and can't help but sorta steal a little taste every once in awhile.