Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures!

This morning Louis Dean went over to Quadville. After all the distressing things on the news lately, he said he needed a BIG dose of JOY!

The babies go crazy when he arrives and I think he is addicted to hearing them squeal and shriek -
"Granddad!!! GRANDdad!!!! GRANDDAD!!!"

While he was out from under my feet playing in Quadville, I was working!!
As in getting the rest of the lights on the tree and cleaning up the mess that comes with changing seasons. We seriously need to blow the leaves away from the front porch!
I vacuum and clean and then we track them right back in!

Ruth Ann has become my enabler! I not only filled MY cart - I filled HERS, too!!
I had a few bulky items!

I love it all!!!

It is like a treasure hunt! We went to the Goodwill and then DAV!

A brand new apron!

A brand new Open Heart Ornament.

The Living Room Tree is all lit! That two trees up and with lights on.
I have a tree in every single room of the house - including the bathrooms.

This tree has 1120 lights.
Not sure the Elf will stay but Sabrina stuck him up there tonight and I thought he looked cute.

Ruth Ann and I didn't get started on our Treasure Hunting until late this afternoon so we went right into art class mode!

I think I'm NEARLY done!!!
His back looks a little too large and there's some touch ups to do plus a session to glaze the canvas.
Cutting it close getting him ready for Christmas!!

We have a REALLY big day tomorrow and I am going to need every minute of my sleep tonight!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy your time with family

  2. O.K., I gave in and am putting up my Christmas decorations TONIGHT! Only two days early. Today at Goodwill I got a Christmas stocking for a grandchild, still had the price tag on, and it is large and has cute mice on it. I have also been able to find two brand new looking large Easter baskets! Today I got a Christmas candy dish that has three big leaves around it to put candies. Your tree is beautiful!!!! My DIL used to keep a small tree in our granddaughters room all the time, and they would decorate it for EVERY event and holiday!! Going to bed now, you are the last blog of the day. So I will have visions of your beautiful tree! Your Santa picture is SO good! You really ARE artistic!

  3. Oh my goodness, a tree in every room! That is amazing Linda, your house will be like a Winter Wonderland! I only have a tree in our sitting room, and a small one in the boys' room, which is usually just put up on Christmas Eve. X

  4. Your tree is beautiful! I am not ambitious enough to get it done so early. I usually wait until the last minute. Trying to clean up and put it up earlier this year.

    I know LD enjoyed his time with the Quad Squad. He's always all smiles in the pictures with them.

  5. Have a Happy Thanskgiving. I think I would love to come visit you just to see your house for the Holiday's. It has to be such a "HAPPY" place to come to.

  6. i like that joy on the apron... beautiful trees and i love that granddad shot at the beginning. have a wonderful Thanksgiving... wish i had some of your get up and go... for several years i have put up my token decorations in the nook on TG day or day after. we are rained in today, and nothing to do but housework and i can't get up the desire to drag it all out and put it back... i need a magic wand.. or a YOU..... i was sitting here thinking i might skip the tree this year and came here and you have 2 trees up and are just starting.

  7. Linda, That is beautiful Granddad with all the little ones. They sure do love that man. Such a blessing of love in your family. I think your tree is wonderful. You make a haul this time at GW. I wish all of you a great Thanksgiving. Hug everyone for me please. xoxo,Susie

  8. Adorable! Tell LD I also get a dose of sunshine looking at those sweet little faces! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  9. Yup, I needed a dose of Quadville myself. You're making your home look so pretty. I had to laugh when you said that Louis Dean was getting out from underfoot. I told John that he could be gone as long as he'd like today...well, within reason!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Dear Ones!

  10. I hauled all my Christmas bins yesterday, got part done and the rest will happen today except the exterior house lights which we will put up this weekend if it doesn't rain. I bought eggnog to drink while decorating the tree this evening - just have to stop off for some spiced rum to go with it. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! (my favorite decorating time of year)

  11. A tree in every room! That's awesome! Go you!

    I think your painting is so special. Truly Saint Nicholas!


  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! You are blessed. I am blessed to be able to enjoy another Thanksgiving in the USA!!... We will head north to SNOW on Monday and have Christmas with the family!