Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wild and CRAZY!!!

We had so much fun today!!!
My mother, I and two of my sisters took a mini road trip!

It wasn't far - just to Mineral Wells!
Nita drove us in her luxury car while Deanie rode shotgun.
I seldom EVER get to see Nita so today was extra special.

I think Mother enjoyed seeing us cut up and have fun.

One of our third cousins is having a baby so today was the SHOWER!
I know it's not cool to say this but generally speaking I do NOT enjoy showers!
Wedding, bridal, baby - whatever. 
However THIS shower WAS pretty cool!!!
First of all - no silly games!
Second - they had FOOD!!!

Third - we think the WORLD of this branch of our family.
We call Rachel - the lady on the left - an ANGEL!
She really IS the nicest, kindest, most giving person in our family tree!!
EVERYONE loves Rachel. She is the mother of the new mother-to-be.

Another reason the shower was so much fun - they had a photo op all set up with props!!

I think I LIKE this one!!!

It was a lovely spring day here in Texas and I came home smiling at all the good memories we made.

Louis Dean was patiently waiting for me.
He is getting so GOOD!!
This is the second time I have been gone all day and come home to NO 'Damage' as in 
He even COOKED this afternoon but you could NOT tell it!!
The only way I knew was the faint fragrance of hamburger in the air.
He had turned on the attic fan to get rid of the smell - but it didn't trick me!!

We are in the gazebo tonight - it's getting to be my regular spot for blogging lately.
We haven't even turned the TV on except to watch Ed Young, Sr this morning.
This is the way we used to do. Sit in the gazebo or on the deck or on the driveway and talk.
During the winter we spend more time inside so we tend to watch more TV.
We're getting too old to watch intense programs before bed!
The fire is still burning in the fire pit and I think Louis Dean just poured us another glass of wine.
Deanie, for dinner we had a few slices of that pizza you gave us!
 So I bid you goodnight as I close my laptop and we will sit out here awhile longer.


Sweet Tea said...

I'd bet your Mom was thrilled to have you "girls" all to herself on the drive to and from the shower - a win/win for each of you!

Kathy said...

I'm not big on showers either. I hate the "games" they play. Yours sounds fun. Friends, good times and food. Perfect! I love the pictures of you, your sisters and your mom. How cute! And a great picture of LD too.

Deb said...

looks like a fun shower...I don't usually enjoy showers either....shhh don't tell anyone....

Sandra said...

awesome photos, all of these and what a wonderful day to have all of you together...

Vee said...

Fun, fun photos! Glad that you found a shower you could enjoy. LOL! That sounds so funny, but I don't like showers either and understand your position. I have yet to find one that I've enjoyed. Yes, your mother was tickled pink to listen to you gals giggle and carry on. I love to hear my kids do that and I know that you love to have yours all together having fun.

LD is getting to be a whizz bang boomerang. Just a whiff of hamburger? No homemade rolls?

Deanie W said...

We did have fun! Linda thank you for coming back to Fort Worth so we could all ride together and visit. We get in a visit however we can:)
I forgot about that pizza, in my world something I have vac packed makes all the difference in a quick meal.

Kelly said...

Get togethers like that can be a lot of fun! Loved that funny photo op idea that they used at the shower.

Susie said...

Linda, So nice that you had the best time with your family and friends. I like the props.LOL Then go home and LD has taken care of himself and cleaned too. Wonderful, xoxo, Susie