Monday, March 31, 2014

Gardening With the least THREE of them, I mean!

We are loving this spring time weather.
As soon as we had our morning coffee and Bible reading - and a chapter in the Shirley MacClaine autobiography - quite a contrast there! - we headed off to our separate corners to do our work!
I emptied the dishwasher, started the laundry and did my yoga......

and Louis Dean headed out to the back yard to work on the corner pond area - levelling it up, moving a stone bench, and other things I don't know how to explain!

He put the extra corner parts we have to the gazebo over the metal fence poles.
We are hoping our Asian Jasmine - which will climb and grow like crazy! - will grow up on these thus softening the fence. This last freeze has all but killed the Asian Jasmine - I didn't think ANYTHING could kill it! This is the area we are working on to make pretty by Saturday afternoon at 5:00!
That's when I am hosting a Fun Gals gathering with my blogger buddy, Ladybug of Texas!

While we work away our critters are enjoying the good life!
Maggie prefers to drink her water from a wine glass. She has never knocked one over or even spilled one single drop!

I had a bonus visit with the quads this afternoon!

I arrived just after they woke up from their naps!

Aunt Summer had sent over a TON of books and puzzles and the babies were totally enthralled with them!

Amber took Trystan with her on errands and I was kept entertained by the remaining three!
THREE seemed so much easier than FOUR!!

Aunt Summer sent new toys and books!

Quietly reading their books!

The babies were so interested in all the toys!

Poor Amber - we pretty much trashed the play room but it was so much fun playing with EVERYTHING!
All at once!!! I'm sure she will sort and put some up. She always changes out toys and books every week.
Now she has MORE variety and the kids LOVE them all!!

I took Logan out in the front to do a little gardening.
She helped me do up  two pots of mint.
You MUST keep mint in pots!!!
I made the mistake pf putting them in a flower bed years ago and I will NEVER be able to get them out!

Logan loved being outside and feeling the wind on her face and blowing her hair!

We spent some time playing ball in the front yard.

Then we explored a bit on the side. Harrison said, "DOG!"
That's where Shiner and Jersey were - behind that fence!

It was a good day and I enjoyed this bonus visit!
Trystan enjoyed some one on one time with her mama!
It was a Win! WIN!! all around!!


Vee said...

That's wonderful for the quads to get some time alone with each parent. Very cool idea that! Looks as if you had some fine helpers. (I know what you mean about the mint. It does take over the world.) I think the idea for jasmine is great. It will look very nice on the fence.

darlin said...

Wow, the babies are sure growing and so adorable. I can't believe how quiet they were when they read their books, that's amazing! It's so much fun to have one little one on this end to do things with, times that by 4 and wow, tons of non-stop fun! What a joy and a blessing.

Say What? said...

I've been unplugged for a while and have missed your post. Those babies are GROWING!

Sandra said...

at first i thought a toy bomb went off in their house. LOL... my favorite photos is the last one looking over the fence. the videos show they are so happy with those books... and now we know to LOOK OUT for photo bombs after you and Ladybug get together... waiting to see and here and wish i was there

Changes in the wind said...

I don't always comment but I always enjoy your posts:)

Novabella said...

I hear you on the mint too-- on the other hand, if it gets mixed in with the lawn, it makes for a wonderful aroma every time the "grass" (ours is greenery rather than grass) is cut! Our mint is only a promise at the moment-- still dealing with snow and freezing rain in Nova Scotia. Your grands are very blessed to have you.

Susie said...

Another busy day Linda. Amber is so bless to have you for her mom. Hope everyone has fun today too. xoxo,Susie

Amber B. said...

It was a good day for everyone!! I loved getting out with just one, and I'm so glad you got some quality time with three. the video of Logan potting the mint is too cute, and so is the one of them quietly reading. I love moments where it's very "still" in my house, both for the peace and for the quads being immersed in something they love. See you tomorrow!


Your sweet Amber is so blessed to have you and hubby as parents! I will pray honey for the mother, don't worry. There will be another prayer in group next Monday, so I will remember her.

Wanda said...

Got busy and I'm late on my blog visiting. Can't get enough of your quads so enjoyed all the pictures and videos.
Don and I went to the movies this afternoon and saw "God is NOT Dead" Good movie!!
Came home and made a quick dinner of hamburger patty on lettuce with the fixings and some corn on the cob.

Sweet Tea said...

I bought a mint plant today and plan to pot it tomorrow - "great minds". Your fence plans are great. Love the smell of Jasmine! The kids are really growing!

Melissa Yarbrough said...

Love your blog, I read all the time but barely comment. Thank you for the tip on growing mint. I want some and now know to have it in a pot!

Melissa Yarbrough said...

Love your blog, I read all the time but barely comment. Thank you for the tip on growing mint. I want some and now know to have it in a pot!

Linda said...

Thank you, Melissa!! Yeah - I wish I had known about the mint being so wild! It's everywhere around here! My driveway smells like Doublemint chewing gum whenever I work in the flower beds!

Carla said...

I like how Amber does one on one time with each of the kids and how she puts some of the toys away and brings back out later so that they never get tired of the same old thing.
Sounds you and the other 3 had an awesome time. LOL