Saturday, March 22, 2014

Onion Rings and Doing the Rug Shuffle!

I have been wanting to buy a room size rug for our living room for weeks now.
I looked at several yesterday when I was in Fort Worth but didn't want to commit to one until Louis Dean was with me. Together we chose one today!
I guess LD worked up an appetite after all the anguish of loading a HUGE carpet (actually just 8 X 10 feet) ON one of those loading dollies and then taking it OFF and loading a DIFFERENT one on as I changed my mind!! We ended up buying the FIRST one he loaded!

We decided to eat lunch at our favorite hamburger joint - which is owned by Koreans!

They DO know how to make those onion rings!!!

This was his reward for the work I knew was ahead for him this afternoon!!
Helping me put the rug down!

This is the 'before'......

THIS is 'THE' rug!!!

Poor guy! It's not easy being married to me! He is such a good sport!

My stomach is a little tight and queasy now that I've put everything back.

I'm afraid it may be TOO 'busy.'

It feels all cushy when you walk on it.
Louis Dean likes it and he says the only important thing is that I like it!!
I THINK I do......but then I wonder!
Regardless - it is done - the money is spent and I will get used to it.
When I wake up in the morning and walk in there - that will be the real test!
I hope it will make me smile!

I did a lot of rug shuffling today!

These two rugs were purchased a couple of weeks ago and I had them in the kitchen.
Then I decided they needed to live in the bedroom.

I bought this rug for the hall months ago and I still love it! It helped tie the blue gray of the paint to the green fray of the floor. 
We finally got around to painting the closet doors a few weeks ago.
If I had to make my paint choice over again I would have chosen a green gray instead of a blue gray.

We WERE going to buy a room size rug for the dining room but then I talked myself out of it.
Instead I bought this runner. I liked it so much I went back this afternoon to get one for the kitchen!

Not a good pic but you get the idea.

I also picked up a smaller one for this area.
I love rugs! Shall I share a secret?
When I first got Louis Dean he was not as neat as he is now. What I didn't know back then was how he didn't really notice when he spilled his coffee as he walked through the kitchen to the living room or from the kitchen through a corner of the dining room as he headed out to the gazebo.
I have about worn myself ragged trying to get sloshed coffee and red wine out of the carpet.
He is MUCH better about it NOW!
Still......having the rugs will make it nice and won't show stains as badly!

After all the rug business I did some housework and noticed my calendar quote for today while I was cleaning the bathroom.

"Beware of the barrenness of a busy life."

With that thought in mind I built us a fire in the den and we settled down to watch a little TV.
While I didn't get the whole house clean - I had been busy long enough!


Vee said...

Gosh I hope that you're smiling in the morning because you guys nailed it! Looks great and adds another layer of cohesiveness. It all looks cozy, warm, and inviting.

Kelly said...

I'm sure you will get used to the rug eventually. It's very pretty! I always have to get used to things when I make changes too. I bet it does feel good under your feet.

Deb said...

I like the new rug...LD is a lucky man having you!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your new rug looks great. It fits in your living room very nicely.

Jutta said...

The new huge rug has an Oriental twist and to my eyes it makes the room look elegant. If anything needed I would diminish the amount of furtiture. Then again my way to fill the room space is way too minimalist to many people! :) However when my kids were small I had rugs around - they made is softer for us all to sit on the floor when playing, yhey brought color to home, they looked nice, too. Now I have floors cover with oak parquet all over but the foyer which is tile. Well the bathrooms and sauna are of course tile as well. Nowadays that looks pretty to me and it is easy to keep clean now that we have several animals to keep my hubby and me company. Anyway, to me your big rug is a pretty one!

Sandra said...

the fire in the den is wonderful to me... i like the rug, love the colors. the big new rug i mean. we have 2 rugs, both 15 years old... had to laugh when you said this rug is 4 months old and i still like it...

Changes in the wind said...

The color in the rug is perfect for all the other things there...

Wanda said...

Love what you did....I love rugs and have them in our little home too. The large one in the living room.....elegant and perfect.

DL and the onion dang cute!!!

LV said...

What a hard time these hubby's have when shopping. I think you made some great choices. It is very different and something you will have to adjust to. I need carpet or floors but hate to go through the process. Where is this hamburger place? I should not eat it, but will.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I really like your new rug in the living room, Linda!
It gives the room an elegant feeling and unifies the colors. It draws you into the room, nicely and peacefully.
We had oriental rugs from Pottery Barn in our rooms for about 10 years. The first of the rugs went to the garage when Mr D installed wood floors in the kitchen and dining room two years ago. The big one left when we had French creme wall to wall installed in the the living room and hallway at Christmas time. It looks a little boring now. (Your post today confirms it).

I plan to have the old area rugs cleaned and sell them on Craigslist this summer. The money will pay for new carpet in the family room.
To less drips with the sweet Sunday sips!

Susie said...

Linda, Love the look on LD face. He deserves a big meal helping like he does. I like your new rug very much. I had to laugh about the coffee spilling....Ted doesn't do that, but he makes dust a plenty..I posted about it today. Hope you have a wonderful new week. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Bev said...

I'm tired out just reading about your day!!... And it makes me sorta wanna go home and be homey....instead of 'camping'.......

Angie said...

I think the rug looks great! I wish I had your decorating knack!
Louis Dean is so funny. That pic of him lying on the rug cracked me up