Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quadville Wednesday!

Wednesday mornings we cut our usual routine a hair or two short because we are always so anxious to get over to Quadville!!

The babies were fresh from their baths when we arrived!
Amber often gives the 4 baths Amazing.
Logan always makes a bee line for ME!!

And of course you know who gets to Granddad first!!

Trystan is as apt to come to me first as Logan is these days!

I love this picture with Trystan's hand on my shoulder and the other one on my knee.
It looks like she is giving me instructions!!
"LOOK, Grandma......"
I think Trystan is saying her version of Grandma but it's coming out Mama-maw.
Whatever they want to call me - you can bet your bottom dollar I will answer!

Do ALL babies respond to music?
I think they do. 

I hope they ALWAYS will!!
Life is so much easier if music and/or dance is part of it!

Another love of babies - books and reading!
Amber has loved words since she was their age.
Once she told me she remembers how much she loved just seeing the words on the page and the way they were grouped into paragraphs. She has been a reader and a writer all her life.
It's no surprise she has set up a reading corner in both nurseries and has already accumulated an extensive library for the quads!

 We all went down to the play room where the babies played and Granddad watched his news.
Trystan is loving her new quilt made especially for her by a lovely lady!
Carla is an artist with her needle and fabrics and designed this one just for Trystan!
Thank you, Carla!!!

While they were playing I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.
Everything is turning green again!
The grass turned green practically overnight!

While the babies and I napped Granddad worked on his music.
I am always amazed the quads spend 3 hours every afternoon napping and playing quietly in their cribs.
Amber is wise in giving them each some 'alone' time.

Harrison and Kailey woke up first.
Granddad went on up to their nursery and I could hear thumping on the floor from upstairs.
It was Kailey putting on a performance for Harrison!!!
They are so entertaining!

I carry a book everywhere I go - but I seldom crack it open when I am in Quadville!
Too much live entertainment that I don't want to miss!!!

You would expect the house to be noisy most of the time.
It really isn't!

My cute daughter!!!
This gal knows how to shop SALES!!!
She was out on errands yesterday and scored big time with this castle from Stein Mart.
Under $5!!!!

We have so much fun!
"Where did AMBER go??"

The quads were checking it out!!!

And they all piled IN!!!!

Something NEW in the playroom every week is the norm!
Amber rotates the toys so they never get bored with the same ones.
All things become NEW again!

Kailey...she is a wild child!!!

We finished up our day with Amber's winner of a dinner -
spaghetti squash and meat sauce!
This is one of the quads' favorite meals.
They devoured it!!!

It was soon time for jammies, brushing their teeth and going to bed.
Granddad rocked Harrison and Kailey at the same time.
He was singing to them and the nursery monitors - which stay on all the time -
came in real handy. I didn't think about him holding TWO sleeping babies!
He didn't miss a note in his song - he just added -
"If anyone can hear me down there I need a little help....."

The babies go to bed early enough that we can all enjoy a nice relaxing evening.
Amber doesn't allow us to clean or work after the babies are down.

We spent the night so we get to have some extra Quad Time this morning!!
Louis Dean and I are up and heading to the coffee pot!!!



Kathy said...

I always love reading your Quadville posts. Thanks for posting all the videos. It's like I'm there with you watching them. Poor LD with the two sleeping kids. I had to chuckle with the way he asked for help.

Vee said...

Oh it was so much fun watching all the videos and you know I especially loved hearing LD singing in the background. He has a very mellow sound that I enjoy. Loved seeing Harrison video bombing when the girls were dancing...great outfits the gals were wearing. But I really laughed to see Amber in the castle turret (???) I figured that she'd have to put herself in time out some fine day and that was great. Ha!


You know me Linda! I come right over to visit your quadville posts! The children are growing so fast, every time I visit them... and they look so happy and content from all the love they receive from their lovable granparents! The videos are awesome...too cute!!!

Sandra said...

It's a wonderful life... you should make a movie and call it that. LOL... Quadville would make a great movie.. especially with a five dollar castle.

Jan said...

What a wonderful day! I love reading about what the quads are up to and watching the videos-they are precious babies!

LV said...

A perfect way to spend fun time with the little ones and big too.

Deanie W said...

Great post! Aunt Deanie loves these quads! So happy I viewed from the computer this time so I could see all the video's:)

Wanda said...

Like many of your readers....I grab my coffee and head to Quadville every morning to see what you have posted.
What fun...You are so cute Linda with those babes climbing all over you. It makes me long for the days when our grandkids were little. But they do grow up...with the exception of our newest Tristan and the great grandsons, all the rest are either High School, college or married...Yikes. I old...Love you Linda, and your stories and pictures.

Greatfull Dazeez said...

It is always such a pleasure to see those little faces! I smile and laugh right along with you! So glad your grass is turning green, we are still waiting for that here in southwest missouri. Please keep sharing Linda!

Angie said...

Your Quad posts always make me smile!
They are just too precious :)

Susie said...

Linda, I know it's a busy time with all those babies, but boy it's fun too. I love that LD sings to them. They already seem to want to dance when they hear music. Too cute. Harrison was have some good belly laughs. :) Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What fun you have over there!

Carla said...

Awww Thank you Linda. I'm glad Trystan likes her quilt. I'm happy with my selection for Kailey and should finish it up and get it in the mail shortly.
I hoped to have it done last week but I was recovering from a bug. A not nice one.