Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fishing in the Rain.....

Louis Dean is having the time of his life - fishing in the rain!

The lake is up down here at his son's ranch and the fish were biting!

I am not a fisherman and do not understand how someone can sit and sit and sit - and have FUN sitting!!

However, I am married to an excellent SITTER!!

So what did I do while he sat with the fish?
I wandered around enjoying the country life!

Yard Art!

I was sitting on a bench when I snapped this pic. Now I can SIT and play Scrabble or read anytime and it was WONDERFUL to do so out in the fresh country air!

The day started off with coffee - as usual!!
Maggie feels quite at home here in the camper.
She used to fall down behind that sofa and we wouldn't know where she was for a long time!!
She could NOT get out and we would have to lift the sofa so she could escape!
It is amazing to me to realize we lived here for 7 months!!
 It didn't seem hard at the time but now it all seems so SMALL!!

We carry our Bible Basket everywhere we go.
Our mornings are always the same no matter where we are.....
coffee, Bible reading, our out loud book and my journal.
I normally use a Country Diary and have kept one since 1986.
The one for 2014 arrived last fall and I set it on a shelf in the den.
For some reason it has disappeared! I know I moved it but I don't know when or where I would have put it!
The last place to look was down here in the camper and it is NOT here!!!
So for THIS year I am using a plain journal.....which with the empty pages I find I am writing MORE than I did when I just had a small space designated for that day.

Louis Dean went off to fish right after our morning routine.

Can you SEE him?? There's the truck. To the left is an overturned canoe.
Then there's Louis Dean!!!

Later this afternoon I checked out the turkeys......the chickens.....

the baby chicks......

and the rooster.......

and back to the turkey!!!

Walking is a good past time.
This is where they have a huge bonfire in April when they hold a Karate camp.
We will be here!!

A creek separates Dean's property from his neighbor's and is an interesting place to do a nature walk.

I walked up the hill to the bench where I sat and watched LD fish for a long time. He simply SAT.
I would give good money to know what he was thinking about!
I started to call out, "A penny for your thoughts!" 
but I was afraid it would startle him and he'd fall in the water.

Every time we come down here I take a picture of this great big oak tree!
It is magnificent in every season!

We have had a good day down here in the country.
I did a little work on Dean and Sherry's house but will do more in the next few days.
Louis Dean fished....and fished.....and fished.
Mainly we relaxed and just enjoyed being here!!!
We gathered here in the camper for supper - Louis Dean, Dean, Sherry, grandson Robert and me.
Then we did what families do all over the world........sat around and told stories and just visited.
I guess one of the things we like best about being down here is that we're with FAMILY!
The guys are still over there talking while I'm writing.
I love that! This will be a favorite memory someday!
While it rained (softly) today - it did not storm!
But now I am hearing the wind pick up and some thunder.
This will make for good sleeping weather!!


Deanie W said...

You always get great photos when you are there. That rooster looked as though he was posing! I'm not a fisher either especially in the rain. However I am a great sitter :) continue to have fun! Lovz

Blondie's Journal said...

You got it! Family. And peace and quiet. And being one with nature. I so enjoyed your pictures and videos!

I can identify with LD. Hubby and I are fisher (people) from way back when. We used to go every Memorial Day up to a big rough lake in northern Wisconsin for 3 days with our little boat and trolling motor. We shared a run down rental home with 4 other couples. What a great time we had but we were all serious fisher(people), especially us gals. My best memories are sitting on that little boat, freezing in the rain so bad I could barely put my worm on the hook or take a fish off!! But we did it...from 6:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. Then it was a long hot shower and a fish dinner! Now, Linda, the best thing was the thinking, the dreaming, the intent on outsmarting those fish! It works for some of us. I still hold those memories tight as the most relaxing, peaceful times of my life, cold rain and all! Maybe this gives you some insight about that man of yours! :)


Wanda said...

Another wonderful chapter in your Novel of Life with Linda. Love the photos. My dad was a fisherman...I use to sit and draw while he fished.
One of my SIL up in OR is a fisherman. In fact worked on the crew of a crab boat last year.
Peace and solitude and the joy of the fun seeing DL having such a good time.

Sandra said...

the first two photos of your fisherman are worthy of a photo contest. both tell a story to any one who looks at them, don't have to know the who or where... the photo tells the story.....

Vee said...

I read a quote somewhere recently that said something like we do not create experiences to escape reality, we create them so that we can stay. It made perfect sense to me. Your day sounds like a little bit of peace and quiet and relaxation and your meal all together in your home away from home sounds wonderful. Keep on having those relaxing times!

must love junk said...

I love this, and I always love your zest for life! It's so great that you have a peaceful place to sit, dream, drink coffee, and write with your honey! :)
Oh, and Maggie is adorable!

jackie collins said...

Linda this is such a beautiful place, thank you for sharing nature's art. Louis Dean looks content holding a fishing pole! The pond is full and ready for everyone to enjoy. Have a great time!

Deb said...

I Love fishing.....we got a lot of rain here! Good for the gardens...we missed you last night...enjoy your country time

Susie said...

Linda, That sounds like a good day. I like to fish, but I like catching them more than waiting for them. LOL. Here's my favorite fish story...I was going fishing with my brother and my husband, I asked ,"who's going to cook?" They said, "you are , you one of the boys." I asked" who's going to clean?" They said, "you are, you are one of the boys." Well the next day when I caught a 20 inch, 4pound, smallmouth bass....I told my brother and my husband , "Well, I am a man now !" It was the biggest fish the whole trip. Oh yes !! xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

That property looks so pretty and peaceful. I love the picture of LD fishing. It's so picturesque. I'm not into fishing either. My husband loves it though. Seems boring to me. When I was little, I would go with my Dad fishing, but he was always having to make me be quiet because I was disturbing the fish. LOL! Guess I like to talk to much for that past time.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I have only been fishing twice in my life. Once in college and once in Ireland. Both times were amazing and memorable which makes me think...
why I haven't fished more.

What a wonderful place to visit and share!

Carla said...

You got some great shots. That Rooster was really pretty. Wouldn't trust him but he's pretty.