Friday, March 28, 2014

A Food Filled Friday!!!

There is nothing like being on a diet to make you HUNGRY!!!
We totally went off our calorie counting binge today!

We always have Friday Lunch with Mother. She and Louis Dean both LOVE The Golden Corral!

 We had an extra blessing today! Louis Dean's grandson, Robert!
He is visiting his grandmother who lives not far from the beauty salon so we picked him up right after we got Mother. While the buffet may not be a favorite for Robert or me - that's where we ate today and we all ate a LOT!

That's what you DO at buffets!!!

The chocolate fountains are Mother's favorite.
She dips ONE marshmallow!

They even have cotton candy!!!

The bakery GOODS are seriously GOOD!

My THREE desserts!!!
I had help with the pie and tart!

After lunch we took Robert back and stayed to visit with him and his grandma.
Robert gave me a special bottle of wine!

We sat out on the patio at his grandmother's beautiful home.
She and Mother are both 88 years old  and managed to communicate even though Mother's speech isn't always clear. She talked and talked to Robert on the drive back and Robert amazingly seemed to understand what she said! He is an amazing young man and we sure do love him!

My super cute husband.....

This house was built in a densely wooded area and was pretty much built around this tree!
It's almost spooky how close this tree is to the house!

The most touching moment of the visit - as we were leaving Mary asked if Mother needed help out to the car. She then proceeded to hold Mother's arm to steady her as she went down the step and walkway.
I did mention they are BOTH 88 years old!!

After a lovely visit we took Mother home. We could not resist stopping in at Deanie's to chat with her and Charlie for a little while. Next stop??

We picked up the older grands and filled up with yogurt at Yoberry's!!

We had a lot of fun with the kids!

Levi didn't get a lot so after he ate his - I told him he could get another cup. They sell the yogurt by the ounce and it is self serve. I even gave him my credit card to pull out of his pocket. He felt so grown up - I could tell!

Now Faith DID fill her cup up pretty good but apparently she has a hollow leg because she said she could eat some more. Her Granddad was a soft touch and pulled out a $20 bill and told her to go for it!!

Levi told us on the way home that he had written a song!
He had INDEED!

He even played it for us!

Then Sam played the guitar.
We enjoyed our visit - ALL of our visits today!!

After we got home late this afternoon I wiped out the few chores I needed to do - as in changing out the flannel sheets to regular ones - and now I am ready to go to bed.
It's only 9:30 but my head and neck aches and I think SLEEP will be just the cure.
Also some Benadryl for the allergies which is the real culprit!


Deb said...

Feel better Linda! Y'all had a fun filled day

Linda said...

Looks like a splendid time, and the buffet looks very good. Your mother looks lovely, as always.

Terra said...

This visiting looks like fun, with chatting, delicious food and even musical entertainment.

Angie said...

What a wonderful day. Your photos are just beautiful today.
I love Golden Corral to but I'm jealous, ours doesn't have cotton candy
Hope you feel better soon. Allergies have about wiped me out this week!!

Deanie W said...

Looks like a fun time @ Yoberries w/ the older kiddos:) Faith & the hollow leg made me laugh! Seems like tiny people can always eat more:)

Wanda said...

Linda, aren't grandchildren the light of our lives. Yours are so adorable. The older ones look so cute eating yogurt with grandpa. And Robert...what a handsome young man. I did get a chuckle with the two "88"year olds and one helping the other. Too cute.
Last but NOT least. That last picture of your and your cat is just stunning. Mat and frame that one.
Hope you sleep well on your regular sheets. Sweet dreams.

Blondie's Journal said...

So glad you had another great Friday and that Robert could join you. How fun! LD did look awfully handsome in these pics.

My allergies are horrible now, too.


Susie said...

Linda, What a busy day. But a fun filled one. So nice you could be with so many loved ones in one day. I always love the pictures. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Debbie said...

you know i LOVED this as i am such a foodie!! what a fun filled, action packed will fix you up, good as new!!

Vee said...

Whatever you're drinking, I need some! LOL! What energy you have.

Sandra said...

Fantastic Friday for Sure.... and bob and i both love GC.... we even had thanksgiving dinner there... and new years and Christmas Eve...

Stacey said...

Linda, you've been busy! I enjoy hearing about your days. We've been busy too. Worked in the yard today and planted my pots. :)

Sweet Tea said...

What a busy, fun day! You and your Mom both look great!

Carla said...

That food looks pretty tasty. The last time I ate at Golden Coral in Conroe I was like Yuck. Robert knows the way to your heart huh? LOL
That tree was rather close. Yikes