Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Thanksgiving Sunday

This afternoon most of what I call 'My Fort Worth Family' (because MOST of them live in Tarrant county!) gathered at Amber and Mike's home for a Thanksgiving Sunday!! The weather forecast was scary warning us of rain, sleet, ice and snow! I was happy none of that happened! At least until after we had all returned to our homes.

I love this photo!! Our family is known for its strong women!

My beautiful Amber was such a good hostess! She made it look so easy!!
Amber has been giving parties since she was 12 years old so I guess she has it down pretty well by now!
Her she is with her Aunt Luann.

My sister, Deanie, and her granddaughter.
I asked Andie if she is my GREAT niece or GRAND niece.
I think she is BOTH!!!

We were all in party mode.
Everyone should have a SABRINA at their party!
She always brings something extra delicious, she pitches in and helps and she doesn't leave until the dishes are done!

I love me some RAYNIE!!!!
I have been missing her! 

My super cute first born daughter, Summer!
She does NOT look like she's 50 years old!
Nor does she act like it!
I sincerely hope Summer NEVER grows up!

I was so happy to see Nita! She doesn't get to see the quads very often and I was anxious to show them off!
She brought some of the best banana pudding you ever put in your mouth!!! It was a Paula Deen recipe and I need to find it! PLUS she brought a mini cheesecake platter of 4 different kinds!

Our four generation picture.

I have to tell you I have the best son in law in the whole wide world!

It was a perfect afternoon!!
Their house is big enough that the guys could hang out in the living room watching football and some of us could visit in the kitchen while others toured the house and still others played with the babies!
Win! WIN!!

The quads enjoyed having the run of the house - for a limited time!

My sister, Deanie, has THE most beautiful eyes!!!
The quads have taken to climbing up on something to peer over into the kitchen - just like Deanie's doing!!
See Trystan watching her??

Andie says Harrison is STILL her favorite!

Louis Dean took the rolls he baked yesterday and I took this Sweet Potato Casserole.

The recipe for the topping was on the next page.
I have made this more times than I can count but it is SO good!!!

We left Quadville in the 4th quarter of the Cowboy game and were so happy to get home and find they had WON!!! Louis Dean settled down with the next football game - Denver vs New England - and WHAT a game it IS!!! 

I started back in on a little decorating.
This is the hole where our old microwave lived.
We have not got around to getting doors for it so I improvised with a red Christmas towel stapled to the top and added some garland and vintage ornaments from years past.
I was reminded of my Red Neck Christmas Bathroom  back in 2010!

You just decorate what you have!!
Thankfully it DID get finished!!!

I was going to tackle the living room but decided to work on the foyer instead.
It's smaller.

I'm not sure if it's 'done' yet or not.
I like to use my manger sets and angels in here.
Most of these angels have seen better days. When Amber and Ben were young they made dozens of them from coffee filters, lace circles, yarn and even some from clothespins. It is so hard to throw out things my children have made - or things friends and family have given me - or even things I have made!!!
So......I fluffed the wings, straightened the halos and hung them up above the mangers to form a choir of angels praising the birth of Jesus.

It has been a wonderful day and I am counting my blessings this evening.
Louis Dean built up the fire since the football game went into overtime.
I think I will join him to see who wins in the end!
After all - we're retired and can sleep late in the morning!


Wanda said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday. What a lovely family..can't wait to see all our kids and grandkids Thursday. Tuesday I'm taking a pumpkin pie to the rest home and have a little party with the ladies and play some Bingo.

Say What? said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday. My family used to get together like that every single year. Now so many have passed and the next generation just doesn't seem interested. It's really sad. I miss it so much.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

How wonderful to have a Thanksgiving Sunday. I loved seeing all the pictures. You have such a nice family. And you got some decorating done when you got home too! Your foyer is just beautiful.

Susie said...

Linda, What a great day you all had. Tell your SIL, there';s nothing sexier than a man doing dishes. shhh...that 's how I get Ted to help out. I know what you mean about throwing things kids make away...we can't keep everything but oh we try. Stay safe...xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Yup! That's how it is done. Such great photos of family fun at Thanksgiving! Now you have another one, right?

Jutta said...

You do have a beautiful caring loving family. I am so very happyor you. It makes me feel and trust that love does exist and people can freely laugh and love - awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie said...

ooohhhhh Linda, this sounds like such a wonderful gathering and I LOVED seeing all the family photos!!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing those images of your recipes and your cute little notes!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm smiling at the photo...The Strong Women of Ft. Worth. Love it! It looks like a wonderful family gathering. I have no idea how Amber manages to host the masses while tending to four 'babies'. Good job!

Carla said...

Amber is the hostess with the mostest. That's a lot of strong women to tangle with.
What a beautiful family