Thursday, November 14, 2013

A November Day in Quadville

We usually spend every single Wednesday in Quadville. Last week we were down in the country so it had been TEN whole days since we had seen these babies!!

I use the word 'babies' loosely since they are really toddlers now!

When one quad gets a cold - they ALL get colds!
Bless their hearts! They had remarkably good attitudes to be sick!

Don't you  LOVE the cute little Santa hats?? I will wear MINE next week!!
A dear family friend had these made for them and they wore them all day long!!
Thank you, Sharon!! 

The road rug was a big success!
I bought it Tuesday at Goodwill and the babies knew just what to do with it!
Ah, they are growing UP!!!

Granddad hung out in the nursery with them while their mama got their bath ready.
She bathes all four at the same time. She has GOT this!!

Kailey is such an entertainer!!
I can only post very short videos on here from my camera.
I will have to get Amber to show me how to do 'real' ones someday.

After naps we took them out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine!
See? They wore their hats all day long!!!

It was a good day over in Quadville!
We make it a real family day on Wednesdays and stay for dinner after the babies are in bed.
Then we watch a little TV and unwind before we come home. Last night we were so relaxed we simply walked in the house and went straight to bed.
That's why I am journaling this morning instead of last night!
Louis Dean is still asleep but I have already had my first cup of coffee, emptied the dishwasher, lit a fire in the den fireplace and started a load of laundry. Washing all my fall tablecloths and such before packing them away. These early morning hours have a 'holiday' feel to them since I'm normally not UP at this time.
I feel a sense of urgency and excitement to get things done.
You know, I am so grateful for the life God has given me, I never wake up wondering how in the world I am going to fill my day. I hope and pray I will ALWAYS have things to do, places to go and people to see.
While life will certainly slow down as I continue on in these my 'golden years' I am going to treasure every minute, every task, every event, and learn to pace myself accordingly.

I'm trying to 'dress' my blog for Christmas. 
I do some things and then Amber comes in and fixes them.
She is a professional so I really appreciate her help.
Just pretend not to notice that the header and background don't match and will probably change a few more times until it does!



Oh sweet Linda, I get so happy and smile no matter how I feel when I see your 'Quad Posts!' The children are getting so big and I can't believe they're toddlers from just being Little babies not to long ago. I love you both in the pics with them, so happy and proud. Hope they don't get sick. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your life with them, it certainly is the ' Golden Days.'
Thanks for your sweet visit Linda, I love it when you do!

Kelly said...

The "kids" (I'll call them now) look so cute in their hats. I love that they were handmade. I'm sure they fit them better too since they were knit. I bet it was fun to reunite with them after being gone so long!

peggy said...

I've been hoping to see some pictures with them all together and I don't mind added family members as well. They are really growing up. I like your background. I had a terrible time changing mine, I wish they wouldn't keep changing things.

Kathy said...

So adorable! I love seeing the videos you post of the quads. They are more entertaining than TV! I know you were glad to see them after ten days away.

Vee said...

Those hats are adorable. I have never known a child to keep a hat on and yet they kept theirs on all day?! So cute. I can only imagine how tuckered you get. If you want a good night's rest, spend time with the quads!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

The talk of the town in those adorable hats, Linda!
One of my other blog friends is with her daughter in Texas. She just gave birth to a precious little girl at 29 weeks. Had to take her early because of preeclampsia Each time I look at your "grand quads", I am reminded of answered prayers and miracles.

Linda said...

They are delightful, Linda, I love those hats!!!

jackie collins said...

I love your positive attitude Linda and it is contagious. I hurry to check your blog to get my daily dose of "appreciation for life". Please keep posting and sharing your happiness with all of in blogland. The quads are just adorable and watching them grow is a blessing to us all.

Blondie's Journal said...

I LOVE seeing the quads!! And seeing you and LD having so much fun! :)

I couldn't find your email's not on your profile. I wanted to tell you that for the rosemary salt, I used regular Morton's Kosher Salt (coarse) from the grocery, very inexpensive. The bottles I found at a place I Googled, they had the best price...This place was called Freund Container. I don't have the receipt but there are all sorts of sized and shapes. I liked the ones I found because they would be great for making salad dressing, too. Have fun!!


Susie said...

Linda, The babies are so cute in their hats. It's a wonderful thing, that you and LD spend a day with Amber and the kids. It has to be a help and fun too. You are all creating a wonderful bond of love and trust. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too cute...the whole gang in their hats! I can tell you are enjoying your journey!