Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It is MUDDY Down Here!!!

This place would be heaven for those who like to go 'Mudding' in four wheelers!

Lucy has had a ball!! I started not to let her out this morning - other than to do her business.
I felt sorry for her because the other dogs were out playing and she kept standing at the camper door wanting to join them!

This is what I see when I open the door.
It is OOZING mud around here!!

Robert's car remains STUCK!! Plus it rained some more this morning and it is raining again as I write!

After our regular morning routine - we tend to wake up slowly and nurse our coffee for an hour or more - Louis Dean tackled the brisket by slicing and storing it in freezer bags. On serving day he will return it to the roaster, add BBQ sauce which I made at home before we came down here and finish cooking it through and through! He managed to do a pretty big job in a very small space!

My project for the day was the cabinet in Sherry's bathroom.
Dean and Sherry are finishing out their house and it is a work in progress.
While I can't do heavy work or be much help in construction I CAN clean and finish cabinets.
Sherry liked what I did in MY bathroom so I brought all the stuff to see if I could do the same thing in hers!
She likes the distressed look like I do!

First I sanded it all down real good and then painted a coat of pure white.
After that I retired to the camper for lunch, some reading and a nap!

Second step was to sand it all again.
I really like this part!

Third step was painting a second coat - sort of a flesh color - on the door insets and then I swiped it on the rest and then wiped most of it off with a rag. It just gives it a little extra 'umph!' Tomorrow I will do the staining part - painting it on and wiping it off. I can't wait for Sherry to get down here this weekend and see it after it's all done. I sure hope she likes it - but things can always be repainted!!

Louis Dean sat in the doorway and did what he does best - supervise!!

We're having a great time down here. The rain makes good sleeping weather and our bed is as comfortable as the one at home. LD did manage to seal up that pesky drip last night so we could get the linens on.
I came back to the camper after my shower about 6:30. It was already pitch black and I was thankful for my flash light! Seemed so much later!! It's only 8:15 now but I am seriously considering taking my book and going to bed! Louis Dean and his son are still down at the house visiting. Robert is here in the camper with me but he's pretty tired too and I do believe he has nodded off on the couch!

I gave Lucy a bath before I had mine and she is inside and will NOT be going out until morning!
We have to keep an eye on her when she goes out early in the mornings as Dean has had some coyotes around trying to get his turkeys! I just remembered we haven't had dinner! If Louis Dean says something I will open up a can of soup and make some grilled cheese sandwiches. That's a good supper for a chilly rainy fall night!


bj said...

O, I am lovin' your work on the cabinets....she will just love them, I know.
Wish it was muddy here...as always, we sure do need some rain.
Yep, grilled cheese and soup are hard to beat..:))

Deb said...

I love hearing yalls adventures...mud can be fun...

Kathy said...

I am not a fan of mud, so I think I will stay right where I am. It sounds as if you and LD are having such a good time visiting.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Linda, the cabinets look wonderful! I am looking forward to the next technique!
You and LD are an amazing DIY team!
I was exhausted after a little more taxing day at the office so we had soup and grilled cheese too!

Susie said...

Linda, Yuck on the mud girl. But that photo of LD supervising you was funny. You two just have a great relationship. I hope your dil likes the work you have done too. xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

Sounds like you're not letting the mud get you down. I always hate it when we have a lot of rain at home and my dog goes outside and chases squirrels. He ends up splattered with mud and has to go straight to the tub! I don't how people do it with great big dogs. At least mine is only 18 lbs. I bet the cabinet makeover will look good.

Cheapchick said...

Enjoy your visit. I hope the rain stops for you!

Linda said...

Glad you're enjoying the rain! It is lovely to fall asleep to the sound of gentle rain. Just as long as you don't get too much!

Carla said...

You're so good. What a muddy mess but I bet Lucy had fun fun.