Thursday, November 28, 2013

Feeling FULL!!

It is Thanksgiving night and I am feeling FULL!!
 Full of blessings, gratitude, and food!

I love waking up on a holiday. It just FEELS special!! I was all antsy and wanting to get the day going! Louis Dean reminded me that NOTHING gets done before C.O.F.F.E.E.
Lucy was looking nice this morning. You can't really see it but I put her Jingle Bell Collar on her.

Maggie's collar is a bit more noticeable. 

Let's just say she wasn't THRILLED at first but here it is nearly 9:00 tonight and she still has it on! We packed up the food we fixed for the Thanksgiving meal on the ranch which we will have tomorrow. LD loaded the truck and we tucked Maggie in the back seat, put Lucy in her kennel and  headed for Fort Worth. I was texting Benjamin who lives in California thinking Louis Dean could get us out of Irving without my directions! NOT! He missed the exit for the Toll road SOUTH - drove to the next exit - circled back and STILL didn't make the turn. Circled AGAIN - didn't go far enough and although we could SEE the road we wanted - we could NOT get to it to save our life! SO the THIRD attempt he decided to get on the Toll Road going NORTH and then exit and turn around. Even THIS didn't work!!! We ended up on 183 for the FIFTH time so we just stayed on it! Forget the TOLL road - just GET THERE!! It took us 30 minutes to get on the road! I was laughing so hard I was crying! Lost most of my eye makeup!

The party was in full swing when we arrived!
Loved this pic with Mother laughing!

Every holiday I give thanks that I still have my mother.

I stepped outside on Nita's porch to admire the new ceiling her husband put up.

They have the classiest porch around!

Isn't Deanie beautiful? She made special cookies in honor of her grandson's birthday!!

Two more beautiful ladies! My sister, Nita, and her daughter, Leah.

We had so much fun today!
 There's always a lot of laughter and the sound of children playing and people visiting. 

I am the oldest of all my siblings......and the shortest!

Just for once I got to be taller!!!

We were the last to arrive and the first to leave!
But we had both critters in the truck patiently waiting for us and we still had a drive to get to the country.
The traffic wasn't bad since most people were already where they wanted to be!

It's great having our camper down here! It's a real home away from home.
Louis Dean enjoyed talking football with his son and his grandson.
Today is Robert's birthday! It's the first time November 28 has fallen on Thanksgiving in 11 years.
The pattern for his birthday to be on TG is 6,5,6,11.
Robert and Dean had to go do some chores - like rounding up the goats - so I settled in and made the bed up with the clean FLANNEL sheets! It's COLD and the flannel will feel good. We also plugged in the electric blanket and our small heater.

Louis Dean was warming his toes as he listened to the rest of the game on the radio.
He changed from his 'city' clothes to his 'country' ones!
Can you tell??

It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
EVERY day is a good day to give thanks!!


Linda said...

Beautiful post and photos, Linda! I feel as though I was there with you!

Wanda said...

You really do come through the computer screen with warmth and love..Thanks for sharing you life with us..What a special day.

Deanie W said...

Happy you got to your destination safely. So happy you & LD were able to come after all. It was a fun day, I was so surprised when the plate I had in my hand just tumbled right into James' lap! It was kind of funny:) Enjoy your ranch time:) Lovz

MadSnapper said...

lovely family photos to bring back memories in the future. love the mother daughter photo... great shot and Lucy looks adorable in the bed and so does the cat with jester bells. and i love your blog background.

Debbie said...

What I love most about you Linda is your sence of joy, your spirit.....your true and sincere love for life!! For all things great and small!!

I LOVE coming here, reading about your " ordinary" days, that you present in such an extraordinary way!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Jutta said...

You are a great lovely sweet soul for sure. I think all your readers leave this blog encouraged and stronger, happier and less lost.

Vee said...

Such a beautiful family! Leah is stunning. Your story of going around and around had me laughing, too. When you got to the fifth time, it began to sound like something I might do. Actually, I once had the honor of driving in Dallas and it was wild (and that was nearly forty years ago!) Have fun down there in them country and stay warm!

Kelly said...

Well it's a wonder you made it to Nita's house! That story is too funny. Looks like you had a good day afterall though. I know it's always a good feeling to reunite with family on the holidays. Your mom looked good in her pictures.

Susie said...

Linda, I think all you girls are cute. I hope you hug your mommy for me. :):) I know you count your blessings, and LD is one of them too. Enjoy the weekend, be safe. xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

You may be shorter in height but you're tall in spirit and heart.