Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Change in Plans.....

Louis Dean and I enjoyed a leisurely morning sitting by the fire, sipping our coffee and doing our reading.
The Bible first followed by a devotional book and then Melody Beattie's 'The Language of Letting Go' and finally our out loud reading book. Currently it is 'Duck Commander.' We are loving it!
Louis Dean put on a brisket to cook slowly thinking we had all day......

We even managed to watch the last episode of The Black List!
About that time I called LD's son to go over our plans this week. 
He is hosting a Karate event on Saturday and we are helping with food for the closing dinner.
I noticed it was raining ever so lightly this morning and  I thought perhaps I should check the weather - both here and down at the ranch. Sure enough! If we were going to the ranch we must go NOW! Country and property roads being what they are - rain makes a HUGE difference!! It's no small matter getting STUCK in the mud!! Louis Dean began throwing our stuff together - food, clothes, books, supplies, pets, all manner of things - in the truck! The roaster was already cooking the brisket so we unplugged it and loaded it up!

We had to make a Home Depot run and a trip to Sam's for some meds - and a spot of lunch!
You see TWO hot dogs here but he actually had THREE!!!

Suffice it to say - we were MOVING!!! By the time we were stuck in traffic on I35 I was nodding off because I was so tired! Louis Dean drove and I napped. Win! WIN!!

We left at 4:00 and arrived at the ranch gate at 7:00! It was LOCKED! It was RAINING!
Even though they KNEW we were coming!! LD's grandson was soon on his way from a Karate class in town to unlock it for us! We made it to our camper without the truck getting stuck in the mud!! Robert, the grandson, did not fare so well. He was in a Lexus and he was STUCK!!! Dean had to catch a ride home from class because Robert was stuck and LD was afraid to get his truck out and find himself in the same position! 

So here we are!! In our camper out on the ranch visiting with Dean and Robert!
We plugged the roaster in as soon as we got here and are cooking the brisket low and long! Should be done by morning! 

Life is so much fun when you grab the unexpected and go for it!!
Thankful we have our little camper and family to visit!
Our grandson will be in the boy bunk tonight! It's going to be a good week down on the ranch!


Kathy said...

Never a dull day for you! I bet your camper smells wonderful with the brisket cooking all night. So glad you got there without getting stuck. Have a good time with Dean and Robert!


Just hope the rains don't make it flood!!
Enjoy your time together.
Brisket and BBQ sauce...yum.

Kelly said...

What a day!! Sounds like you just took it in stride though. Glad that y'all didn't get stuck in the mud. That would've been bad. Have fun on the ranch!

Susie said...

Linda, You and LD just amaze me...you are truly beautiful people. Have a great time, be safe. xoxo,Susie

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You both make my smile and that is a great way to start my day. My goodness you are both so busy. Have a great time.

Sandra said...

so glad you are safe and sound and hope he is out of the mud by now.. sounds like fun and i would love ONE of those hotdogs. we really like The Black List to

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I love when things happens and everything falls into place...even if I am a big fan of planning ahead

Carla said...

Sounds like quite a day.