Friday, November 8, 2013

Town! Mart, Texas!!

Life in a small Texas town is wonderful! The cold wind that blew all day yesterday dried the ranch out enough that we were able to drive the truck OUT and we went to TOWN!

Mart is about 25 miles from Waco.

Due to the RAIN and MUDDY conditions down on the ranch the coin laundry was our FIRST stop!!

We had some mail to go out and lunch at the local diner.

A little shopping at the Dollar store.
The old fashioned Creme Drops are the very first candy I buy for the holiday season.
Usually Mother is with me and I buy TWO bags - one for me and one for her.
Mother always bought these when I was a little girl and it has remained a tradition.
The other thing she always bought us was a peppermint candy basket. Those are harder to find now!

Back to the ranch and straight to work on the bathroom! I wanted to get this done before Sherry (my DIL) arrived!

The staining is the easiest part and also the scariest part!

Louis Dean worked on his project at closing in the plumbing works for the bathtub.

We are missing a piece of woodwork but I finished out what we had.
I also picked up a shower curtain that I thought looked good with what we had going!

Got a little rug from the Dollar store as well as a lamp shade.
I love prettying things up!!

The doors turned out so nice!!


and after!

Mart may be a small town but it had a couple of little thrift shops and I shopped both! 
That's where I found the fall decorations for the bathroom.
On our way OUT of town I spotted another shop and will visit there next trip down!

Here's what I found for ME!!!
Three brand new purses! $2 each!!!
Win! WIN!
I already switched out my things to the pink purse!!

The day is closing. Some of the people are already arriving for the Karate Retreat tomorrow.
Louis Dean and I are in the camper along with Lucy - who had to have a bath first!!

While I am doing  my journaling Louis Dean serenades me with music.
I'm glad we came on down here when we did so we had the time to fix up the bathroom for Sherry.
Men don't understand PRETTY like ladies do.
The hard stuff was already done and Dean had moved on to OTHER hard stuff!
What I'm good at is making something 'pretty!'

I know Sherry is not one to 'decorate' like I I hope the pumpkin and such isn't too much for her!
I'm thinking .......I'll be back for Thanksgiving week. I could bring Christmas decorations and switch them out. Think she'll notice??? Perhaps I can become her 'Bathroom Fairy Godmother!'


jackie collins said...

Good job Linda, it looks so nice! Great finds shopping in town!

Kathy said...

It looks so pretty now. I'm sure being a woman Sherry will appreciate what you did. Yeah, I like the idea of a bathroom fairy godmother. Want to visit me?

Changes in the wind said...

I think a bathroom fairy godmother would be great:)

JMD said...

Really nice job on the bathroom. Ooooh, I like the blue purse. I live in a tiny town and there just aren't deals like those here. May have to come

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Everything you do has WITH LOVE written all over it! The bathroom is wonderful, and the touch of Fall is the frosting on the cake!
...peppermint candy grandma used to buy them for us at Woolworths!

Sandra said...

they are lucky to have the two of you to help with the remodel.. i like all those pockets on the pink purse.

Vee said...

She'll be thrilled! It's such a lovely improvement and gals do love nice and pretty. Speaking of which, you must look very pretty carrying your new pink purse. Way cool!

Susie said...

Linda, The bathroom looks so much warmer. Very nice. You know that spot where LD was working on the plumbing...well we built a custom made book shelf that just fit the opening on ours and framed the bookcase with molding that fit against the wall....this is held in place by a long screw in each corner, inside the case.It's easy to take out to replace any parts. You can't see the screws for all my books and do-dads.:):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

I think your DIL will really like what you did in her bathroom. I really like how the cabinets and door turned out. I think a lot of people that don't decorate are just those that haven't given it much thought. Maybe after she sees how pretty it is, she'll be motivated to do more of it around the house!

jamarson1 said...

The bathroom looks great. I am not much of a decorator either but if someone else did it, I would love it!

Linda said...

Linda, the bathroom looks wonderful! I don't know if I have ever tried old fashioned creme drops, but I love the beautiful packaging!

Carla said...

The cabinets and door looks great!