Monday, June 17, 2013

Tea Pots and Kitchen Curtains

Homemaking is what I DO. I guess that defines who I AM. 
It is my PASSION!
 Tweaking and changing things - improving and repairing - REDEEMING things! 
That makes me happy.

Yesterday Louis Dean and I shopped Home Goods.
I LOVE that store and it was Louis Dean's first visit.
We chose curtains and a rod for the kitchen.

And tea pots.
I have wanted and electric tea kettle for YEARS!
Now I have one!

Louis Dean goes old school for his.
We HAD a white enamel kettle. He put it on the stove and forgot about it Friday while I was in Fort Worth.
Let's just say it was RUINED!
At least this one whistles so maybe that will remind him!

We woke up this morning to rain and mild temps!

Perfect time for him to go up in the attic to check out the A/C condensation leak that I noticed was damaging the hall ceiling.

In the afternoon he hung the rod and curtains for me. 
He had to take it down and rehang them when he realized he had hung the curtains wrong side out!

We need two more panels!
I'll get them tomorrow!

I went over to see the babies this afternoon!

I love my 'Quad Time!'

Four babies! Four totally different personalities!

ALL adorable!

Re doing Louis Dean's bathroom is an on going project.

Today's objective was basing in the mirror frame and cabinet.

First coat!

Second coat! Doesn't look much different. Let's hope I can pull it out tomorrow!
I'm THINKING of using the green paint as a wash and then sanding it.
The sink is green marble so I want to try to tie it together a  little bit.
I don't update anything as long as things are still in good condition.
I love cosmetic changes! Less invasive!

We ended our evening with a glass of wine and Major Crimes.
While there WERE a few moments of unrest when we tried to figure out the 'pause' and 'fast forward' features of the FIOS! We ended up changing channels and picking up where we left off - minus the commercials during which time we were pressing the buttons and getting nowhere!
From now on we will RECORD and play back!

Our day is all but over! 
Showers and a last driveway sit is all that's left of THIS Monday!
Hope YOU had a good one!


Linda said...

Cosmetic changes can be so much fun and make old things seem new! If there is no need to fix something, sometimes repurposing an item can do wonders. For example, I saw once on Pinterest an old baby crib that was make a garden bench! :) Great post, as always, Linda.

Vee said...

Yup. Cosmetics first before the facelift. With any luck at all, the facelift can be avoided. I love Home Goods. You're making me think I need to take the hour's journey to get there. Don't read this next bit if you're a sentimental sort where grands are involved. Today, for the first time, I noticed that the quads are moving away from babyhood to toddlerhood. They look more like toddlers than ever before! Where does the time go?!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Love those door curtains. With the blinds of course. Such a big difference that will make, on sunny late afternoons!

Hooray for the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray for LD taking advantage of being in, to do inside jobs.

Oh those cutie-pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Changes in the wind said...

You and Louis Dean are a perfect pair:)

Ginny said...

That is so funny about the backwards curtain, so much like men! This is the first time I have seen the quads, and YES they are precious!!! BUT they must be little whirlwinds, it would be so hard taking care of so many! We watch Major Crimes. BUT, I still miss Brenda Johnson on The Closer, so this is not near as good to me. We do love Flynn & Provenza, too. I have a very small collection of teapots, they are fun to collect. Home Goods Store, LOVE it!!!! The nearest one is half an hour, I just love to look all around, and they are cheap! I got our granddaughter a gorgeous pair of flip flops with a big pink bow on top for three dollars.

Carla said...

Logan and Harrison seem to be the tallest and have the most hair. So cute.. all four ;0)