Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Already June!

It is hard to believe it is already JUNE!!!
We had an action packed weekend so I am playing Catch Up this evening!

Yesterday was a beautiful June 1st in Texas!
Not TOO hot! Not TOO humid! Not TOO windy!

A perfect day for Louis Dean to go BACK to his pond building before he was interrupted with all those bathroom/plumbing issues!!

He thought he would use some bricks we redeemed from SOMEWHERE - we can't remember WHERE they came from - for the pond and practice his brick laying skills.
His next project will be to close up a hole near the gable end of the house. The brick there can not be hidden by landscaping if necessary so a little practice before THAT job is a good thing!

MY job yesterday was to feed us!
Onion Rings from the freezer section of Trader Joe's proved to be delicious!
I served them with some HEARTY grilled cheese sandwiches.
Louis Dean put in a hard day of work and used every single one of those salvaged bricks!
Talk about having the perfect number!!

Next up on our agenda was a trip to the mall.

It was the quad's very FIRST trip to a mall!
Does Harrison look like a reluctant shopper?

Kailey was impressed with the dress selection!

A Food Court stop for tea is a MUST!

I don't know WHY I can't get the videos CENTERED!

We all had a ball!!! This is the babies' super cute 'Quad Mom!'

I am thrilled to see her looking healthier and happier these days!
It was a long road to get here and she's not totally recovered even yet!

Being the SUPER Mom that she IS - Amber had snacks, toys, water, EVERYTHING they needed or even MIGHT need!

Trystan was so entertaining - you can even hear her ABOVE the crowd noise.

Sweet Harrison!

So much to look at! 

The babies stayed entertained by people watching and seeing all the colors and lights and decorations!

Have I mentioned what a good sport Louis Dean is?
How many men would work all morning and into the afternoon and then WILLINGLY go to a MALL?
WITH four babies and a mama and a grandma!

You were expecting THIS picture next, weren't you??
HE was tired and the babies STILL had energy left!

We helped with the dinner feed since Mike is away.
After dinner laughter is a tradition Amber and Mike have started!

They all get in some good laughs before bedtime.
When they were out one night and Louis Dean and I kept them I tried to keep the routine as they do.
I played like I sneezed (this worked for A&M!) and all FOUR of them started crying!!

This morning Louis Dean and I attended church services at Plymouth Park United Methodist Church.
It is right up the street from us and we are loving this church!
We watched Ed Young Sr (pastor of Second Baptist Church in Katy) earlier while we had our coffee.
We attended his church when we were living in the camper.
I am getting closer and closer to being ready for Louis Dean to plug up the electricity to the RV and setting it up to use right here at home. Or at least to go out and visit from time to time.
I feel like I left her quite suddenly without expressing the appreciation that little camper so richly deserves!

This afternoon we helped Amber load up all the babies and we headed out for an early dinner at 
Rockfish Seafood Grill!

Look at the clever high chair covers Amber had handy!

The babies all did great and ate a LOT of finger food!
Amber had brought a good bit and we added saltine crackers and mashed potatoes.

This was a perfect time to dine out! No crowds! 
Got home just in time for their last feed of the day and bedtime routine.

June is here and we have a lot of plans for this month!
Birthday parties, Ladies' Game Night, A Scrapbook Party, Photo Shoot, not to mention I hope to finish the bathroom redo and landscape the newly rebuilt pond.
It is a fine thing to have so much to look forward to doing!

"How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness, how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?"

Dr. Seuss


Linda said...

Hi Linda, what a great lunch you made and served!

Bernice said...

As usual you had a busy weekend,loved all the pictures of the quads enjoying all the sights and sounds of the mall, and listening to Trystan giving the raspberries.
You have a wonderful one of a kind hubby in LD:)
Cannot wait to see the pond and the bath when they are completed.
Thanks for sharing!

Vee said...

You are all incredibly supportive of each other...that's how functioning families roll! It is good to see. Amber looks fantastic. So glad that she is feeling better. The babies look darling and as if they are enjoying getting out and about. I'll be back to watch the videos when I can get back to the PC.

Bev said...

You had a fun packed weekend...

Changes in the wind said...

I get tired just looking at the pictures:)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


3 adults to push 4 push-baby-carts...


I'm mixed up here. :-))))

Angie said...

Every post that you post about the babies, I think about how hard it must be. I know it's such a blessing but I also know how much energy it must take to keep up with it all. Amber is one awesome lady and so lucky to have YOU and Louis Dean! I loved all the pictures. They are growing so fast.

It's hard to believe it is already June...I have a lot of fun stuff planned this month too :)

Vee said...

So glad that I made it back to see the cute...those babies have so much personality. It's all the wonderful interaction going on.

Carla said...

I'd be on the couch or recliner like LD after a day like that. Whew.
You made the babies cry instead of laugh... LOL