Sunday, June 30, 2013

Music! MUSIC!

We SO enjoyed celebrating our 8th anniversary in Abilene! 

We are now home filled to the brim with good memories and happy experiences!

Louis Dean worked at Mrs. Baird's Bakery for 12 years.
It's a shame the bakeries are all in Mexico now. He loves going down Memory Lane and seeing his old stomping grounds.

Our car automatically STOPS at all Goodwills!
Books and coffee cups for $0.25 each!

Saturday was a fun day! We enjoyed a late lunch at Chili's....

where the Margaritas are delicious and then took a nice long nap back at the hotel.

Louis Dean and I chuckled over this sign every time we drove in and out of our hotel parking lot!
I think they need to work on their wording.

Refreshed from our naps we dressed and walked the short distance to the Paramount Theater.
The play was WONDERFUL!!!!

The theater is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Louis Dean sold newspapers in the lobby when he was a little boy.
He remembers it all being MUCH bigger back then!
OLD movies are still shown here as well as musical productions like Young Frankenstein. We will definitely be back!!

This morning we packed up and headed to Buffalo Gap - a short 12 miles from Abilene.

This steak house was a great experience!
Another 'MUST come BACK!' place!

Next stop was the Buffalo Gap Historic Village.

I felt like I had stepped back in time!

Life was hard back then.

I must have a THING for distressed wood!

I just LOVE it!!
I should have painted the wood and trim on my house white!
Then when it aged I wouldn't even WANT to repaint it!

As much as I think I would have loved living back in the 'old days' -
I'm pretty sure I'm more comfortable living right here in the present.

God has a way of blessing us with the unexpected.
Doesn't this look like a quaint little shop?
They had me at the boots nailed to the railing!
(I found out they usually have flowers in them but the owners are going out to California in a couple weeks so will wait to fill them with plants after they get back.)

Live music most Sunday afternoons, huh?
They invited Louis Dean to play with them!
Good thing he ALWAYS travels with a guitar!!

He was delighted! This is the shop owner and her husband is back over there behind the counter.

After they played a song or two another Dulcimer Diva arrived.
And then another! And then a bass player!

Let me tell you Louis Dean was in HOG HEAVEN!!

That lady can really SING!!!!

Louis Dean has a song in his head MOST of the time.
He absolutely lives and breathes MUSIC!
God delights in giving us the desires of our heart.
 It was a total surprise gift from God!!

You can tell they were enjoying themselves!
It was as if we were all old friends!

They invited him to come back as often as possible.
A group of musicians play every Friday night just around the corner at a restaurant.
Then every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 they gather in the corner of 'The Purple Buffalo' and practice.
I see more trips to Abilene in our future!


Cheapchick said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I love the picture of you with a face full of margarita - great timing!

Kathy said...

Oh wow! What great timing that LD was able to join in with the music. I can tell he was having a wonderful time!

In fact, it sounds like the whole trip was a wonderful time. I'm glad you got a much needed rest.

Bev said...

what fun!!

Luann said...

Ya'll would LOVE Mountain View Arkansas. They do music in the square dailey and every weekend evening for sure. It's a bring your own lawn chair and instrument. Not unusual to see a "famous" musician show up to play along. So glad you had this unexpected gift for your anniversary.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a delightful trip!!!

Especially the music, music, music. :-)

Hope all our new posts, show up somewhere, today, for our Dear Readers!

Sue said...

What a wonderful trip! So fun to see LD in his element. You are a great couple. It is a joy to share your life. Thank you both! Grandma Sue

Linda said...

What a fun filled trip! I love reading about your adventures and enjoy your photos.

Kelly said...

Wow! I just listened to some of your videos of LD playing and the lady singing. They are good! I don't believe y'all know any strangers do you?? Most people would be shy with people they don't know. That old town looked fun to tour. Looks like y'all had a wonderful anniversary celebration!

Carole said...

Linda, just love that your LD can bake you some bread and then sing you a song - what a treasure!

Say What? said...

What an amazing trip. You and your LD look like you have so much fun. I want to vacation with you! :)

Pondside said...

I may be late, but my heartfelt Best Wishes to you and Louis Dean are up-to-the-minute. It sounds like you had a marvelous time - I thoroughly enjoyed the little clips of the jam session. I'd love to have been there!

Angie said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic trip! I'm so glad you and Louis Dean got a little getaway. Thanks for sharing :)

Carla said...

Was he singing a Frog went a courtin?

I just bet LD was in hog heaven.
I was probably 10 years old before my grandparents moved and had running water and an indoor bathroom.