Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art, Babies, and Gardening!

After two days of a lingering headache I am back to my 'old' self!
Yesterday I set out the art table and I guess the turpentine cleared my head up because by the time class was over my headache was GONE!

I signed my name and have this one all but DONE!
Just a few more strokes and a glazing will do.
A teacher once told me to STOP - one stroke before you think you are through!
Good advice.

I visited with the babies today. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than seeing one of my eight grandchildren! I will miss having these four so close!

Babies! Babies!! Babies!!!

Can you see at least parts of all four quilts?
They cover pretty much most of their play area!

Kailey put the whole cookie in her mouth and wanted another!

She is an interesting eater!!

I am loving being so close to the quads as they go from one stage to another.
Soon we will be taking their walking for granted and no longer be surprised when they repeat what we say!
Or WILL we?
I think being around children makes anyone a better person.

Louis Dean and I spent a few late afternoon and early evening hours working in the yard.
Several of the bedding plants I put in the front have not been happy there!
All of them seem to prefer the semi sun in the back yard!
LD bought 5 rose bushes several weeks ago and he has them all in the ground now!
We were so tired after all the working we just dropped our stuff and came in!
In the morning we will need to clean up the muddy mess we made.

For now it's a hot bath, a simple supper (that means whatever you can find in the kitchen to eat!) and perhaps a TV program before reading and bed.
I have to tell you I am beginning to realize that if I go to bed EARLIER - it is easy to get UP earlier!
Imagine THAT!!


bj said...

O, yes...I KNOW being around babies and children keeps us happy, young and.....sometimes tired. hahhaa....
MY children kept me feeling young...then, before I could feel OLD, my grands came along and kept me feeling young..then, just about the time I feared I was getting OLDEN, my GREAT-GRANDGIRL came along....I am waiting for my other 9 grands to have kids..hope it's before I really DO get old!@! hahhaa

Jill said...

I am so glad your headache is gone! May it stay gone!

Your painting is beautiful! Such talent.

The babies are downright adorable!

Debbie said... utensils needed for kailey and less dishes to do ;)))

so happy your feeling better!!

Linda said...

Hi Linda, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better! You are very talented, this is such a lovely painting!

Blondie's Journal said...

The advice from your reader reminds me of Coco Chanel who said, get dressed and then remove one piece of jewelry! Your painting is fantastic. Now, let the rain here in the Midwest stop so I can get some gardening done!!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh I hope you weren't too tired, to watch at least the 7pm "Duck Dynasty" show last/Wed. night! They were on from 7pm onward. I had to quit at 10 and go up to bed.

Oh so much fun!

Please be sure to tell your sister, who loves 'em, about how I am their newest FAN. -grin-

Vee said...

Had to go back aways to catch up on all my video viewing. For some reason, I'm usually visiting just before bedtime and don't want to risk waking John, though that risk would be slim. ;D

Loved seeing the quads do their thing...Kailey try to eat from the table, Harrison waving goodbye like crazy, Logan peeking through the fence, and Trystan taking off all the while saying "bye." Also really enjoyed the snippet of LD singing. More! More!

Beautiful painting, Linda. How you do it all amazes me.

Kathy said...

Your painting is beautiful! You are so talented. I loved the videos of the quads. They are so cute waving bye. And that Kailey has her own style of eating!

Changes in the wind said...

LOVE that painting!! How sweet Kailey tried to eat off the table.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How you have time for art with all that is happening in your life, is beyond me. Beautiful! Glad you are feeling better.

Sandra said...

really beautiful painting, i enlarged it to get a better view of it... and as always the quads are just beyond darling.
i had to laugh about the fridge... i have never had anything on a fridge in my life, i am a minimalist and anything that doesn't have a use is not in the house. my whole kitchen has 2 framed photos on the walls. even when my kids were little there was nothing on the fridge, their art hung in their rooms. magnets drive me nuts. the clutter on the counter was on my last nerve, none of it belonged there, i had just used the dust buster and the jars were waiting to be put in the cabinet, and since i had been to WM and was starving i sat down to eat. the counter was back to empty as soon as i ate.

Lala H said...

they are so adorable!
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Carla said...

Glad to hear the headache is finally by this post.