Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodwill Tuesday!

I hit the Goodwill up this afternoon and made quite a haul!

Pretty much filled my truck - less the drum set already in there!!
This is my next to the last Tuesday that I can run by and see the quads so guess where I headed next??

Remember those cookies my niece left me?
I shared one with the babies today......
They LOVED the taste!!

Can we say CHOCOLATE??

I love how Kailey pauses poses when I put a hat on her!

Logan does too!

Trystan does NOT! I have to be QUICK!

I returned home to find Louis Dean digging yet ANOTHER ditch!

I swear he has an addiction to DIGGING!!!
This is for a drain to keep the den from flooding.
He THOUGHT he had fixed this before but it will be FOR SURE fixed now!

Believe it or not - Louis Dean said he is nearly DONE!
Let's hope he puts it all back like he found it.
I can't believe that just yesterday I looked out on this area and thought to myself, "Well at least we have ONE clean deck!"

While he worked I decorated with all my Goodwill finds of the day!

Traded this 'new' mercury lamp for the old one - which I moved to the sewing room.

Love this lamp!!!

Put this little treasure box on top of a dining room hutch.

EVERYTHING in my house gets cleaned at least once a year!
That means my house is never ALL clean at the same time - but it DOES get cleaned!

The garland lights had burned out last night so that necessitated cleaning the greenery in the bathtub and giving the dresser a good polishing.

Previous Goodwill treasures.

A picture of Louis Dean's beloved mother in law (Ellen's mother) whom he misses to this day!
The greatest compliment he ever pays me is saying I remind him of her.
When I say things like 'tearing up Jake' or 'blooming' - he reminds me these are sayings SHE used to say.
The new one I learned  about - and her ONLY swear word - was 'Hell Fire!'
I LOVE that phrase and use it every now and then!

All these pretties came from Goodwill today.
The topaz tea pitcher is actually heavy acrylic.
The gourd is REAL! It is dried and has been spray painted. You can shake it and hear the seeds rattle.
Louis Dean wants us to make a bird house out of it. Maybe.....AFTER fall!

The wreath was just too pretty to put up in the attic so I USED it!
The dining room was in need of an attractive centerpiece. I can't WAIT for FALL!
Well, I guess you could say I DIDN'T wait!!

Instead of painting in Louis Dean's bathroom today - I cleaned and polished and shined up the dining room!

The woven plate chargers were just $0.75 each and brand new! They still had the tags on them!

The dining room makes me smile when I walk through now.

A big pitcher of tea! Bet I use this a LOT since we drink nearly a gallon of tea every day!!

My final find at Goodwill was this popcorn popper.
Summer gave me one years and years ago.
You use old fashioned REAL popcorn and pop it with a mixture of oil, sugar and white corn syrup.
It makes the BEST glazed popcorn you ever tasted!
I am going to be making some very soon!


Linda said...

Linda, what fun!!! I absolutely love goodwill stores and enjoy exploring them! I love finding things in them that I need such as books or just about anything else! Thank you so much for sharing.

Bernice said...

Your dining table looks so pretty.
My popcorn popper's lid broke,probably from using it so much, it was exactly like the one you found,it does make the best old fashion popcorn,haven't been able to find another, might have to look at Goodwill.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Linda, Nice haul at the GW. I tell you what - I'll trade you one torn up deck, for the mess we have going on around here today. :)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

LOVE that mercury glass lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vee said...

Is that a whirly-gig popper? Oh my! You really find some amazing deals. The lamp is very pretty, too, and all the woven chargers for a steal. I think that Ellen's mother was a beautiful woman. How sweet that you are happy to be thought of as like her. "Hell fire" does sound like a good way to vent when needed. Ha! That LD can find more things to do...

Susie said...

Linda, You may have to set a trap for that big fellow that's digging around your property. Bless his heart, he's one working fool. I like all your treasures you found. xoxo,Susie

Changes in the wind said...

What a great post today...great finds at the goodwill and the babies were sooooo cute.

Katherines Corner said...

wow, love this post, great finds, a big poject and beautiful babies. xo

Nonnie said...

Those babies are adorable. And I am so impressed by your finds and the way you display all your treasures. Hope you get that deck back the way you want it!

bj said...

Well, hell fire, Mr. Sweet has a popcorn popper just like that one and he loves it....:)