Friday, March 29, 2013

We Are Ready to ROLL!!

Out time here is drawing to a close! 
Yesterday was my last day down here with the quads. 

Three pretty little girls!

Their place was a beehive of activity! 
Amber is amazing - she keeps her cool with the phone ringing, text pinging, people coming in and out - 
all the while handling a thousand tasks (it seems) all at one time.
She SO reminds Louis Dean and me of  Leigh Anne Tuohy in the Blind Side.
Amber can multitask! 
It is a big job for US to get the camper ready to leave.
Imagine what all THEY have to do!!

With so much going on I loaded the quads up and we took a walk before I left!
FOUR happy little babies - and Harrison WAS happy even if he did have his 'man' expression on!

Louis Dean and I had one last dinner at Casa Maria toasting ourselves on Mission Accomplished!
From there we decided to do our errands before coming back to the park. We stopped at Sam's for a few things and filled my car up with gas while we were there. When we got back to the camper Louis Dean decided he would go ahead and fill up with diesel so we would NOT have to stop for fuel before we get home.
On our trip DOWN here we came dangerously close to that empty mark!

Photo taken today - NOT at the time of the following incident.

He had already loaded the small freezer in the truck and was keeping it running by way of an orange extension cord plugged into the outlet on the side of the camper.
Well, he FORGOT about that and pulled out of here in a big hurry!
That orange cord pulled loose and I started yelling for him to WAIT! WAIT!
He was dragging the red dog leash that was wrapped around the trailer hitch along with that extension cord - with ME running along behind! Let me tell you - I am so THANKFUL I had unhooked Lucy and put her in the kennel before he left!!! 
Talk about looking like the Beverly Hillbillies!!!

Once we recovered from that little escapade we ended up having a relaxing time sitting by the lakeside fire pit with our evening glass of wine.

The Westlake RV Resort Lakeside Fireplace

Today Louis Dean prepared the camper for travel.
We had some trouble getting the slide OUT room to slide IN when we left home last August.
This delayed us in bringing the camper down by 10 days!
We did NOT want to take any chances in the morning so we have it partially IN already!
Just wanted to be SURE it would go!
While HE was doing this I was packing up inside.
All the pictures and loose things had to be taken down and things stowed away.

We all know Louis Dean is a heart patient AND a diabetic.
Imagine my surprise to find evidence of his transgressions in the matter of his diet!
Like a typical man - he thought it was easier to HIDE this than to simply take it to the trash!

He ate a good, fairly healthy lunch today but we did NOT have dessert!

I offered him fresh fruit instead!

After our work was done we took one final soak in the hot tub and one final dip in the pool before showering and finishing up our departure preparations.

We are packed up and ready to roll out of the RV Park first thing in the morning!


Carole said...

LInda, hope the trip back goes well. It's fantastic that Amber is coming to live close by - how far away do you think they'll be? Happy Easter

Linda said...

Hi Linda, great post and photos. Fruit is fantastic either before a meal or as a dessert, great choice. Happy Easter to you.

Blondie's Journal said...

I didn't know this was a temporary place for Amber and her family...was it because it was close to the hospital? And will she be living close to you now? Sorry for all the questions.

Wishing you safe, uneventful (!!) travels and have a wonderful and blessed Easter.


Pondside said...

Safe journey home, Linda!

Bernice said...

Safe travels home Linda.
Have a Blessed Easter.

Bev said...

Such a busy time... seems like you got alot done... must be a bit sad...yet nice to have it over!:)) And so lucky to have them following you:)

Vee said...

You both deserve a medal! What a sense of accomplishment you must be feeling that this leg of the journey is done. Happy trails, a wonderful Easter, and we'll catch you on the flip side.

Debbie said...

they are all so precious, wishing you a safe trip home and a very happy easter!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

A part of the Saga, finished.

Hope you have a quiet and trouble-free trip HOME!!!


bj said...

Hoping your trip home is good..are you there, yet??

Cheapchick said...

Safe travels!

bearie1 said...

Enjoy Easter back in your "big" house.

Carla said...

That incident reminded me of Vacation with Chevy Chase where they drug the family dog behind the car