Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Practice What We Preach.....

There is a fly in the ointment - so to speak - and I am having to practice what I preach.
Mainly, not questioning God when things don't go the way I want them.
Realizing God's timing is always perfect.
Shifting gears and change plans as needed.
Don't fret because of problems.
Handle disappointments with grace instead of bitterness.

That being said - I made one stop on my way back to the camper yesterday afternoon - 
at the Dollar Store!

I loaded up on all the naughty things I normally do NOT eat!
Now the tea I drink all the time so I switched it out to a bottle of Diet Coke so cold from the camper fridge it had ice crystals in it! I must confess to buying a bottle of Pinot Grigio but my wine opener broke and I couldn't very well gnaw the cork off! I had the donuts opened and one in my mouth by the time I busted through the camper door! I was loaded for bear!

Can you tell I was feeling a bit blue?
I spent some time writing in my journal and reading my Bible - things I do everyday but with renewed vigor this time! I sat out under the gazebo canopy with the winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour and billowing the curtains out all the way around. I had this almost irresistible urge to fling my arms out and yell, "You can't fool Mother Nature!" Remember that commercial for some margarine? Maybe it was 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!' Anyway, you get the idea. I was fit to be tied. What to do when you really don't know exactly what to do? My mother would often say, "I'm going to do SOMETHING even if it's WRONG!!"
Probably not the best advice.
I try to stay with the saying ' If you're not sure WHAT to do - don't do ANYTHING!'
Sometimes you must simply be still and wait. And possibly think.
So! I wrote out my favorite scriptures, talked to Louis Dean, prayed, and 
At 3:00 this morning I got out of bed and peeked out the door to see if the canopy was still on the gazebo.
The screw nut that holds the front side down over the frame had come off and I could plainly see it on the concrete. Out I went in my nightie to put it back in. I couldn't find a screwdriver so I used a case knife which worked every bit as well. When I was growing up that's all we ever had. I asked Deanie about it and she agreed! Neither of us remember ever having a real screw driver at home.

I woke up this morning still feeling like I was in a stupor. The advice I give to others is to do the next right thing. Keep putting one step in front of the other. So I took my own advice! I dressed - not very well. I wore my most comfy grungy clothes - baggy pants, oversize tee and a denim over shirt. I had a bad hair day so I had to wear a hat. I DID put on a bit of make up and a pair of earrings and off I went to Quadville.

You can't stay blue when you're around all these babies!
I did some different chores than I normally do. Today I made the organic baby food Amber had planned.
Sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.
Plus she brought me a BIG Sonic drink when she ran up to the grocery store!
That puts a smile on any one's face.

I am so impressed with the quality of food the quads eat!
She also made chicken steamed with celery and carrots for their first meat meal.

I began to feel better and better as the day went on.
I ran back to the camper to tighten the canopy screws and my sister, Deanie, called me.
Just talking to her gave me some clarity in my mind. Sisters are like that. They talk you through things!
I have decided to go home as we planned! My heart was suddenly much lighter!

Things were looking up!
AND they got even better!

A box was delivered to Amber's door - which is nothing new since they order SO much online!
(You would, too, if you had four babies! You just don't have TIME to shop in stores!)
However, THIS box was addressed to 'Linda and Lucy!'
I was so surprised!

Something for ME and something for LUCY!!
The 'Good Clean Dog' soap smells GOOD enough for ME to use!

And whose heart had just reached out to touch mine?
THAT'S who!!

Now I don't mean to be cagey or anything about my big concern.
I'm just not at liberty to say.
We have a real chore to deal with that will take a lot of $$, time and energy.
All three of these are precious commodities to anyone.
In light of eternity, this dragon that must be slayed - while looming large in our small life - will not really matter. God has a way of working things out.

I close this post with a peace and contentment I did not have this morning.
And I will leave you with the cutest picture I have taken in awhile!

This was right before we got the babies ready for the last feeding of the day and bedtime.
Notice the grip Logan has on Kailey's hair.
Amber thinks Logan was checking for teeth!

Babies have a way of bringing a smile to our faces!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Take good care of you and yours. Babies look wonderful. I won't worry about you but I will send very warm and good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

After I read your blog last night, I prayed. I just had to, God burdened my heart for you. I love your blog and your love of life - even though life isn't always easy. I am sorry for the bump in the road, but know that there are people you don't even know praying for you! I hope you feel the power of those prayers...Judy

Linda said...

Absolutely! I am so humbled and grateful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have this burden. Your blog brings so much joy into my life and the lives of others.
I'm praying that your burden will be lifted and the stress taken away. I'm glad you are going to be in the comfort of you own home this weekend and have your family there to surround you with love and support. Take care of yourself! In my prayers..

Vee said...

John says we don't have to know as long as God does and He does.

You handle life's stresses about like I do. ☺

Now if you didn't share a picture of a future dentist I don't know what! Wouldn't that be cute on a dentist's wall? Now open up!

Nita said...

All will be well and this to shall pass! But sometimes one just needs to vent and that's a good thing, it's talking things out "out loud" that can put us back in place. I love love the picture of Logan & Kailey, you're right they can sure put a brighten up a day. Love and Prayers.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh that baby pic!!!!!! Had to call "Uncle A." in to see it! :-)

Best wishes with what ever is causing you so much irritation.

Glad you feel better.


Kelly said...

So sorry to hear that you're dealing with stressful things lately. I hope that things end up working out soon. Sometimes, we just have to take one day at a time when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders along with prayer. Sounds like you're coping well though. Remember it's times like this that make us stronger.

Anonymous said...

The shocking thing was seeing your stack of JUNK FOOD which is NOT you @ all!!!
All is on the way to better & soon will be in the past:)
Lovz, Deanie

peggy said...

I understand the need for junk food so well in times of unrest, wish I had a remedy for that. Just hold on, love the babies and we will be thinking of you.

Chatty Crone said...

You are not alone Linda - not at all. I am glad you had the babies to go to. And Amber is such a great mom with all those organic foods.
Hugs, sandie

Petie@inspirednesting.com said...

Sorry you have a heavy heart. One day at a time, right? Lucky you to have those beautiful babies to put a smile on your face (and mine too - cute pic!). Take care :)

Carole said...

Reaching out to you all the way from New Zealand and giving you every positive thought I can! And there's nothing wrong with being "positively cross" sometimes!

Debbie said...

i hope you are feeling better, sweets usually do it for me!!

Anonymous said...

I know you will find your way through whatever it is.

I'm thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

hugs a bunch for whatever the stressor. i'm with you, time spent with smiling grandbabes makes all right with this sometimes confusing, disappointing world. hugs, pam in burleson

Bev said...

Oh Linda... I know how you feel... I do the same things you do when I am down... I have had a year of struggling things...but oh the things that God teaches us heh!! I know it is hard to practice what we preach!! But I do agree with you...those babies would put a smile on anyones face!! So precious!
Take care!!

Pondside said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a stressful time, Linda. It will pass, with God's help and the strength that you and LD have together.
Thinking of you....

Carla said...

Dang I hate to hear that something is dragging you down and driving you to junk food. But I did like your choices. LOL
If you need a close ear to chew on give me a call I'll listen and hand you a glass of wine. ;o)