Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grandma's Tea!

I drink a LOT of tea! Most mornings I make a pitcher and it is gone by the end of the day.
When my children were little they ALL drank my tea!
Then they grew up and had children of their own and THEY drank my tea!
The quads are continuing in the same tradition - they LOVE Grandma's tea!
Both Kailey and Logan can now drink from a straw while I give Harrison and Trystan 'straw sips.'
My favorites are herbal and flavored teas - I love them all!
This morning I was looking through Amber's tea collection for my concoction of the day!

I decided to go with Raspberry.
Do you see what I see written on the box?
'supports the Female System?'
It was really good!
Kailey was wound up tighter than a drum so when we were all in the Quatro Corral this afternoon I asked if she wanted some of Grandma's tea. Now these babies - at least the GIRLS! - know the word 'tea.'
I assured Kailey it was a good tea because it supports the 'Female System!' Whatever THAT is!!

One sip and she settled right down!
That's Kailey just 'chilling' with Grandma!

Amber said she had never seen her that calm!
She usually goes ninety miles a minute! Always in motion!!
Now I realize the babies were just thirsty but it gave us all a good laugh this afternoon.
I made sure Harrison had a sip or two as well.

Logan knows how to smack her little lips!
Mmmmm - GOOD tea!!!

Kailey is great at feeding herself!
She's a good smacker TOO!

Harrison is still the biggest weighing in at 17 1/2 lbs!

Trystan is next in line. She is shorter but solid!

 She was the last one to come home from the NICU and she was SO tiny!!

She sleeps well and has a hearty appetite!

I took the girls for a walk this afternoon before I came home.
They loved being out in the fresh air!
When I took them back home Harrison was awake so he got a ride in the SINGLE stroller! 
Pushing ONE baby was a piece of cake!
Pushing THREE was an aerobic workout!

It was after 5:00 when I got home today and I was wondering what I could rustle up for dinner.
Louis Dean met me at the car and told me he had been to the grocery store, prepared dinner and it was all ready to eat just as soon as I changed into my comfy clothes. 
Changing into comfy clothes is just about THE best moment of my whole day!
Summer and I laughed when we talked on the phone this evening and I told her I would probably burn this outfit I wear nearly every evening. It is a linen blend Chico shift dress - orange with earth toned leaves and berries on it. It was a long dress but I cut it off and hemmed it. I kept tripping on it as I came in and out of the camper. I also wear a Coldwater Creek cardigan of the same burnt orange color -
given to me by my friend, Brenda, and now nearly threadbare I have worn it so much!
This is my evening 'uniform' since I must stay 'dressed' as we spend part of every evening outside and we are right across from the rec building. Lots of people driving and walking by.

Louis Dean was sitting out there with a glass of wine waiting for me to change.
It is spring weather here and the camper door is open.
He waited a bit then called out, "Would you like to JOIN me with a glass of wine?"
I heard a lady from across the way answer, "Well, I'm a little busy right now! Perhaps later!!!"
We laughed and laughed!
LD and I were sitting out there with our wine when 
she finished her laundry and she said,
"THIS is what I am going back to our place and do now!"
Louis Dean assured her he was NOT flirting but said we had an extra glass anytime she wanted to join us!
(He obviously forgot we are LEAVING Saturday!)

Dinner was delicious! 
Chicken fried steak, gravy, mashed potatoes and candied carrots and home made rolls. The rolls were from the freezer.
Being outside part of every day has its drawbacks.
Allergies are hitting us hard.
Louis Dean is already in bed and I am headed that way.
Maybe I'll read a chapter or two in my current book.
Tomorrow is my last day in Quadville!
At least the Quadville HERE!

Amber and Mike have QUADS and WILL travel!
Looking forward to the NEW location!!


Amber B. said...

That's so funny about the lady and the wine. I know exactly what outfit you are talking about it! We are both in bed on our laptops looking for houses and watching some TV shows. Don't want to miss out on our recordings before we cancel cable! One more quiet night before chaos hits...

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Tea with four sugars...Perfect Texas sweet!

Pondside said...

I remember when we lived in Oklahoma, ordering tea in a restaurant and being so shocked when Iced Tea was brought to the table. I soon became accustomed to it, but still longed for a big pot of TEA!

Vee said...

Oh that is funny...made me laugh and then John wanted to know what was making me laugh so now he's chuckling. Too cute. You'll miss your little corner away from home every now and then.

What in the world was in that tea? I'm going to give some to John when he gets wound up like an eight-day clock!

Anonymous said...

I've been hibernating for the past few days but I just had to drop in to wish you all the best for your move back "Home". I hope you have a pleasant and uneventful journey and arrive there safely.

I'm having a cuppa as we speak, only mine is hot, English Breakfast tea and decaffeinated! With a bickie of course!

Bernice said...

Iced Tea is the best, I also drink it all day, Love Rasberry:)
Looking at the babies now cannot believe how tiny they were.
Enjoy your final day in Quadville and the campersite,safe travels home.

Changes in the wind said...

Safe travels and happy landings:)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that about the wine and LD, was very cute too. :-)

Tick, tick, tick... The clock is ticking... Soon going HOME. Soon everyone going to a New Home and an Old Home.

Gentle hugs,

Bev said...

Love the videos!! They are so adorable!... enjoy spring....

Carolyn said...

Good wises for the trip home for all of you and looking forward to the next chapter--thanks for sharing your family with us! Love it!


Oh Linda, you are one blessed grandmama! I specially love you chilling in the play pan and I have grandbabies envy! My little girls are 8 and 6 now! The quads are soo adorable, each time I see a post of them, they have grown so much and now they even drink tea, lol!! Have a happy Easter along with your beautiful family, sweet friend. Thanks for your darling visit too!


Oh, and thank you for sharing the great videos of the sweeties with us!

Sweet Tea said...

What an exciting time as the Quad family moves closer to you - I must admit I'm a bit envious as my kids are scattered across four different states. The babies are growing and looking so good. What a year your family has had. So happy that all is well!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your tea sounds perfect...for one and all! They are so sweet...your precious grands. Happy Easter to you ...and yours.

Linda said...

I have never tried this tea, but I am quite a fan of herbal teas, so I will see if I can find it. Beautiful photos, Linda. Happy Easter.

Linda said...

Best wishes for the move back home, Linda. I love the sound of your evening outfit. So elegant and coordinated!
I'm a real tea fan - a 'tea jenny', as we say in the UK. Usually 'builder's tea' - strong tea with milk.

Carla said...

Cute pictures
That one of Kailey being so calm was sweet