Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Don't Like SPAM Unless it's in a CAN!!

Sorry about all those Spam comments on my blog post yesterday!

I usually keep my laptop handy for a quick game of Scrabble or Words With Friends when I have a couple of free minutes. Normally I would have SEEN those comments and deleted them before YOU saw them!
Alas, I had to change my setting so no longer will you be able to comment anonymously. 
That's a shame, too, because I have some very sweet ladies who frequently leave encouraging words for me.
Hopefully y'all will figure out how easy it is to get an 'ID.' If you have a GMail account it is super easy! THAT is your 'profile' - I think it's called Google account. I got a GMail account long before I blogged just so I could comment on Amber's stuff when she was in Scotland.

It's been a wild few days here in this Land of Quad!
Family Friend Carol helped me yesterday morning ! She was a life saver!

Amber came home yesterday afternoon - AND several people came by to look at the house.

When prospective buyers came we gathered all four babies and all four of us adults into the nursery!

We passed the time trying on hats and sorting baby sox!

Granddad had a baby in his arms just about all day long!

These babies DO love their Granddad!!!

That buzzing sound in this video was the breathing treatment I was giving Trystan!

While I know the babies were well fed all day - I don't know what Amber and Mike did for dinner!
I was a few stages PAST tired so Louis Dean and I left Quadville about 4:30 to go back to the camper.
I was asleep by 5:00! While I meant to simply nap then get up and eat/shower/sit with Louis Dean, etc. -I slept til 8:00 this morning! Not straight through but only getting up to eat a banana, get a drink of water, etc and then right back to sleep. I was pretty worn out!
The mornings are the hardest for me so Louis Dean took MY shift and arrived over here in QV at 7:30 to help Mike with the morning feed. I woke up on my own at 8! It was WONDERFUL!!!!

This is the 'Emergency Coffee Break Kit' from my friend, Dawn down in Florida!
I had two cups of the Vanilla Starbucks coffee, at least ONE donut!, did a little reading and relaxed!
By the time I had showered, dressed and joined Louis Dean over here I felt like a NEW old person!

Amber is in recover mode. Painful recovery but at least the surgery is hopefully a done deal never to be DONE again!! Babies are still teething but are happy babies and as good as gold.
While baths are usually done in the morning I am just now getting to them this afternoon.

This whole post started off with SPAM!! 
It was once a very popular food and still is in some homes and some places - like Hawaii!
My mother always fixed it sliced and FRIED!

I found all sorts of Exotic Recipes Using Spam!

If I find a can in the grocery store I just may buy it!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Linda; I had to turn A. off for the same reason. Bet you are all counting down each day and wondering how on earth you will get all the stuff done that has to be done. Wishing your all strength and energy to carry on. The babies are so sweet (so was LD) in the videos. Hugs for all of you.

Carole said...

Linda, I'm right with you about spam - both kinds! I'll have to look out for a can next time I shop. Take care

Kathy said...

Although Joe doesn't like it, I LOVE Spam. Like you my mom always sliced and fried it. I use it all different ways. I tend to buy the lower sodium can that isn't quite so salty and better for my high blood pressure.

How cute those videos are! You can tell how much LD loves those little babies.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhh, LD's "I love you," to Sweet Baby, is just precious!!!!!!!!

Oh sigh, I do hope you make it through this week, and don't fold up yourself, my Dear. I know. Stop worrying "Auntie"! But someone has to do it, and it's me. :-)

Happy Spring,

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And so sorry that you had to be hit with those icky Anon advertising links. Boo-hisssss...

It's awful that we have to be so on guard, protecting ourselves! When we just want to have fun, and stay in touch with friends, in Pretty Blog Land. No fair!!!! -pout-

Happy Spring,

Vee said...

Spam seems to be getting through the filters. I had a weekend of dealing with it and changed my comments older than a day to having to be moderated. No fun.

Goodness, Linda, you were exhausted. You and LD are two dedicated grandparents. Praying for Amber's recovery to be smooth.

Love that emergency coffee break kit!

You all take care now...

Bernice said...

I have not thought about Spam in a long time,with 5 kids to raise Spam used to be a staple in Mom's pantry growing up.
Glad you are getting your rest,love all the pics/videos of the quads.Thanks for sharing:)
Take Care

Deb said...

I loved a fried spam sandwich with mustard and lays potaoto chips as a kid...glad you got some rest...I don't know how you get as much done as you do every day...

Jutta said...

Linda, Spam writers are the lowest. LD is a gem. Love the photo of him kissing the baby! Love how he treats You. :)

Susie said...

Linda, The babies know they are loved. They are growing so fast. Praying for Amber to recover quickly.
Spam, Once on a road trip with our parents, daddy sliced us all up a spam sandwich while mommy drove, add a piece of celery and that was our fast food on the road. Can you even imagine? LOL. xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

All the best to you as you give yourself to caring for the quads|!

I wasn't sure they were still making Spam! We used to have it fried with eggs when I was a kid. Oh...the memories.