Monday, March 4, 2013

My Sister's Vaseline Glass Collection and MORE!

My sister and her husband are avid collectors!
The vaseline glass is just ONE of their many extensive collections.

The uranium salts used in the glass is what gives it a yellow green look in the daylight -
and fluoresces bright green when shown under ultraviolet lights.

Mike constructed a display area that features it perfectly!

Antique/vintage toy trains is another of their favorite collectibles.

Just TWO of the MANY commemorative silk pillow cases from their collection.

You can see other pillow cases on the drying rack below the vintage toy cars lined up for display.

One of my favorites is this neon sign from the Flamingo Hotel.
Magic Fingers
Room Phones TV
Refrigerated Air

Mike has an extensive collection of all things Sinclair!

Their game room is a child's fantasy!
Actually, Louis Dean and I look and stare with wide eyes and open mouths every time we visit!
Bet we're not the ONLY ones, either!

Their latest addition is this typewriter desk.
Mike has a large collection of ephemera!

This desk is a perfect place to showcase them!

The entire desk folds in on itself!
It is amazing!

While I'm at it - I'll show you their 'new' old dresser!
Don't you just love it? 
I  wonder about the ladies who have looked into this mirror over the years.

THIS was their 'old' one which is now in Mother's bedroom and she is enjoying it!
My mother is such a 'Girly' Girl!

While we're in here I'll show you the rest of Mother's bedroom. She has the BEST room in the house!

Nita and Mike completely redid her bathroom just for HER!

My photographing skills - or lack thereof! - do NOT do their collections justice!

My sister's house seems to be our family's gathering place for holidays and get together times!
She is a natural at hosting large groups and does it without stressing.
I guess I'm getting a little homesick tonight.
I may not be going home this month at all - due to circumstances not in my control and having nothing whatsoever to do with the quadruplets or family.

 I am going now to  peruse the posts I highlighted myself.
It will be like a trip 'home!'
And everyone KNOWS how much I love HOME!!

PS. I'm not sure WHY but when I previewed this post the first part of it doesn't look the way it's supposed to.
Not sure WHAT I'm doing wrong!


Deb said...

I'm sorry you won't get to come those collections...

Kathy said...

Your family sure does collect things. I love your mom's room and bathroom. So nice!

I too am sorry you won't be able to go home this month.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you wont be coming home this month. I do have question about all your sister's collections.Does she have a really large house and how do you all keep these collections from collecting dust. Just wondering. Virginia

Linda said...

She has a good sized home! My mother probably does some dusting. She LOVES living with all these beautiful collections and she is still able to do light housework. Now that you mention it - I have NEVER seen one speck of dust at Nita's!! That's NOT the case at MY house!!! OR the camper!!

Bev said...

Lovely collection!! Oh Linda....I feel we have alot in common...but I am going home in less than 3 weeks and I DON"T WANT TO GO HOME!!! I would love to stay here for a long long time....we differ there...but I do understand how you must feel... I use to feel like that when the kids and GKS...were younger.... Take care!

Bernice said...

Love the typewriter desk and the two old dressers
Sorry to hear you will not be heading home this month, will miss pictures of your beautiful home.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

OHHH, The Sinclair Dino!!!!!! :-)

Me-thinks Blogger is having troubles. I see "Problem Messages," now and then. Perhaps the different look, in your blog, wasn't you? Perhaps it was Blogger?

Sorry you can't go home..............


Nita said...

Thank you Linda, I think your pictures are very good. I'm proud of the way you posted, I didn't realized how nice it looked!

Vee said...

It all looks great to me! What an interesting home and I would be so like a kid in a candy store. I love, love, love the typing desk and your mother's room looks wonderful. She deserves to be pampered!

Sorry that you won't be going home this month, but hope that you'll be home before you know it. You have so many places to call "home."

Sandra said...

my grandmothers dresser was like the second one, with the photographer in the mirror. i love all old stuff and this is all beautiful... would love to see all that glass

Angie said...

Oh wow, those are some impressive collections. That glass is absolutely amazing & I love neon signs of all kinds.

Home is definitely where the heart is my friend :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow...they really are collectors. Love the new old dresser...and the old dresser! Oh...and the typewriter desk. Your mom's room is awesome!

Enjoy your time away...and don't get too homesick. The month will fly by.