Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home Sounds on a Saturday

I have been HOME all day! No make up, grungy clothes, barely even combed my hair.
I did brush my teeth and wash my face - that was it!
It has been a great day to be HOME!
I slept late and did some reading as I sipped my morning coffee - alone.
Louis Dean arrived before noon completely worn out!
He drank one cup of coffee, took a bath and went to bed in the guest room where he slept for the next FOUR hours!

Before I went to bed in the wee hours of this morning I DID manage to finish cleaning the dining room.

Today I tackled the sewing room.
I actually did a few sewing chores while I was in there!
Cut off a pair of WAY too long Chico pants so I will no longer trip when I wear them!
They are made of that marvy  wrinkle free travel fabric so I just whacked them off - didn't even hem them!

I love putting old things in new places!
That tiger plush fabric in the basket will be a quilt back for one of the quads birthday quilts!

This will be Kailey's! Black and white denim with some zebra squares thrown in for added interest and backed with a black quilted cotton backing. I am going to go ahead and use batting in between for extra 'fluff!' One quilt planned, cut and ready to sew. Three more to go!

My favorite sounds on this Home Spun Saturday?
Bird song all day long!
Birds at the feeders in the back, in the front and on the side of the house.
Birds at the bird bath in front and both ponds in the back.
The sounds of children playing and dogs barking.
The attic fan as it pulls in this fresh sweet spring air.

My favorite smells on this day?
Someone grilling in a neighboring back yard.
The fragrance of fresh mowed grass!
Especially since it was MY grass!!
 Louis Dean popped for having it done this time and I am grateful for that!

My favorite moments?
Summer coming over and surprising me with lunch!

I ate my first In-N-Out Burger!
It was delicious!
Summer and I ate out in the gazebo then sat in the living room visiting over a glass of tea.
THEN came the BEST moment!
I flipped on the attic fan and Summer took a nap in our room.
I LOVE it when I have a 'child' in the house!
All four of my children grew up here and they all slept and napped with the sound of the attic fan.
While I'm not sure Amber and Ben feel so strongly about it, I know for a fact that Summer and Jesse LOVE it! The fan is in the ceiling of the hall. The bedrooms all fork off so when you turn it on (and you must have a window partially open in the den and the bedroom windows) it causes a strong pull of air from the outside.
I KNOW this pulls in pollen and dust as well. I KNOW this.
I don't CARE! Sleeping with the attic fan on is some of the best sleeps in the world!
When the temps are in the 60's it is like refrigerator COLD!
Once the weather is really hot in Texas the attic fan does no good.
However, spring sleeping is the BEST!
I'm leaving it on tonight.

Don Williams CD playing, attic fan humming, I think it is time to pour the wine!


Carole said...

Linda, I haven't heard of that burger brand. Love to see a pic of what one looks like. When are you off back to Quadville?

Nonnie said...

We like the In 'n Out burgers too and they are maybe the cheapest burgers around.
Growing up, we didn't have central ac, so every night we slept with the attic fan pulling in the night air. I can still feel the breeze and hear that sound.

Linda said...

We leave tomorrow BUT we will be home again the next Sunday!

Deb said...

Fun times at home....

Blondie's Journal said...

Sweet pea, you never run out of energy or things to do! I know you are feeling so happy to be home. One thing I do, and you spurred me on to share...every night I go to bed and thank God that all my children are in their places...Abby at home, Emily with her fiance at his home, son Kevin at home with his wife and Jeff...well he's always out and about but has a good head on his shoulders. But those nights bring me peace. On nights when they are out or at work, I pray they are safe, they are in God's hands, it never ends for a mother when they grow up. They are our babies.

Sorry I am so wordy...just identifying with you!

Much love,


Say What? said...

I grew up with an attic fan and I LOVE it. I could sleep like a baby if we had one now.

You have such a lovely home.

darlin said...

Sounds lovely Linda, it's hard to believe you're having spring, grass is being cut and birds are singing AND the fan is going, we're still buried in a fresh mound of snow.

I love your choice for music, my Mom used to love Don Williams and I grew up on his music, to this day I love to go back and revisit it every now and again.

Have a wonderful week!

Vee said...

♪ And I believe in love...I believe in babies...♪

One of John's favorites!

You've already got a quilt going? Well, of course, because those quads will be a year old before we know it and you've got four quilts to do. You're amazing!

The story about Summer taking a nap with the attic fan on reminded me of an old memory of my napping on my great-grandfather's sunny summer porch. I'd make a beeline for the daybed and have the most wonderful snoozes and for some reason that completely delighted him. Ha!

Hope that LD is just about finished dealing with the property. John deals with one right here in town and that's frazzling enough.

Wow. How neat that this leg of the journey is nearly done and that you get to return to your home and your new normal with a whole lot of sweet babies a lot closer. Yay!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Certainly hope LD's dang-dang-business trips, will be done soon. -sigh-



Chatty Crone said...

I LOVE the In and Out! Are you home for good now? Or just a break? I clean like you do - a room at a time. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

Carla said...

I love looking at pictures of your house. It always looks so warm and cozy.
Now about that glass of wine............... LOL