Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Night Supper Visit

It's Thursday night and Louis Dean and I are having supper.....the first meal we've actually cooked since we returned to the camper. Salmon Croquettes, scalloped potatoes, green peas and a lettuce/tomato salad.
Simple. Easy. Quick. Good.

I am about to go to bed just as soon as I journal. It's been a long day even though Louis Dean filled in for me at the breakfast feed.

I am NOT good at 'Rise and SHINE!'
Mornings are hard! I don't know exactly WHY!
 It takes me awhile to wake up I guess.
This morning he left early so I could sleep another half hour. 
Tomorrow he and I will go at the same time. Amber is still recovering from her surgery and has a doctor appointment. 

Things are moving FAST around Quadville!
Their house is on the market and they have had numerous showings and OFFERS!
It seems it will sell before the weekend is over!
WOW! They also have a short term lease on an apartment back home. WOW!
When they get something done they 'GIT 'R DONE!'
We will ALL be moving back home at the same time!
We have extended our stay by a week since she can't lift a baby - especially now that they are 16 and 17 POUNDS each! That's a LOT of babies!
I told my mother on the phone today I am in a work out program.
I lift weights every day!
It has even strengthened my abs! Seriously! You can't LIFT a baby without it pulling your abdominal muscles. Hence the reason Amber can't lift for a couple of weeks.

Since tonight is short and sweet I will share some of the sweetness of  my day!

I totally should have wiped Kailey's runny nose (from teething) before pushing that record button!

We all hang out in the nursery when prospective buyers are seeing the house.
That Little Logan Lee grabs my heart every time she looks up at me with those big blue eyes!

She is a stinker!!!

Kailey has her Granddad wrapped around her little finger.
He rocked her to sleep right after I snapped this.
I asked if he wanted me to put her in the crib.
He said, "Are you going to bring me another one?"
I said, "No."
He said, "Then I'll KEEP her!"

She IS pretty cute!! And SO much like her mama was when she was little.
I vacuumed the nursery this morning while the babies were in their cribs.
The noise didn't bother any of them but Kailey.
I used to have to HOLD Amber when I vacuumed.
I was younger back then - but still and 'older mom' as I had her when I was 36 - so I got Granddad to hold Kailey! Worked for him!

Trystan is a serious EATER!
Granddad is a messy FEEDER!
His excuse was that she clamped down on the spoon and held it tight with those new teeth of hers!

She cleaned up pretty good!
I let the babies choose their outfits today.
I hold up two - one in each hand - and let them reach for the one they want.
It's amazing even 9 month old babies can make CHOICES!!
I love that!

This is Harrison's 'I'm COMING TO GET YOU, Grandma' look!

He is such a BOY! His hands and feet are so much BIGGER than the girls'.
I said if he was a puppy he would be a LAB!

One thing about working with babies all day -
I SLEEP like one at night!


Bernice said...

Thanks for posting all the pics, the babies are just adorable, of course I am partial to Harrison,he is a doll;)
Sticking up for LD, my son use to clamp onto his spoon or chew on it while it was filled with food when he was teething.
As usual Thanks fo sharing:)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Linda!

I am not a morning person either! It always takes me awhile to "snap to and get going." I think that is why I was able to work the night shift as an RN for many years. I never felt sleepy working all night.

Your Quad grands are beautiful, God bless them! Amber is so fortunate that you and Louis Dean have been able to help her so much. I'm glad their house sold quickly!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

WOW! Things are moving right along!

Meanwhile, Courage! :-) And get alllllllll the rest, you can get.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I missed something? Amber and Mike are moving to your town? I love all the pics and I can see how Kailey has Grandpa wrapped around her finger. They are all so sweet, wouldn't know which one to pick up first!

Cheapchick said...

I am so happy they have potential offers on their house-it makes the move easier if they don't have a financial burden hanging over their heads.

Vee said...

Oh there are lots of benefits...smiles and joy, strengthened abs and biceps, and sleeping like a baby is something I haven't done in years. Love reading about your days and snippets of conversation. Yay for things going well with the sale of the house, too. That's terrific!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, Linda! I can't imagine how busy your home must be! How wonderful that you get to spend time with the little ones... and the added bonus that your daughter gets a little respite. Enjoy every second!!

Anonymous said...

Things are moving swiftly now, aren't they? Not long to go now!

Susie said...

linda, You and LD have done a wonderful job helping with the babies. They will always be close to you. I know you will be happy to get to your house and ahve the children near. Good luck to all of you with moving. I can see why you sleep at night. We love those grandkids but they wear us out. xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

What a tremendous change in the quads since I last visited!
You have great stamina Linda, but I'm not surprised that you need all the sleep you can get.

Kelly said...

LD cracks me up saying he won't give up a baby without getting another one! That's so sweet. I don't know how Amber does it. Raising 4 babies, dealing with surgery and selling a house all at once. My goodness, she is such a strong woman! She's so lucky to have a strong support system from her family. I don't think she could do it without everyone. It's just too much! It will be nice for her to be closer to you in the future though. Glad to hear that the house selling is going well. One less thing to worry about.