Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home Alone!

I am enjoying a quiet evening here in the camper - all alone!
Louis Dean has been gone all week on a business trip and is now at HOME home where I will be joining him on Saturday. In the meantime I am having a little time to myself and it is exquisite!

It was a good day over in Quadville. 

Kailey helped me fold laundry!
Simply sitting on the floor is a new experience for her and she loved it!

This morning after changing their diapers - instead of returning them to their cribs until I had finished all four -

I just set them down on the floor.
They immediately started emptying out the sock baskets!
Just look at that impish expression on Logan's face!

Kailey found a hard plastic tag and started gnawing on it.
All these babies are teething!

I got back to the camper early enough to enjoy SIX whole hours before bedtime!
The first thing I did was paint while it was still daylight.

I put my dinner in the oven so it could cook while I was outside.

A hearty dinner for one!
When I'm alone I love to READ while I eat!

I have a little ambiance going with a candle, the radio tuned to the classical station here and the small electric heater humming away. It was pretty chilly by the time I came in from doing my art so the heat feels good.

The coffee's all ready for in the morning.
Only half pots with Louis Dean gone.

I've already put up the clean laundry, made the bed with fresh sheets and done a bit of cleaning.
So with the writing of this evening's post I have finished my day.

The only thing left for me to do is take my book in with me and see if I can get Maggie OFF my bed!
Reading in bed - another one of life's little pleasures!

Knowing you have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations.
Vladimir Nabokov

I meant to put this video in last night's post and I forgot!
I have discovered if I take very SHORT videos I can get them to load!

The babies do love the Mum-Mums!


Deb said...

so funny I just finished a post about me spending the evening is nice on occasion...those babies are so cute...I really enjoy seeing the videos and photos...

Anne588 said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!
I love your grandkids and I wish I could do art. I suck MAJORLY since primary school. But this is another story.


Alone time? What's that? I so envy the whole concept. But....I must say, those babes are so darned precious!! What cuties...what miracles.

Your 'hearty' meal looks scrumptious, and I bet it was one of the best ever while you enjoyed the food and a good book with all the quiet time.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Have a safe trip to HOME home!!!!!!

And enjoy your time there!!!!

As if, anyone had to tell you, to do that. -grin-


Sandra said...

the quads are beyond adorable and getting more adorable every day... i do so love alone time, but NOT all the time....

Gram said...

What are "Mum-Mums?" Maybe I'm dense.

Vee said...

Happy Trails back home...I was so surprised to find you home alone, but I know how I enjoy my alone time and John enjoys his and LD probably enjoys his, too.

Yes, the shorter videos are easier to load...what fun to see them in action.

Linda said...

Mum-Mum is a rice snack. They are wafers which the babies can hold. The ones we gave them are apple flavored. Pretty good. It SAYS 'No Mess' on the box! They LIED!! They are very messy! At least with teething babies they are MESSY!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Fri. 13:00 hours

I posted again........, today.


Bernice said...

Love watching the babies in action. Alone time here is maybe every 4-6 weeks when he gets his haircut, would love a long day to myself.
Safe travels home.
ps You voice sounds so kind and sweet.

Nita said...

I also loved seeing the video! There looked like plenty of room for Maggie to stay on the bed.

Linda said...

Awwww...great photos! Your dinner looks fantastic! The video is delightful!

Linda said...

Home alone is wonderful sometimes! What amazing changes in the quads since my last visit here - they're real little people now.

Carla said...

Home alone can be nice can't they?!