Friday, September 9, 2011

I Love me some HEB!!!!

Today was the big day! I have been looking forward to it for months! HEB Grocery Store Grand Opening in Granbury, Texas. This is a short drive from where my mother lives so after her hair was done and we had eaten lunch that is exactly where we went!

Mother was a good sport! It was like a huge party with nearly as many employees as there were customers. I am certain HEB is helping the local economy and by the looks of the overflowing carts leaving the store WE are helping HEB's business!

I began in the produce section and was planning on working my way around the store. What I didn't realize was that Mother was thirsty. Never mind that we had just had lunch with plenty of liquids....she is like I am! We are both 'Heavy Drinkers!' We keep a bottle of water or a glass of tea handy ALWAYS! You would think I would have remembered to bring some .....but I didn't! SO.......each and every time we were offered samples Mother would put her hand to her mouth and make sucking nosies like she was drinking! Well, they were not offering water so I parked her by the olive bar (where I later filled a container to the brim!) and went off in search for a bottle of water for her. The first thing I found was a bottle of Sparkling Mineral Water so I thought this would have to do! (I later found the regular water FAR AWAY on the back side of the store!) She took one gulp of this and said, "UGH!!!" But it was WET! Suffice it to say I did NOT go down every isle. I DID get some olives and cheese and some produce. I also found a little cafe setting where she and Louis Dean can have coffee while I shop NEXT trip! It was a good time and I am happy I was THERE at the grand opening. I even bought three containers of mums to plant as a reminder of our outing. It is a GREAT store and I WILL go back!!


Pondside said...

I don't know that chain of stores, but a grand opening is always a good day to shop! I hope you get back soon.

Amber said...

Y'all are so cute both wearing your new tops. :)

Glad you got to go, HEB rocks!

Courtney@SDB said...

I can't wait to move back to Texas for the sole reason to shop at H.E.B!!!

Linda said...

That sounds a strenuous outing, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Your stories about your momma crack me up! Glad you did get to go & that you got a few mums as a reminder. Maybe next trip will be a little easier for ya

Bring Pretty Back said...

I had never heard of the HEB stores because there aren't any near me in Michigan. But , when I traveled to Texas with my husband for his work I went to one and fell in love! FABULOUS stores!!
hahah! You and your Mother are Heavy Drinkers!
Have a pretty day!