Friday, May 26, 2023

Gentle Country Days.....

Louis Dean and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a Blog Friend on Tuesday.

They had flown into Houston on Monday for a grandson's High School Graduation arriving a day early so they could meet us halfway between Houston and Mart at College Station.

We met Sharon and Dennis from Ventnor City, New Jersey at 3:00 on the parking lot of The Dixie Chicken! We arrived a few minutes before they did and I was still trying to figure out the parking app when Sharon called out to me. They were trying to figure out t he same thing!
Dennis was the one who succeeded and proceeded to pay the parking for two hours for our car, too!

It was like old home week - we got along so well!!

Dean and Dennis really hit off and Sharon and I are Kindred Spirits!
We have SO many things in common.

The Dixie Chicken was established in 1974 and has been a favorite hang out for college kids at Texas A&M - and I've always wanted to come here!
We didn't realize they have a full service bar but the food is ordered as you come in the door and then they call your name really LOUD when it's ready for you to go back and pick it up!

We four talked non stop for a full two hours plus before Sharon and Dennis headed back to Houston and Louis Dean and I went on to do some errands.

Home Depot for top soil and a giant 'Hose Butler' aka a hose roller upper!
LD needed the next to most expensive one thay have since he has a 200 foot hose to roll up!

We drove to Marlin where we stopped at a Walmart to pick up a few things and then on to the ranch.

We got to the gate right at 9:00 and it was just beginning to be dark night - but we squeaked in while we could still see.

We thought we had left both cats inside the camper with the AC on but Tabitha greeted us as we came in the front door.

I think Samantha got lonely staying in all by herself.
I saw the two of them walk up to each other and touch noses.
It's obvious they love each other and I know they communicate some way!

Louis Dean is a man that stays busy! It rained Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning so he felt limited in what he could do.

That's when he spied an area he could deck!


He is still a strong worker man!

He made short work of that and then washed all the deck out on this side and scrubbed it down.

I've been doing some art - working on four different canvases hoping to finish them before we go home next week.

When I find myself struggling with a painting it usually means I need to lay a fresh palette so that's what I did!

This one is so close to being done but needs a few extra details which I can do after it dries.

Same with this one for my son, Jesse.
In the white area at the bottom I will paint in The Barista.

I also painted up a bunch of Santas from last year's okra pods.

They look pretty ugly until you get the paint on them.

I used water based paint on a can for the white and then I painted the red when it was dry.
Doesn't take long since it's water base....Rust-Oleum in Colonial Red.

The next step is to paint in Santa's face and beard.
I'm going to use the larger ones to hang on the stockings this year and the rest for gift ornaments.

Dean and Sherry are out of town for the holiday weekend visiting Roy and Ruth Ann.
Sherry has a big brand new washing machine  so I am doing laundry before we go home!

Wet laundry is heavy so I have my strong helper with me.

Country clothesline!!

Back when we were younger, we would do the Critter Chores when the kids were gone but now that we are older, they have a neighbor come over and handle things.
We could still do the ducks and chickens and peacocks and dogs but not the goats.
So as I was gathering in one line of washing this evening, Amon and his children were laughing and hanging out with the goats after they had brought them back to the pens.
You can hear them in this short video - and the roosters!

It made us feel good when Dean called this morning and asked if we would do them a favor and water his plants that he hasn't got in the ground yet.
Of course we can!
We can't do some of what we once did - but we can still do some things!

I find the country peaceful and quiet but there is a good bit of 'noise' and I love it all!

Or most of it! There's a mean rooster here and it's so pretty I forget that he's not nice!
He caught me going to the truck (we made several trips down today doing laundry) and nipped me on the leg!! 

When we came back down an hour later - he tried it again and I was screaming at him and shouting and flaying my trash bag at his head until Louis Dean could get over and help me!

The peacock in the pen next to where I was started screaming too!
He got all agitated and fluffed out his feathers and started rattling them at me.
Louis Dean stood guard so the rooster wouldn't get me when I stopped to take this pic.

Our early dinner this evening was chili dogs - LD's favorite!
This is HIS plate.
Mine was a single dog with just a dollop of chili.
Louis Dean said more than once, "Thank you, Honey! This really hits the spot!"

Yesterday the extra deck space and today he is repairing a picnic table.
The plastic has cracked and crumbled and he is making a new top for it from some plywood.

I am absolutely THRILLED to see some of the pumpkin seeds I planted have sprouted!!
It would be so wonderful if we could grow our own pumpkins this year!

I'm also grateful Louis Dean is happy about leaving some of the wildflowers for me.
Last year we had a ton of black eyed peas - or was that the year before?
It's foolish to think we can plant a huge garden and take care of it all summer when we are only down here for a week or two each month.
The way we have it this year - I can look out and see my wildflowers - and Louis Dean can look out and see his dirt....and later his plants once they get bigger enough!

I'm loving these gentle days so much.
Each morning and evening is a gift to treasure and I am thankful.


Arlene G said...

How nice to meet a blog friend!! And those Okra Santas are going to be so cute!! I like the way you focus on the things you can do versus the things you cannot do. I had a busy week and I paid the price today. I am learning the hard way I am not as young as I used to be!! Enjoy your country flowers.

Kathy said...

I have got to learn to slow down too. I still think I can do everything I did when I was 20. You have such wonderful days at the ranch. I would be tempted to live there full time. Such fun to meet a blog friend. I have me two of mine so far. Hope you get some pumpkins this year. That would be fun.

MadSnapper said...

LD is so cute watering the plants, love those photos. your life is always interesting and full but I think it is at its best in your country times. Of course the city life has the quads and family, which means you have the best of both worlds. I heard that mean rooster and it gave me heeebie jeebies because i fear them and do not like them at all, the I read the story and know i would not like him at all. i would like to pet the goats.

Donna said...

Omgg..Lol...your adventure with the rooster and peacock! Funny, but not at the time, I Know! Been chased by many a rooster in my childhood!
Glad you made new friends...and I love the decking LD built.

Vee said...

Oh that mean old rooster! There are four chicken coops surrounding my home, each one has a very noisy rooster. I am about to lose my mind with all the cockle doodle doing in every hour of the day and night. I could cheerfully wring their necks at this point. Who would have ever thought that in 2023, everyone and his brother would need to raise chickens. 😵‍💫

You folks sure accomplish a lot while in the country. So glad that you were able to meet with new to you friends. That's always so fun.

photowannabe said...

I do believe that your Ranch time is pure Heaven on earth.
Every thing you talk about shows your joy and pleasure at being there.
Hard work seems to give Louis Dean the boost he needs. Love his squirting you with the hose too.
As I've said before..I love visiting your blog and living the Good Life through you.

Wanda said...

Linda, I was so touched by the comment you left on my "Sister" blog. With my dearest not being able to take long trips, I have seen my sister for a several years.
I love your gentle country days, but loading that truck didn't look so gentle, haha. Glad you still have a big strong man. I never get use to my little frail hubby. He is stronger now than a few months ago, so I'm blessed.
Love you art table, and all the lovely painting. The vibrant colors and the "smell" of the paint on the canvas.
Your Ocra santa's reminded me that I will get to put our my Santa Painting you gifted me at Christmas.

How fun to meet up with blog friends. Sue that comments on you blog and I met in person at blog friends and found we had so much in common.
Sending love and hugs to and home and the ranch!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I can hear the Rooster crowing! Wonder why he is so mean? Your Peacock pic is gorgeous! You are NOT too late for the purse giveaway, I will put your name in the pile. Good luck!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

How fun to be able to meet blog friends in person.
You are so creative. Lov the top painting with the golden tree, and the okra Santas are great. I would never have looked at a bunch of okra and envisioned that's what they could become.
I'm surprised that nasty rooster didn't get scared off when you yelled at him. It brought back a memory I probably shouldn't share, but one of my granddaughters once had a nasty rooster too, and after he had been nasty once too many times they wound up cooking him.

Carole said...

Love the style of 'The Barista' - great work. Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Linda, how wonderful to have been able to meet up with blog friends and from our home state of NJ too! The okra Santas did look so much better after being painted! You and Louis Dean sure keep busy at the ranch with projects and painting. There is nothing like laundry dried outdoors although it has been many many years since I have done that myself.

Granny Marigold said...

I like your country clothesline! And the Santas made from Okra pods ( which I've never seen in my life. Wouldn't know what to do with one :).
I hope you managed to finish the four different canvasses before you had to leave. You and LD are very busy folks!!