Sunday, December 4, 2022

Cats, Decorating for Christmas and Movies I've Never Seen Before.....

 Samantha and Tabitha are loving the extra debris everywhere these days!

Tabitha is having a great time investigating the tree in the living room.
This is the only one fully decorated!

Both kitties get into the busiest of settings and still do much less damage than Louis Dean on any given day. ( He's knocked two paintings WITH the frames off the hall wall today alone.) No all gets put back in place. 

They have made the den table their headquarters this weekend as that's the room with the biggest mounds of it is the last room inside the house to decorate.
The days are numbered until this room is a done deal!

Friday night after the Dolly Parton Christmas Show - we weren't quite ready to go to bed so we scrolled down the list of movies and TV programs I had recorded.

We chose this one!

It had me when I saw Sam Elliot was in it - back when he was young and beautiful!
He is now old but still beautiful! IF you ask me!

What a great movie!!
WHY have I not seen that before?

Saturday was all about the sewing room and I finished it!
Or at least pretty much.

The tree is not decorated yet - I am holding out for Trystan to come over and do this but their schedule hasn't worked out yet. No worries. I can wait.

The white dresser is new this year and is the one I bought from Summer and holds all my cookbooks.
It was fun to decorate! I'm loving the red/black and white.
There's still a wreath waiting for lights and ornaments......

The sewing room is like my 'work' room.
I write and sew and craft in here.

There's still more than a dozen stockings to make before Christmas and once the decorating is all done - I will be on it!

The Holly Jolly metal sign was from my Tuesday Treasures this week with Brenda.

The sewing room is on the other side of the kitchen sink area.

I have a tub or two of Snowmen decorations but I seldom use them anymore.
This one was given to Amber by my mother.

Saturday night my neighbors (Jim and Tamara) sent me a text that A Christmas Story was on TV......

Another movie I have never seen!

Now I understand the Christmas lamp in their window!

I wonder what other significant movies I have missed?
It's a surprise to me that I haven't seen these before as I do love a good movie!

So.....what is YOUR favorite movie?
Christmas or not.......


Ginny Hartzler said...

I can't believe you have never seen "A Christmas Story"!! It is a classic! There are so many pretty and interesting things to see, like a Christmas museum! I've said before you should charge admission. Tabitha & Samantha could be the guides!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So much beauty to see everywhere in your home. I wouldn't know where to begin! Yes, like Ginny said above, you should charge admission and let the kitties be the guides! LOL. I also cannot believe you had not ever seen "A Christmas Story". It is one of our favorites. Also of course the Griswold Family Christmas, but my favorite is "The Bishop's Wife" with Cary Grant and Loretta Young and David Niven. It's a classic. There are many more, but that one is my favorite. I treated myself to watching it the other day by myself while hubby was away at Bible Study and I was home sick. I love that movie and could watch it over again. I am beginning to get my decorating done a little at a time. We will tackle the tree tomorrow, Lord willing. Then we set up the train and village underneath, IF I can get on the floor. Maybe I'll have to wait for our son Scott to come back and do that part. We'll see. Take care my friend, and enjoy your decorating and sewing and all the interesting things you do! I honestly don't know where you get the energy! You amaze me!!!!

Anonymous said...

White Christmas! The clothes, the dancing oh my I love it.

Vee said...

"A Christmas Story" is actually my favorite Christmas movie. I'm glad that you got to see it. There is a sequel called "A Christmas Story Christmas" with Ralphie all grown up and enjoying Christmas with his own family and his widowed mother in his childhood home. It's showing on HBO. Goodness knows when I'll have an opportunity to see it. I am not so much a fan of the sacred representations of the season. They turn such a compelling story into mush. I did enjoy David Jeremiah's "Why the Nativity?" It is on his You Tube channel and is advertised as a docudrama.

Everything is looking festive and merry. The kitties must sleep well with all the adventures they. are having. We won't mention all the adventures you and Louis Dean are having. ☺️

Sparkle on!

Sandy in Alaska said...

I am in awe of your motivation & energy to create so many wonderful Christmas rooms, Linda! But when you said you also will be making 12 more Christmas stockings, my mouth dropped! ha ha! You are also inspiring me! I will start some decorating this week. My husband is like your Louis Dean. When I first met him & he came to my house, when he walked down my narrow hallway pictures fell off the wall. :) Bless his heart, he didn't do anything out of the ordinary either! 27 years later & he still knocks stuff over unintentionally. Love your sewing room! It looks like your happy place!

Hena Tayeb said...

I have heard so much about both of these movies that I always think I have seen them but I too have never seen either of these movies.

Chatty Crone said...

I do have to say I am surprised you haven't seen A Christmas Story - I saw it - not my favorite - but it is a Christmas staple.

Mandy said...

Your home is looking so beautiful for the holidays! Love seeing the kitties getting into the holiday spirit, too! One of my favorite Christmas shows is one that came on ABC called Holiday in Handcuffs. It’s super cute and funny if you can catch it on tv. As for movies, I love watching White Christmas. I love the singing and dancing. Hope you have a great week!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Wow, you really go all out with the Christmas decorating. Everything in your home looks so festive. I'm surprised you had never seen A Christmas Story. It is one of my favorites. Glad you finally got to see it. Have a good week.

Rita said...

I watch A Christmas Story and It's A Wonderful Life every Christmas. I heard they have made a sequel called A Christmas Story Christmas with the original Ralph in it--coming home and trying to give his kids a great holiday.

Totally agree with you on Sam Elliot!! I watched this many years ago and since it is on Netflix streaming and you brought it up...I think I need a refresher on young Sam--LOL!

The place looks beautiful and the cats know good places to park themselves--always. :)

BeachGypsy said...

I love Its a Wonderful Life, the Bishop's Wife, White Christmas, Holiday Inn and Meet me in St Louis. I love 1940s Era movies and I love the old musicals

Unknown said...

I have to agree with you about Sam Elliot. He sure was gorgeous in his day, but still not bad looking even now. My favorite Christmas movie is Family Stone. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's so good.

Anni said...

I like polar express.
Sam Elliott is a hunka-hunka-burning love!!!

And bless those kitties!

MadSnapper said...

i have a list of 10 most favorite movies and Road house and Lethal Weapon are tied for first place and are the most watched of all the movies we watch. we just watched Road House last week AGAIN, we rented it back in the late 80's when they made it, and have seen it about once a year I think since then. these two and conspiracy theroy, with mel gibson, and Die Hard with bruce willis are the top 4 movies we have seen over and over

Estelle's said...

Oh how I love love love seeing your Christmas decor.....there is SO much to look at in every's magical! I have enjoyed decorating this season and would you believe, we still have not gotten the tree up....will try to get to this today perhaps....warm hugs!

MimiG said...

Favorite Christmas movie(s) - White Christmas and A Christmas Story
Favorite movie - Field of Dreams
I enjoy movies I can watch with all ages and not be embarrassed!
My tree is up in the living room and decorated. The mantle is started, still searching for my bin with all my large angels. This Saturday the twins will be coming to put up lights and large balls in my dogwood tree and to wrap lights around the stoop poles. I have a wreath (actually 3 I put together) on the front door and they will also put out some signs and move a few things around for me. I'll treat them to pizza...
Loving all of your Christmas - I'm also looking for 2 skinny Santas my sister Paulette made for me years ago, they usually go in the kitchen so that I see them daily. I've bought all the poinsettias for the cemetery, we'll be taking those out on the 15th. It's sad to have the number increase again this year. I got my two sisters pink ones - so pretty!

VintageCrafter said...

You are the queen of Christmas decorating, Linda! I love that you finally watched A Christmas Story with Ralphie. It is one of my favorites. Where do you get all your energy? I can't believe everything that you accomplish in a day....sewing 12 Christmas stockings on top of decorating, cooking and painting? You are one amazing lady!

Luann said...

Fried Green tomatoes is probably still my favorite movie. Merry Christmas!

photowannabe said...

Amazing Christmas Debris in every room. I always say it and I will say it again.. you constantly amaze me with your energy and creative decorations. So much hard work but oh so lovely.
I guess I have to say White Christmas is a favorite. I love all the singing and dancing.

Anonymous said...

White Christmas
Never lived Christmas Story and not sure why

Anonymous said...

This is Brenda…also I used red velvet in my wedding 1960’s like white Christmas
My comment went anonymous again

Wanda said...

Every room, Linda, so filled with YOU and Christmas. What a joy people must find in visiting you. You are a Christmas Classic!! I added Christmas sheets to the bedroom and HoHoHo pillows. Keeping it simple.
It's a Wonderful Life will alwasy be my favorite! And Sam Elliot! Melt this old ladies heart. I've been in love with him for years and Don's OK with it! HaHa

Dee said...

Hi Linda, love your blog, family and you! Fav movie The Desk Set.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

First, Linda, your decorations are such a joy to see every holiday season and they certainly brighten the holiday. Yeah to you for finally watching A Christmas Story, a true classic. We own about 50 holiday DVDs, and favorites are classics like The Bishop’s Wife, White Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and more modern films, Love Actually and The Holiday, Polar Express and the Santa Clause trilogy. We watched Elf for the first time this year and will never watch it again as we thought it was among the worst holiday themed film we’ve ever seen and we will not be recommending it, ever.

Judy said...

Wow! You have everything decked out so beautifully and still manage to find time to watch movies. I'm taking note of the Christmas movie suggestions here.

Carla said...

Okay I can understand not seeing The Roadhouse but Christmas Story. LOL
I really like the Roadhouse. Love Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot. Sam is definitely still good looking.
Your sewing room looks so much cleaner than mine. Mine looks like a bomb went off. Need to pick up before family comes on the 17th. Yikes.