Monday, June 6, 2022

Stories for Monday!

 It's been a busy weekend chock full of family and friends and celebrations!

I love visiting with my blogging friends and Terre in California has family here in the DFW area of Texas and we have met up several times when she comes to visit!

Louis Dean and I drove over to Fort Worth at noon on Friday to meet her and grandson, Wyatt, for lunch.

He is am amazing young man and it was such a pleasure to spend some time with him.
He's a baseball player and on a travel team this summer.
It does my heart good to see such a well mannered and kind young man and to watch him and his grandma together. It's obvious how much he adores her and she adores him just as much!

Terre made a gift for me and I LOVE it!!
She attends a great ladies group where they do crafting afternoons and when Terre saw the paper napkin that inspired this work of art - she said she immediately thought of me.
I nearly teared up when I opened know that God has put one in someone's thoughts and hearts ......that God has put ME in someone's hearts and thoughts is cause enough for humble grateful tears. I treasure this gift and will be taking it to the ranch later this month to display. It will serve as a prayer reminder for me to pray for Terre and Joel.

We met for lunch at Red Robin on Hulen in Fort Worth.

They offer a good gluten free menu and that's what Terre needs!
I ordered a salad and these garlic fries.
I never heard of garlic fries before but I will not forget them!
SO good!

Louis Dean got a hearty cheeseburger and enjoyed every bite!

It's always a joy to catch up and visit with Terre!!
We love her husband, Joel, and hope to see him next time!

We left our friends - they had some shopping to do and I did, too.
Ross for Less and Tuesday morning!
I meant to take some pictures of the cool things I bought!
Yankee candles for $9.99 each - both green and summer scents - if you can count a Margarita as a summer fragrance! 
Candles, coffee, beauty products - I found some small magnetic eyelashes! Haven't tried them yet but I hope they work!

Our next celebration was Graduation for our Andie at Dickie's Arena.
Notice that Louis Dean dressed appropriately by wearing his Dickies overalls.

Andie is Deanie's granddaughter and is such an amazing young lady!
Born several weeks premature on October 26th - the same day as Summer - she has already been through more surgeries and faced more challenges than most young people her age. She has always stepped up, faced, and moved on with every obstacle she's had to confront. If only we all had the gumption and can do attitude that Andie has!

She was excepted at every college she applied to and chose Texas A&M.

Andie will go far in life and I will be cheering her all the way!
Mart is not that far from College Station and I hope to visit her and take her out to eat and do some shopping!

We drove through a terrible downpour of rain and had to pull off and get my bearings a time or two on our way to El Fenix on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth.

Louis Dean was more than ready for a good beer!

It was such a great evening of visiting and meeting new friends.
Deanie is entertaining two sweet little girls she calls her granddaughters!
Trish (on the left) works with the mom of these cuties at the DMV in Fort Worth. We love that place and we love Trish!
It's all in who you know.
We know Trish.
So when it was time for Louis Dean to get his drivers license renewed - and it gets complicated in Texas with waiting time in the HOURS once you arrive - we called Trish and she made us an appointment and we were DONE!!! In and OUT! WOW!

I had not seen and hugged my sister in a long time!
I may have been a little emotional about it......

Louis Dean made a new friend and they talked music and I have his phone number so they may get together in the future.

His place card said O.G. and since he was sitting next to Misty,
 who works with Trish, I asked him if OG meant 'Other Guy?'
No, it didn't.....but doesn't he look like a young Glen Campbell??
His name is Cole and he MADE the evening for Louis Dean!

I am so thankful for my family......

We are blessed in that we all love and support one another.
No conflicts. No stress. No difficult relationships.
What a blessing to have a harmonious family and extended family!
I think we all realize how amazing this is - especially in this day and time.

My heart was full as I took this video.....
family and friends together - talking laughing and celebrating.
The sounds of their voices blessed my heart and soul.

We had such a good time and we didn't want to leave but we needed to be home before dark.
That didn't happen but we did arrive home safely.
It was not easy and I appreciated my co-pilot helping me navigate my way.

Saturday was one more big celebration!
The Quads 10th Birthday party at the Hockey Rink!
I checked with Amber to make sure it was okay for us to come.
At some point, most children progress from family parties to being with their peers.
Nope! Not yet!

I loved that I was able to spend some time with LeeAnn - one of Amber's Synchro friends and a daughter of my heart.
When LeeAnn was 17 years old, she moved here from Florida in order to swim with the Pirouettes of Texas - and I adopted her so to speak.
It was wonderful to see her and plans are now made for her and her twin brother and her mom - our sweet friend, Sharon, - to come over for lunch early next month!
 Amber and the kids very well may want to join us!

We had such a good time watching all the kids on the ice!
And Amber got out there, too!!

Aren't they cute??

The quads are skilled hockey players but many of their guests were new to ice skates - including their mom! 
Everyone had fun and NO injuries or broken bones and only the most graceful of falls!

The party moved from the rink downstairs to the party room upstairs for chicken nuggets, fruit, chips, drinks and Birthday Cake!!!

There's always something exciting going on!
Logan was sitting in a slippery chair that flew out from under her not once or twice but THREE times! Uncle Mark caught the first time in this video!
Note Harrison is quick to react!
SO much fun celebrating together!
We sang Happy Birthday FOUR times so each sibling had their very own happy birthday song sung just for them.

The party ended at 3:30 and we came home and put on our grungiest clothes and went out to work in the back gardens. 

We worked long and hard and then came in to have a simple supper of a ham and cheese sandwich with chips and watermelon.....and a handful of fresh cherry tomatoes from Stephanie's next door garden!

We ate in the den while we watched one of my favorite programs.
Louis Dean sat with me but this is not his cup of tea.
No worries. I sit with him and listen to his music and watch some of his programs....
and then it's his turn to listen to my music and watch my programs.
Turn about is fair play! 
Am I right?

Sunday mornings are special.
There's a different feeling to Sundays for me.
I always wake up with church on my mind.
:Last week we were in the country so I watched Fellowship Church online.
 I was blessed with a visit with my son, Jesse, and a perfect cup of coffee before I started getting ready!

This was a different way to brew a cup of coffee!
Jesse knows so many different ways to do it!

The plunger pushes the air that pushes the coffee.....
Or at least I think that's the way it works.

Louis Dean has been such a good sport about all the comings and goings of the weekend......
But he opted to stay home and rest and recover today.

So I met up with the Bells at Fellowship.
What a JOY it is to worship together!
That was the sermon topic - Joy!

I came home and noticed several sunflowers along the driveway.

Can you see the bee?
It's so small!

I've never seen honeybees this tiny.

Wonder if these are what Summer used to call 'tickle bees?'

For an easy Sunday lunch, I made Bacon, Lettuce, Cheese, Bacon and Avocado......
Baked beans and cantaloupe to fill in in!

Louis Dean has been making great progress in the back flower garden and I have worked a lot in the garden beside the Christmas House.
Sanford and Son didn't take everything with them when they left but they truly do NOT live here anymore!

Tonight Jesse brought his music player out and I listened as I put together two ham and cheese quiches.

I have been working on the dining room......
but it's been a slow process.
I'm trying not to get all frantic in wanting to get it all done and done fast!
Sometimes slow and steady is the best way to get something done.

I love this poster!


Hootin Anni said...

After your week, I think I need a nap to recover!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All your activities never fail to amaze me. Your family makes the most of anytime to get together. Same as your friends do. Looks like all is going well in your world. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead !

Brenda said...

I could not keep that’s schedule . You are amazing…I can’t go to the sky zone parties for the boys’ birthdays or school activities yet because others are not masking…I still am…seems the big C is alive and well…love love your photos.have not been on a plane since this started and that is a first since the 90’s. I loved watching the Queen on you tube… a respite from the horrors going on…it was nice setting no thousands of people honoring a lovely lady and feeling fairly safe because of their strict laws…have a good week…you do more than anyone…rest rest rest

Brenda said...

As you can see my iPad types for me and makes mistakes lol that not that’s. Good grief

Vee said...

You two are more energetic than you know! Congrats to Andie on her graduation. She has grown to be a beautiful young woman. I know her grandmother is very proud of her. Fun to see the birthday party! Did Harrison give his sister a raspberry? ☺️ Typical brother. So nice to reconnect with friends. You are a gatherer of friends and family. πŸ’

Changes in the wind said...

Happy birthday to the quads, can't believe they are 10 years old. Lots of friends and family and activities. Can't imagine how you can keep up with it all but you do and seem to love it all.

MadSnapper said...

the family that skates together stays together. I do love your family, all of them and everyone is always so happy and lOUD ha ha in the video... Happy Birthday to the quads and congratulations to Andie. so glad you did not get lost in the downpour and made it home safe even after dark.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your poster, and this is so appropriate for us at this age now. what lots of fun you have been having! Hard to believe how old the Quads are!

Unknown said...

Oh Linda, Pure joy just oozes out of this blog post.
I love everything about it.
That poster is perfect instructions for me right now. My brain seems to be in transition right now. Wondering whats in store for Dave and I..nothing really difficult but life seems to be taking some curves for us right now.
Love all the photos of Family and friends.
We have been so grateful for our "boys" and their families.
I cherish every moment.

Unknown said...

Hi again Linda..I am still coming up as "unknown" in the comments.
I'm not really unknown..
on FB I am Suzan Leander Batz
Can't seem to get this corrected but at least I can comment

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lots of good news about family and friends in this post, Linda, and you and Louis Dean have quite a schedule in just one week! Good luck to the new graduate and nice to see the quads birthday celebration.

Carole said...

Love that Victrola! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Wow busy times for you. Stay cool this week going to get very hot.

Deanna Rabe said...

I chuckled at Harrison! Fun kids! I can't believe they are 10!

Andie has grown into a beautiful young woman. I hope she enjoys her college experience! Glad for you both that she'll not be far when you're at the ranch.

My Tim uses an Aero Press for coffee. Our kids got him started with that. He says it makes a smooth cup.

Your BLT's made me hungry for them. I'll put it on my list for this next weeks meal plan. Perfect for summer.

LC said...

Another post that cheers and amazes me with your purchases, adventures and love of people of all ages!