Friday, June 10, 2022

Cake and Moses in a Basket on Thursday and a Pool Day for Friday......

 Thursday was a Stay-at-Home Day for me which is my favorite kind of day!

I did the odd and ends of a day at home......a little laundry, housework, yardwork.....and I baked a cake.

My friend, Judy, posted on Facebook that she had some Moses in the Basket plants if anyone was interested.

I was!!!!

That was on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon she sent me a message that she was on her way to deliver some to me.

Thank you, Judy!!

It was a few short hours later that I had them planted in the new flower bed Louis Dean has designed and made for me.

I 'decorated' the entire bed with mostly plants I already had.
The Monkey Grass and Liriope were some that had been dug up in other places and I divied the huge clumps up to make a border.

I bought the fern and the other plant with red flowers (I can't remember the name and I am too tired to go outside and look!) as well as the few small ivy plants,
I'm just about ready to spread the red cedar mulch and call it finished.

This morning I was walking through the living room when who should come in my front door but Summer!  She is living in Arkansas now but comes back to Texas for doctor appointments and such. She's been staying over at the Bells in their guest room since Monday or so.
Lots of doctor appointments and some of them pretty serious.
Prayers appreciated for my Sweet Summer.

She arrived bearing both Mother's Day gifts and Father's Day!

Louis Dean loves this!!
A dish to hold his pocket things!
Including string and lint!!

While she was here visiting, he potted up three good Trumpet Vines for her to take back to Arkansas where she will plant them by her cabin at Bar-J Ranch.
Summer is loving living there and is happy to use her gifts and skills in such a great place.
God always has a plan.....

I have been working HARD and have been so tired that this afternoon I took some time off and went to Hawaiian Falls to meet up with the Bells.
Amber and Mike gifted me with a special summer beach towel.
Amber ordered it but Mike suggested that I would love one, too!
Win! WIN!!!

I needed some down time to read and rest and float around the lazy river!

This towel is so cool.
It has a pocket that goes over the back of the lounger and side pockets to hold your phone and stuff,

Amber had scored a great spot right in front of the wave pool with this amazing magnolia tree behind us.

Mike is thinking of planting one at the back of their property.
I told him they are slow growing but beautiful.
I wanted to plant one here back in 1969....but didn't ....due to it being 'slow growing.'
Here I am in 2022 and can you imagine the size of the tree I would have by now??
If I had to do it over again ......

Before I left for Hawaiian Falls, I put a huge chicken breast in the crock pot and then I made chicken and dressing when I came home. Canned asparagus with butter (Louis Dean only loves CANNED asparagus) and candied carrots and jellied cranberry sauce rounded out the meal.....

with these fresh home grown tomatoes and a sliced up cucumber gifted to us by our sweet neighbor, Tamara, making a good meal even more special.

Just throwing down a big rug and putting the furniture back is not as easy as it sounds!
All was well until we had to scooch the sewing machine down three inches.....and that made a big rumple in the rug....and things got complicated from there.
I am so happy to have my own personal Knight In Shining Overalls!!
He made it work and I will be putting the room back together tomorrow.

Right now all the contents are in the gazebo, decks and who knows where???


Bluebird49 said...

Girl, that dinner sounded awesome -- from the chicken & dressing, to the cranberry sauce, to the tomatoes and tiny cucumbers! Yay for Tamara!! And for Mike, suggesting Amber order you a towel,too! (I just love them both, and I only know of what you tell us!! He and Amber are a beautiful, lovely couple! Great children and great parents!)
Have a beautiful weekend, Linda! You've worked for it, and so has Louis Dean!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have never heard of or seen Moses In the Basket! Oh my, the leaves are purple! What a stunning plant. Please let us know how Summer's appointments so, I will be praying. I am thinking you are glad she is living closer to you now.

Joni said...

Prayers for Summer. You do a lot in a day. I would have been so tired after the swim and heat, I don't think I would be fixing that wonderful dinner. You are amazing! Love and hugs.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

There sure was a lot packed into this post! first, what kind of cake is that? It looks lovely, and I've never seen a design like that on a bundt pan. (I assume that is what it is). Your chicken dinner sounds so good. I haven't had canned asparagus in years, but I do like it. However, I prefer the fresh. Those "Moses in the Basket" remind me of the "Wandering Jew" plant...very similar if not the same almost? Looks like the sewing room project is a big one. That rug is beautiful! I don't know she related to you or just a good friend? I will keep her in prayer. She looks like a wonderful person! Love your beach towel. Sounds like a nice one with pockets, etc. How neat that you got to go swimming. I haven't been in ages. This was a wonderful newsy post. Thank you for sharing your life with us! So fun.

Brenda said...

Love the cake. Fun times

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never heard of or seen Moses in a Basket. It's a new plant for me. How nice of your friend to share. Enjoy your pool time with your family, try to keep cool there. Hope all goes well for Summer, I'll keep her in my prayers.

Changes in the wind said...

I have seen that plant many times but never hear it called Moses is the blanket. I love a magnolia and clearly rarely see one since I live in Arizona. They are so beautiful and smell wonderful. So glad you were able to see Summer and hope her appointment go well.

Anonymous said...

Hawaiian Falls sounds like a lot of fun!

I’m happy that Summer has found a place to use her skills, and is enjoying life there! Raine must be thrilled that when she’s home for a visit it will be at the Bar J!

Your dinner sounds delicious.

MadSnapper said...

first time seeing moses in the basket, i love canned aparagus but not fresh . so happy for Summer she has found a great place to live and be useful also.. prayers for her health issues.

Jan said...

Obviously, I'm not a plant person. I read your title and thought Moses in a Basket was a recipe! My oldest granddaughter can grow anything, but she didn't get it from me!

Vee said...

Now I wondered where Summer was these days. Sounds as if she is in a happy location. Prayers for her and for answers. She has the most beautiful, beaming smile.

You are always so busy. I can not imagine you and Louis Dean getting rid of the crinkle in the rug. Maddening I'm sure.

Take it easy now. Bit by bit will get it done. And you need lots of time by the pool.

photowannabe said...

Good to see that Summer is visiting you..I have missed her adventures.
Your meals look so yummy and LD is your Superman!!
Awesome job.
Well I'm going to try to post this comment.
Still haven't gotten my blogger thingy fixed...
Its driving me nuts.
Sue of photowannabe

JoyM said...

Hi Linda (and your sweetheart) - so much work to take out, clean, put back. Whew!!! Love visiting.

Carole said...

Great towel design - I've never seen one like that. Glad you took some time out. Thinking of Summer. Cheers
(your daughter not the season!)

Donna said...

Oh goodness...Praying for your friend! We have friends in San Antonio we've known for almost 50 yrs... the wife has colon cancer and the hubs had two large melanomas taken off his head. I'm so tired and sad from losing friends...Praying hard for your Summer.
Love the rug...we had one a lot like it! Don't over do moving all that furniture back!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a great towel and with your initial as well! Glad to read the update on Summer and that she was able to visit and came bearing gifts too. Moses in a Basket is an unusual name for a plant and there must be quite the interesting story behind the name as well.