Friday, June 17, 2022

An Afternoon With Amber and Our Cats are BACK!!

 I used to skip breakfast any time I wanted to - but not any more.
Here the last several months, I need to eat either before I take my medicine or soon after.
It's not that I take any more medicine than I have been or that it's even different medicine.
I think age is telling my body what to do or no to do and that it now requires something in the stomach for those pills, vitamins and such to land on!

A bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a handful of fresh strawberries makes a good, quick and easy morning meal! My Blueberry Crumble coffee made it even better!

I had an errand to run this morning and then I headed over to Amber's to spend the afternoon.

Look who met me at the door!!!
My Sweet Samantha!

Amber was making a really good pasta salad with peas, chicken, onions, feta cheese and some nice dressings!!! It was delicious!!!

Amber's been cooking for two this week while the children are at church camp and this was last night's supper with enough left over to make a plate for today's lunch.

A candle was burning and the quilts were on the sofa so we ate in the living room and watched ....

one of the first episodes of the FBI.

And since it was our Mother/Daughter afternoon - 

we watched a movie together!
Of course, we have seen this before and more than once - but it's still a great movie!

Summer drove in from Arkansas today and had several things to do but arrived at Amber's before I left so I was able to hug her neck and see her for a few minutes.
She's having a couple more tests done tomorrow and will be heading back to Bar-J Ranch in a few days.

Amber cut all the kitties' nails before I packed mine up to take them home with me.
She did Tabitha first and I was impressed that she could clip all front AND back claws by herself.
I usually have to catch the kitties to do this chore but Amber has cool treats that they all love so they come willingly.

Bandit saw what was going on and walked over and got in line right behind the treat bag!

No problem!!

I lost the pic I took of Amber cutting Samantha's nails but she didn't put up any kind of fuss!

Then there was Ginger!!
She came from the same litter as Tabitha and Samantha - but Ginger has an attitude!
Still, Amber is the boss!

I know the cats enjoy being at the Bells but it's time for them to come home.
They will going back over there in August when we go to New Mexico for a week.

As I was driving out of Amber's neighborhood, I asked the cats if they were ready to go home.
Tabitha replied, "NOOOOOOOahhhhhh!"

Louis Dean was so happy to see them!!

He opened up Tabitha's kennel first.....

And then Samantha - but she was facing the other end thinking I was going to unzip that side.
Ah!!! It's so good to have them back!
They have been running around and exploring things.
So much has changed since they've been gone.
All this new carpet and different smells and the living room rug in the sewing room now and some rooms in disarray.
I think they are the luckiest cats ever!
So many people love them and they get to live in three different places!
The country. The city. The Bells!
Win! WIN!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Good grief, Samantha has gotten huge!! I don't know why I have not noticed how much she has grown till now. I don't know how you and Amber ever manage to clip their nails!! Maybe I need to try these Greenies treats.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you, I love strawberry cream cheese on my bagels. Amber does have the touch with cutting those cats nails. I used to hate doing that, but it must be done. So nice you could see both your daughters in one day. We've cooled off here for the weekend, only in the 70's. I'm loving it ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The cats sure are sweet and I know you are happy to see your daughters! I bet it's hot in Arkansas now too!

MadSnapper said...

your cats are well traveled and they seem to adjust to all three places with no trouble which is not normal behavior for cats. its good for them and for all of you. just watch LD doesn't let he get out the door again. i worry about cats outside. we have neighbor cats that get out at night and I just pray I don't see it happen when, not if, they get hit by a car. our street is so busy. Sam has really gotten big. prayers for Summers test and a safe trip home

photowannabe said...

So glad you have your precious kitties home again. I'm sure all the new smells give them a sense of adventure.
Hoping Summer's tests go well and that you had a chance to see her
So nice to have a mother-daughter time together while everyone else is gone.
Wonderful memories.

Vee said...

Very impressed with the kitty toenail clipping. I never got the hang of it. Glad you got to see Summer for half a minute. Have a good weekend!

Carole said...

Our Molly is a rescue cat - she came to us as an adult and so I haven't tried to clip her claws - she wouldn't have a bar of it. I put covers on our leather sofa where she likes to reign so that she doesn't claw it. Wouldn't be without her... Cheers Lovely you have the kitties back.

Bluebird49 said...

I know you really enjoyed your time at Amber's! Of course she can take care of 4 cats!! She takes care of 4 kids all the time. 😉 She is such a beautiful mom wife and daughter😘 Have a great weekend!
I noticed last night, while reading up on JFK, that Oswald had stayed in Irving, TX before the assassination. Thought of you immediately!
Enjoy your big kitties now!😽 I know LD is!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It seems you had a wonderful afternoon with Amber and together time sounded great, p,us seeing Summer, and then taking Tabitha and Samantha back home. They are definitely well loved and very well traveled kitties, Linda.

Debbie said...

we have a brand new bagel shop right up the street. we got bagels once and they were delicious!! you look great linda, and it was so fun to listen to and watch ld greet the cats. we have seen london is falling, we enjoyed it too. maybe we will watch it again tonight as t.v. has not been offering us much lately!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow, Samantha is a big cat.
Love the pictures of them getting their nails clipped.

Deanna Rabe said...

Sweet kitties! Glad their back with you!