Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Day #4

 Last night right after I did published that night's journal entry, Louis Dean got out of bed before I could get over and stop him and all the bells and whistles went off and he tried to walk to the bathroom and nearly tottered backward before he regained his balance - and then nearly fell forward!

By the grace of God and prayers of so many, I have held up well with so much going on - but last night I had a bit of a meltdown! Normally Louis Dean and I don't argue very often but I proceeded to tell him how the cow ate the cabbage! I told him I could handle everything but NOT if he was hell bent on doing what he wants to do when and how he wants to do it. I'm afraid I packed up my stuff, stopped to talk to the nurse and then ran out of here like my hair was on fire!

I got to the car and I was crying and shaking.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
While I meant to go in and go right to bed, I couldn't.
Instead I climbed up in the back of the truck and searched for a couple of things and in the process I found tubs and bags of overalls and underthings of Louis Dean.
I took them all in and then searched his room and found more. I emptied all the tubs, duffle and overnight bags and started a marathon of laundry!
I ordered new pajama pants and underwear, t-shirts and socks as soon as he was admitted to the hospital and they arrived the next day so he has a TON of everything!

I have a PLAN!!
I am going to pack a clear tub with clean overalls and a few of his plaid shirts and another tub with pajama pants, underwear, socks and t-shirts.
These will go to the ranch and stay there.
No more packing and invariably forgetting some important stuff!

Next I will dump out all the basket containers in the storage unit in the bathroom and reorganize all of those. Louis Dean was in the army and he folds t-shirts in a little rolled bundle that looks like a skinny burrito. When he gets home I will have a big plastic garbage bag FULL and he can fold away!
After that he can match up all his socks AFTER I sort through and through out all the old ones.

So he has a project all lined up for him and it does not involve being outside in the heat!

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, Because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: Great is thy faithfulness.

God is faithful and I was back to normal this morning.

I arrived about 9:00 this morning and Louis Dean was looking pretty good.
Since he has such a short term memory issue, I was wondering if he even remembers how upset I got with him. Turns out - he does and that's a good thing.

I came bearing a bag of goodies!
For one - I found his charger and for a guy who doesn't even like phones, he was real happy when I handed it to him!

He is getting better every day and today he had his color back and all his tests were good, so there was talk he might go home this afternoon.

However, as the day went on he began to lose steam and nearly fell twice when they took him for a walk. 

This is the face he made when they said he needed to stay another night.
But he knows it is for the best.

The food here is excellent but he eats only a fraction of it - and I scarf down the rest!

This afternoon he said it's been a long time since we had coffee together.

This is the Starbucks downstairs!
This hospital is so nice!
They just recently completed a total renovation that took a couple of years!

    A Café  Americano for him and a Skinny Vanilla Latte for me.

So that's it for our 4th day in the hospital and we continue to bless and be blessed by our sweet Baylor Angels.....

And now I am going to pack up my toys and head home.
I hope the next journal entry will be written from Home Sweet Home!
I appreciate every single prayer prayed for us.......

No new news on Nita other than she remains critically stable while making small improvements....
Leah said the doctors are hopeful.....
Hope! What a beautiful word.
As soon as I possibly can, I want to go over to Fort Worth and lay my eyes on Nita even for just a few minutes. 


Carole said...

How the cow ate the cabbage!! Never heard that expression! It's no wonder you got a bit wound up with all the strain... kia kaha my friend

Tina said...

Oh no Linda! So sorry you were feeling overwhelmed last night! It’s a lot to handle with both your sister and Louis Dean in the hospital! Just know we’re all out here praying for you, Louis Dean and your family. Sending you so many virtual hugs tonight 🤗

Deanna Rabe said...

It was bound to happen! All the emotions and stress needs an outlet. Now you let it out and are feeling better!

Your plan of handling LD clothes for the ranch and home are good ones! You both can beat the heat by having cold treats and watching movies or shows in your air conditioned house!

You are being lifted up in prayer friend!

Arlene G said...

Bless your heart...Linda you are one of the most patient people I know and you had just reached your limit. We all deserve a melt down every now and then. At least yours was I can just see you searching for all the laundry and washing it. Hopefully you both will be home tomorrow.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad you did what you did, and that he remembered it! He needs to know that doing some of the things he wants to do can really upset other people. But it is good that he is a fighter! He looks really good today!

Kathy said...

No wonder you were overwhelmed. I would be too. Sometimes our loved ones need to know just how upset we can get with their actions. Praying for LD and Nita that God will give them healing. Sounds like you have a plan for getting things under control.

Judy said...

You got it all out and are back in the driver's seat! Hugs and prayers.

Angie said...

Bless you and ALL your family Linda. I know your plate is full but I WILL be praying for all of you.

Bluebird49 said...

Hope is so precious!😍😍 Praying for Nita and LD still
and hoping can come home tomorrow!!❤❤

Brenda said...

Perhaps it would be good for you to rest and relax now that you have spent your energy in a constructive way…remember how much your husband enjoys being independent…it is not easy but this is the way we are…take care…let family help you…you have a lovely family…take some ME time…you do not have to be at the hospital every second…although I am like you in that. You are loved…may the Lord put angels around you as you drive back and forth…do NOT stay late.

Vee said...

Bathroom issues are of the utmost urgency. Just saying having struggled myself. If I had to wait on someone for help...I don't know. Anyway, I do understand your side of the situation and you have had so much to think about. Perhaps Louis Dean would like to borrow John's line: "Is that a very nice way to talk to a very nice man like me?" Ha! It always made me laugh.

Sounds as if you have some good chores lined up. He'll love that! ☺️

So glad that you had a coffee break together. It's the little things.

I'll be so glad when everyone is home recuperating. Praying for that very thing.

MadSnapper said...

I am thinking the meltdown was a while in coming and suddenly spilled over. once I meltdown, I am fine and can allow LIFE to build once more.. Hope he is better enough to come home today. It is really hard when our spouse is in the hospital. great idea for the coffee break downstairs. sounds like a really nice hospital. ours are not nice at all

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Bless your heart...I can well imagine that "meltdown" was a necessity for you to let off steam like a pressure cooker. Otherwise the top might have blown off and the "cabbage" would be all over the place! You are going through so much right now. I do hope things will get back to some kind of normal for you soon. Sending you (((hugs))) and praying for Louis Dean to get strong enough to head back home and praying for your dear Nita to keep making good progress. And praying for God to renew your strength like the eagles...Isaiah 40:31. Amen.

Changes in the wind said...

We all reach a boiling point and meltdowns let off steam. LD is looking better and I hope he gains his strength back soon.

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Beautiful Linda. The stress has to go somewhere and it really is best for it to be released. You are amazingly good at juggling a lot of balls , but sometimes balls just have to drop. Your optimism and faith are remarkable. It truly is the beauty of you. Some times we can’t control what’s happening and we have to give it up to God. So many people (including me) are praying for Louis Dean, Nita and you! Take deep breaths, go thrifting and remember God has you.

Hootin Anni said...

Having a meltdown and a good cry was to be!! And the long time coming cry was therapeutic, I'm sure. Linda, you are in my thoughts. I know L D is in good hands as he gets back to normal....but loved ones have a very difficult time coping sometimes!

Wanda said...

Oh Dear Linda. We've been dealing with our June problems, and I haven't been on the computer until today. Had no idea Louis Dean was in the hospital. After readin today, so glad he is better and will get to come home soon. Sending my love and prayers for you. BTW you look adorable in your "Black and White". Hugs

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know Louis Dean is impatient and wants to get on with what he wants to do but I'm glad you gave him a good talking to. I'm sorry it made you feel so bad though. You sure take on a lot and get a lot done. I hope you can get him home and you can both rest more. I'm keeping you all in my prayers, Nita too of course. Hugs, Diane

Jodi Walters said...

You poor thing. I completely understand how overwhelming it can be to take control the way you did. Louis Dean is so blessed to have a strong woman like you as a wife. Praying hard for all of you ����

Susie said...

Linda, I truly understand the meltdown. Mine were usually lots of crying in the shower. Then praying more than I ever did raising kids. It happens, usually when we are tired and kind of beat down. Tell LD if he thinks you were mad, with him up fiddling around , he doesn't want all of us blog sisters down there. We will work him over. LOL Many are keeping all of you in their prayers, me too girl. Blessings, xoxo, love, Susie

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Linda, WE all know you are a pillar of strength for all around you. You do for others constantly. But caring for loved ones is especially difficult. Your concern for your husband is complicated by his desire to return to his normally strong physical self.
I cared for my "special forces hero" for about 7 years, as he battled Parkinsons, and resulting dementia. It was the hardest thing. Like you, I tried to help him, while he was fighting a battle that was overwhelming him.
We are praying for the health of all of you, and that Louis Dean will soon be back to normal,

Brenda said...

Susie so happy to see your blog
Would not let me sign but prayers