Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday Treasures!!

Ah, today was just chock full of all sorts of treasures!

We met up with Amber this morning for a 10:05 showtime of a really good movie!

I love movies based on true stories and this one was!
We drove over to Dallas in the rain and we drove back in the rain.
It's been a cold wet day in the DFW metroplex.
A perfect day to take in a movie!

Our next scheduled stop was at the Senior Center Gym.
We upped our time to 25+ minutes!
Day #2 of exercise!

Louis Dean had a surprise when we got home.
Granddaughter Chandy had roses delivered and they were waiting for him on the front porch.
He dearly loves roses as Chandy knew quite well.
The card said, "Give me the roses while I live."
That's a song Chandy remembered that her granddad loved.
Louis Dean's sister, Bobbie, lived in Abilene and we visited her several times before she passed away.
With every visit, Louis Dean brought a big bouquet of yellow roses to her.
He does love to give roses.
I received two dozen red roses for Valentine's Day.
He has given many a bouquet of roses in his time.
This is only the second time Louis Dean has ever received roses!
Brandy Dawn brought a rose florist bouquet to him shortly after his heart attack in 2009.

Summer was here at the house when we got back from the gym.
I took her to the airport where she winged her way back to Puerto Rico.
She lives there part time while she is addressing some health issues.
Summer is doing so much better these days.
She is having more and more good days and she is so thankful for that!

Louis Dean was home practicing some music so I decided to go by a couple of thrift stores.

I bought a whole basket of flowers for $12!
Now I can fluff up the two 'new' wreaths I bought a couple of weeks ago.

I love quesadillas!
This was brand new never out of the box for $4.50!

I 'love' this!!
Perfect for taking small muffins to the nursing home next month!

Deanna at Creekside Cottage  gifted me a beautiful burgundy cowl back when we met in November.
I found this gorgeous one at the thrift store and was compelled to bring it home.

Behold my new coffee pot!
It's the one in the middle!
Not bad for $4.50!

I am loving a wine cooler of watermelon juice and Pinot or Sav Blanc.
Tonight I added a strawberry.
Maybe tomorrow night I will put a sprig of mint in it!

 It has been a really good Tuesday and I thank each and every one of your for your kindness in praying for Louis Dean. I pray two prayers every day for him......
#1 - Dear God, please keep him safe and strong and healthy.
#2 - Dear God, please give him the desires of his heart.

On my way home from the thrift stores tonight, I shopped Aldi.
We are now stocked up with fish, skinless/boneless chicken and lots of salad fixings!
Bless Louis Dean's heart - literally!
He has no clue what's coming.
The gym is a done deal.
Now I am moving on to heart healthy menus.

Do you think he will notice the change???


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Yes LD will notice the change - and it looks like the beginning of many delicious meals.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your treasures are awesome! And how very interesting. Your prayer for Louis Dean...safe, strong, and healthy, are the exact same words I use in my prayers for Phil! I continue to pray for you both. It will be interesting to see what Louis Dean thinks of his new meals. I think you can make them taste great!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, I saw the picture of him recently with a big steak and loaded baked potato! He'll notice!
May God be with you both!!❤

Vee said...

Oh he’s going to notice all right and your challenge is huge...how to make him not care. If anyone can do that, you can, so I’m watching closely for some good tips. Summer is looking great! Hope that she has a fine time in Puerto Rico.

Brenda said...

Prayers and hope he loves the food
I quit frying good in 1970 exc for fish for the family! Vegetarian now for 27 years!!

Sue said...

Loved this post absolutely loved it, I am listening to a woman talk, make plans for her One and Only. Please tell Louis Dean that I am not only praying for him but rooting for him as he exercises and eats healthier! Dh and I have had to make some changes too! Change is always good!

I don't live in Texas, but have visited many times and absolutely love it. We live in N.C., which has similar weather.
Thanks for sharing, and for your friendship.

Sue said...

Oops, I for got to mention, I love all of your thrift store finds, boy do I love a bargain too!.

jackie said...

lol he will notice, and maybe once in a while, he can have a favorite meal!

While taking such good care of LD, do not forget to take care of YOU!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Tuesday was filled with lots of treasures indeed! Your daughters, Lousi Dean, The gym, the flowers and all the rest ! My sister had a heart attack last year and has been on a heathy diet since plus plenty of exercise. I should do so as well, I'm older than she is. Hope you'll tell us about your new way of cooking and eating. Aldi's is a great place to shop.

Love and Hugs from a cold Ohio!

Changes in the wind said...

Hubby and I went to see that movie and we loved it!!! Maybe you could change the foods gradual and it not be such a big turn:)

Sandra said...

yes he will notice the change in menu, I still struggle after 2 heart attacks, open heart surgery and a stroke with sugery to open the artery. he hates heart healthy food. so do I. we compromise with mostly healthy have the time. I got him off most of the sugar, but he still eats one pie a week and once in a while a cookie. there are no sugar snacks in the house except that one pie.. he devides it into 7 pieces and eats one a day. it is a struggle. I would like to see that movie. Summer looks wonderful and LD is so cute on the treadmill.

NanaDiana said...

Good luck with making the switch to healthy eating, Linda. It is easier once you make up your mind that you are eating to live rather than living to eat (which I have done for much of my life it seems)..living to eat-that is. Anyway, I am praying for LD AND you. This is not going to be easy on either of you.

I am thrilled that Louis Dean got roses. How sweet was that!?!

Have a great day, Linda- xo Diana

jujupage1 said...

Hope LD is doing well now that your cooking delicious meals for him. I love watching a good movie every now and then too. My favourite, which is a true story, is called The Theory of Everything which is about Stephen Hawking. Would 100% recommend you watch it. It's very emotional! 😂

Aloha Acres said...

That was such a good movie. We saw it a few weeks ago.
LD is looking good. I think exercise and your home (healthy) cooking is going to do wonders for him. He may notice at first, but I think in time he'll love it just the same. ((hugs)) to you both

Susie said...

Linda, Are you kidding me? LOL. that big old steak LD had after church Sunday will be cut into quarters...or even turned into chicken. LOL. Love his bouquet of roses, so sweet. Praying for him and for you my friend. What effects our loved ones works on us too. Glad you had a fun before the gym. Ever smiling Summer, bless her heart. I love the deals you got at the thrift shop. Stay strong. Blessings to all, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Carol said...

He will notice but it's okay. He needs to take care of himself. I am sure that you will make good meals out of the healthy foods too. I love the stuff you got at the thrift stores. I may try to go soon.

Carole said...

Lovely roses! Sending happy thoughts your way. Cheers