Saturday, February 9, 2019

Grand Dog, Grand Quads, Grand Time!

This is Jersey Girl.....

She's Amber's dog and my grand dog.
Jersey is 9 years old and a super sweet super smart girl.
Since Shiner passed away recently, she's become a house dog and is totally rocking it.
Amber says that whenever the family gathers around the kitchen table for a meal - and Amber cooks every single day serving breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all three meals on weekends with very few exceptions - Jersey stays in her kennel for the duration of the meal.
Amber said at first she would hover around and they would say, 'Kennel.'
It didn't take long - because Jersey is a smart dog - before once a couple of people started to sit down at the table - Jersey would move around the corner to the room where her kennel sits. The once she sees a couple of people get up from the table, she returns to see what treats crumbs they may have left behind. 
Jersey is a big girl. She's a gentle and well mannered lab - as most are from what I've heard.

I went over to spend the night on Thursday and I got there in time to visit with the kids and tell them goodnight. I love waking up in a home where there are children. Best.thing.ever.
I slept in the guest room downstairs and that's where there is a sturdy standing clothes rack that holds coast, jackets and sweaters for 4 six and a half year-olds! That's a lot of hangers!
I admit to sleeping in and at 7:00 Harrison and Logan came in to wake me up - and fetch their coats!
Amber and I had stayed up late Thursday night watching the movie 'John Wick'....she and I love a good movie and we are gearing up for the 3rd one coming out soon.

It was awesome to watch the dynamics of this family in action!
They are a well oiled machine and the kids know the routine.
Amber and Mike have the timing down to the nanosecond.
Here they all are.
Dressed, groomed, fed, with coats, backpacks, lunches, homework and SMILES!
Makes a grandmother's heart swell with love and pride!

And in keeping it real.....I love the innocent honesty of children.
Right before they headed out to load up and go to school - and after hugging and kissing me and making me feel like a million dollars - Harrison says to me, "You know, you look like a grandma when I see you sleeping like that. But then, you are a Grandma."
Yes, I am!
And you can bet your bottom dollar I was dressed with hair and make up done when I went with Amber to pick them up from school that afternoon!

Amber took Kailey to an appointment while I stayed with the others.
I have no earthly idea how Amber does it all.

She has her own writing career and is working every day.
She has editors and deadlines and hours of interviews and writing and yet volunteers countless hours at the school.
She cooks, cleans, does laundry, grocery and clothes/supplies shopping and keeps up with four children - all the same age - and still makes spending time with her mother (which would be ME!) a priority. Plus she and Mike make sure they have quality time and regular date nights with each other.

Fridays have been special to Amber since she was a toddler.
Every Friday night we would watch a special movie complete with popcorn and Cokes.
At first it was animated movies. 
Brave Little Toaster
All the classic Disney ones
As she grew older, we adapted the movies to what would be of interest to her.

She and Mike do the very same thing for their children.
Every Friday night.
Louis Dean and I join them when we can.

Not long after they came home from school, Granddad arrived in his noisy big white truck.
Logan made sure she had some one on one time with him.
All the kids did.....even though I didn't get a photo of them.
Harrison had some things to tell him about and Trystan showed him some of her special toys.
Then there was Kailey!
I took a whole series of photos as she was checking his arms for boo boo's.
Kailey says, "Granddad! Do NOT hurt yourself!"
She stays concerned for his health and always has.

This is her pose as she instructs him to take care of himself!
I love this picture.
Louis Dean and Amber have a special relationship.....and Kailey has the same kind with him.
They are very protective of him and he has no choice but to listen to them.

"It's an honor to be loved by you. It really is."

With great love comes great concern.

Friday night was a lot of fun!
Mike picked up some new couches for the living room and the packing was perfect for playing!

Look at those four sweet faces!

Pizza, popcorn, Cokes and a movie!
Traditional Friday night and this time we were there to share it!

Really good movie!
Amber has a gift for choosing just the right ones week in and week out.
Many are some that she saw back on Friday nights when she was their age.

Louis Dean and I came home after the movie and sat in the den for a few minutes just recounting the memorable moments of the evening.
Back when the babies were first born - and before that when Amber was in the hospital for 52 days - and even before that when I was down in Katy with her at home - and for those first years until they were in school -  Louis Dean and I worked long and hard.
Being there for Amber and for Mike and the babies - we think that was one of the purposes for us that  God had in mind when he brought us together.
Louis Dean's heart has long been knit with Amber's.
She supported our relationship from the get go.
Amber was there in a heart beat when he had a heart attack and has been a cheerleader for him as well as his biggest fan.
Louis Dean is her dad in heart and in life.

Today - Saturday - has been wet and cold.
A perfect February day.
We slept late and then spent some time in the warm den watching a movie.
We have not turned on the central heat as yet this year.
Instead we use the window Ac/Heat unit and it has kept us warm and cozy.

Saturday morning and a western movie....
Just like in the old days, Louis Dean said.

I'm happy to say that all of Christmas is now safe and sound packed away in the storage building.
All of it! Finally!!
I got really cold taking it out there and so did Louis Dean.

So we celebrated with a cup of hot chocolate!
This one is mine.
Peppermint candy canes left from Christmas made it a Mint Chocolate!

This one is Louis Dean's and, yes, it MUST be love!
He is a patient loving man and I thank God every day for him!
I think he was so relieved to see his bathroom back to being plain and undecorated.
I hope he enjoys it......
because spring is coming and nothing stays plain around here for long.....


Vee said...

Such love evident all around. Another Fun Friday! I imagine that Amber inherited some of her mother’s energy. 😊

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love just shines.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So good to see the quads, and how they have grown. Amber is Super Mom, and super Person! Why was she in the hospital so long after the babies were born? Did you and Louis Dean take over their care during that time?

Linda said...

That was before the babies were born! She was 52 days in bed so they could be born and survive. It cost her her health for the next 5 years including two surgeries and continued health problems to this day which was will require more surgeries that she has put off because she needs to be there for the kids now. There’s never a good time to be laid up when you have young children!

Brenda said...

Fantastic blog!!!! Great family!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is grand to spend time with family. How great you have them close by to visit with. Loved seeing all their happy faces. Having only one daughter, I especially love the time we have together too. I have 21 grands but only get to see about 6 of them very often at all. How I wish we all lived closer together. It must be a great feeling to have all your Christmas finally packed away. I believe what you say, it won't be plain for very long. I love the changing seasons and another reason to decorate. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Sandra said...

Amber and Kailey looks so much Mother/Daughter in the photo and it sounds like Kailey is like her in personality also...loved the video and the kids in the packing is a work of art... you are all blessed to have each other, a true village of people raising the quads... so glad Jersey is inside, and I love waking up to a dog in the house like you like wakeing up with children

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love your family. Helping each other, loving each other, forgiving each other! 😊. Amber and Louis Dean are both blessed. Happy Sunday!

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you could spend time with Amber and family, know you all love it and the quads are getting so grown up, time fly's.

DUTA said...

What a beautiful dog jersey is!

Debby said...

What's fun post to read. I love hearing about the quads and LD. That's a sweet doggy. I bet he loves those children. You have such special bonds with each other.
Last time I saw my grandson he said something was wrong with me.. I just didn't move very much and was tired. Really made me feel bad
Oh what comes from their little minds..

Teresa P said...

That's so sweet to see how all the grandchildren flock around and hang on to Louis Dean and even become protective over him like Kailey. Better listen to her Louis Dean....haha!

Cheapchick said...

Well done on getting Christmas put away - I can't wait for Spring. Usually it comes early here but not so much this year, we have snow and even some cold weather below freezing which we almost never see.

Bluebird49 said...

What a fun Friday! I love the movie and popcorn traditions youall keep going. It's comforting that some things don't change.

photowannabe said...

I so enjoyed your post and all the love that oozes from it.
There is nothing like Grands...
I wish most of mine lived closer.
We have a "granddogger" too.
Snicker as in Snickerdoodle, because she is a Labradoodle is a real sweetheart.
When our son and family go away we are the designated granddogger sitters.
She goes to her kennel during meal times too and of course roots around for the elusive crumb being left behind.
Sue of photowannabe

Carole said...

Aw they're getting so big! Amber sure is a supermom -- learned it all from her mother I reckon! Cheers

Saimi said...

Man and I thought twin boys were busy, Now add two more to the mix and holy cow, Amber is truly amazing!! My Grandsons keep me hopping as well as their parents and I can see how 4 can do the same. They are so lucky to have you and Louis Dean in their lives and will have cherished memories close to their hearts forever! I love a good ol fashion western movie, the oldies are the best! Your warm weather looks amazing, we just got slammed again with more snow with even more coming this next week. It's like it's February give it up already! We had two winter months with nothing and now BAM here we are shoveling snow haha.
Take Care!

BeachGypsy said...

Howdy there, my friend! I do think Amber must be super woman, right!!?? LOL Love the pictures of the cute and happy kids, getting ready for a busy school day and also enjoying a popcorn and COKE night, yum! Oh I love pretty Jersy.....gorgeous doggie! Thank you for your sweet comments, I just had on a loose (comfortable!0 denim dress that day and it was very WRINKLED! ha ha And yes, just about 99% pictures I WILL HAVE MY "bling" on, ha ha LOL I do love my jewelry!! And yes, I have to admit to the lipstick, it would be rare to see me without it. I just take after "my Southern ladies", my Ma-Maw, Mommy, great aunts, etc. Most all of them wouldn't even go to the mailbox unless their hair was done and their "face on". ha ha LOL Just how I was raised. Your sweet comments made my day but truly....most days whatever I pull out of the closet is what I end up wearing, and it usually doesn't even match....ha ha LOL!! Hope y'all had a great weekend!

BeachGypsy said...

P.S.--how is Summer doing after her surgery??? Thinking of her...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing those 4 cuties in the packing material...adorable! It's so great you can spend time with them while they're growing up! Enjoy your week! Take care...both of you! Hugs!

Hootin' Anni said...

You definitely got a keeper with Louis D!!

LOVE those smiling faces so much!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ps...sweet, sweet dog too.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ps...sweet, sweet dog too.

Hootin' Anni said...

You definitely got a keeper with Louis D!!

LOVE those smiling faces so much!!

Wanda said...

Oh my, what a lovely post, and your lovely family. What a blessing they are to you, and you are to them.
Don and I just watch "Last Train rom Gun Hill. Good western.