Monday, February 18, 2019

Get Organized. Talk to Doctor. Get Reorganized!

This morning I sent Louis Dean off to his cardiologist for a routine visit while I ran around packing up for our trip to the ranch. He'd been gone quite awhile when the phone rang. It was Louis dean but the connection was bad and every other word cut out. Then his doctor took the phone and said, "You need to stop packing. Your husband cannot travel...."
She went on to tell me he had an irregular EKG and she was running some tests on him.
He came home with a heart monitor on and a sheaf of papers explaining that he was at an elevated risk for a stroke. She changed his medication, explaining that Plavix was not doing the job any longer so she prescribed something else that would.
Dr. Uppalapati said to Louis Dean - more than once - "this is a God thing that you came in today."
Louis Dean was also instructed to exercise 30 minutes every day.
I know what you're thinking....I thought the same thing!
But I am here to make sure that Louis Dean is taken care of and so I marched us down to the Senior Citizens Center, joined and signed us up for a year at the gym there.

You can see how thrilled he is!

We took our new membership cards and proceeded to the treadmills where we walked side by side for 20 minutes. Tomorrow we will do 25 and the next day 30.

Before we left I took our picture and you can see he was feeling better about being there.
We picked up the new medicine on the way home.....Eliquis.

He came home and I made us a breakfast for lunch - oatmeal, bacon. biscuits and we watched a Madam Secretary. Then he went to bed to take a nap.

I must say we were in a bit of a stunned stupor.
He had a good check up in December complete with a normal EKG.
Here it is February and it's abnormal.
That's why it's a God thing.
Louis Dean has been experiencing some tightness in his chest the last few weeks and we thought it was sore muscles because you know how much he stretches and lifts and works.

While he napped I unpacked.
Then I read every single word on every single paper he brought home.
Then I do what I always do when I don't know what to do......
I prayed and cleaned.

We were still a couple of zombies so I cooked supper - fried potatoes and sausage.

The cook had a cocktail of watermelon juice and Pinot Grigio.....delicious!
Plus I lit a brand new candle for good measure.

I now have one more clean room!

Pretty music on the stereo and fragrant candles and the smell of furniture polish and Pine Sol soothed my spirit and knowing God is in control comforted my heart.

So we are not going to the ranch as we had planned and have proceeded to Plan B.
All is well with us tonight.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love and Hugs Linda and LV. So good he had a doctor appt. today. Prayers too.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my!! So glad that "God-thing of a doctor's visit" happened! I hope Louis will be in better shape soon. I thought as busy as he is, it WAS exercise! I guess I was wrong. Please know I'm praying for him and you.
Will he have to not eat salt? That was what they told my mother-in-law. She didn't eat any for 3 years after they said that, but had a stroke (or several) anyway. :(
We eat (ate) a lot of salty ham and other foods in VA back then, before we knew about cholesterol and such. I need to start watching my salt intake, I know.
Please tell Louis I'm thinking of y'all!

Brenda said...

Prayers and prayers!

Kathy said...

I wrote on your facebook page but I will say it here too. Joe and I are praying for both of you. God definitely had you in his hands for LD to go to the doctor today before you left. I keep saying I'm going to the gym and never get there. I guess Louis Dean's activity is the wrong kind of activity. You do what I do, read everything that comes home from the doctor for my husband. Hope all works out and the new medicine works.

Carol said...

Prayers for both of you and I am so thankful that LD went to the doctor for that routine checkup. I pray that you will make it to the ranch soon as I know how you both love it there.

Vee said...

Isn’t it wonderful that God is always on the job? Now we have our part to play and that is to listen. I know that a change in plans can be disappointing, but that’s a small thing given the circumstances. Louis Dean can count on you to tend to his good health and he is blessed. I think that’s what his expression is saying: I am so blessed and well I know it. 😉 Love to you both... (Did the doc say how long the delay might be? Perhaps not too long at all...)

Susie said...

Linda, You and LD are in my prayers. We had a dr explain that even though you are active all the is not the same as exercising. So glad you didn't leave before LD saw his dr. Once LD gets used to the gym, he may really enjoy it. Please take care of each other. We all love you. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Estelle's said...

It will all be ok Linda...both of you take good care...I know you will...warm hugs!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad everything was caught in time. I am assuming LD has Atrial Fib which is not unusual in octogenarians. My mother had it as well. Hope the Eliquis helps and that he gets a good report next time. I know LD exercises more than most people as he gets so much done! Work is exercise. Prayers that you will get to your happy place soon.

MimiG said...

God's timing = Perfection. His doctor sounds like she is right on top of everything! I know LD works a lot, maybe just needs cardio, so the treadmill should help with that. Y'all will be a healthy, trim couple before you know it! The ranch will be waiting for you with a new appreciation..
Take care of him AND yourself - the caregiver must take care of herself too. Just trust in the Lord and take care of both of you. Keep LD off the roof!
Many prayers and much love being sent from Alabama to Texas...

Sue said...

WOW! Linda, you and the dr. are so right, this was a God thing, I am always so amazed and thankful of His perfect timing.
Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you both.


Debby said...

I so glad that he had that appointment. Sounds like the doctor is on the ball. Prayers.

Changes in the wind said...

Like everyone else I am really glad LD went to the Dr. and it was caught before any real damage with his heart. Hope the new medicine does its job and a trip to the ranch is in the near future.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying all will be well. Sounds like it was good thing Louis Dean had that Dr. appointment for sure. We can only do what we can do and you have a plan with the exercising and new meds so hopefully soon, you'll be on your way back to the ranch. We do the best we can and leave the rest to God.

Love and hugs,

Sandra said...

thank you Lord for this blessing, that LD went to the doctor before you left for the country... prayers for all of you, i know how scared you feel, having been through this with Bob. so happy the doctor found this and prayers the new med will work perfectly....

Cheapchick said...

So glad he went to the Dr before you got to the ranch. The ranch will wait - time to get his health on track. Watermelon and pinot grigio...I may have to try that with my homemade wine

Jan said...

So glad LD had that appointment! God's timing is always the best.

Anonymous said...

All good wishes to you and Louis Dean. I know you will
take care of each other. Phyllis

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have been praying for healing for Louis Dean,and peace for you. And how wonderful that you are doing the gym with him! Otherwise he may not do it! I know to have you there with him, with your contagious laugh, is such an uplifting experience for him! And reading all of those papers! This is what you are SO good at! Helping and cheering up people who have problems! Phil and I are Deacons, and so are you, really! You are both so very blessed to have each other. I am going to Google the new medicine, it is so good that the doctor had this option! We know that God is watching over you both, because he went to the doctor at exactly the right time. So yes, it IS a GOD thing!

Chatty Crone said...

Linda - I call that one HUGE MIRACLE! God was good to you! sandie

Aloha Acres said...

Praise God that this was caught in time and before you left. Always His timing, huh? I haven't been around much, but I'm just catching up on your blog. Praying for you and your LD. And so sorry to hear about your mothers passing. God Bless Linda. I hope to catch up more soon, and get my blog up and running.

bobbie said...

I have to play Devil's Advocate here ~ as an ICU/CCU nurse with 30+ years experience, please stop feeding a man with with known heart disease fried ANYTHING!!!
Ask his cardiologist for a nutritional consult with a Registered Dietician who specializes in heart healthy plans.
I'm not saying this to be mean ~ but because you seem to really care about him, and want the best for him.
So do I.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so sorry, Linda, that this is happening. Thank God he went in when he did. Did they do a calcium screening? If not, you should insist they do one. Here you can schedule it on your own and they do it on the cat scan machine during down times. It is a $50 flat charge. Other than that, if the doctor schedules it-it is covered by insurance.

It tells you exactly how much plaque is in the arteries, etc. It is non-invasive and takes about 15 minutes and you get your scores right away. If you haven't heard of it- here is a link. It saved TWO of our friends' lives!

God bless you and LD and hang in there- prayers going up! xo Diana

jujupage1 said...

Hope you are all doing well despite the news. You are lucky that you found out about this sooner rather than later. :)

Nicki said...

Re the gym: I found out just before Christmas that I had to have physical therapy for a hip issue. Did therapy and had more tests. No hip issue but something else!!! Darn!!! So now I am going to therapy and exercising and riding a bike at least 5 days a week and, amazingly enough, I am feeling better! Still have to have surgery but at least I will be in shape for it when I have it!! The exercise can't hurt him and should help Louis and you too!! I tell myself every day that my body is made to move, not sit! Keeping my fingers crossed for you folks and for myself!

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